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Peers Unlikely to Sanction Daily Caller WH Reporter

Daily Caller White House reporter Neil Munro’s colleagues in the White House Correspondents Association seem unlikely to punish Munro for interrupting President Obama’s speech in the Rose Garden last month with a shouted question.

According to the minutes of a June 29 WHCA board meeting, released today, board members expressed “little interest in official censure or action” against Munro.

Immediately following the June 29 incident, there were calls for Munro to be barred from the White House, fired, or at the very least tied at the wrists between two thoroughbreds ordered to run in opposite directions.

Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry raised the issue, according to the minutes:

(Henry) said he didn’t believe the role of the board was policing journalists, but he had a concern about decorum. It was wrong to interrupt the president, he said . . .

Henry said he spoke to Tucker Carlson, editor in chief of the Daily Caller, about the matter. Carlson submitted this note to the board:

To the Correspondents’ Association:

The Daily Caller has been part of the in-town pool rotation for more than two years. During that time I’m not aware of any complaints about the behavior or coverage of our reporters while serving in the pool. We understand that the purpose of the pool is to serve the press corps at large, and we take that responsibility seriously. We’re grateful to be part of it.


Tucker Carlson

editor in chief, The Daily Caller

Board members noted the difference between open press and pooled events, and agreed decorum in both cases is essential, with a heightened responsibility during pool shifts.

There was little interest in official censure or action among board members, although all expressed general agreement with Henry’s assessment of the incident.

Munro said his interruption was merely an ill-timed attempt to question the president, saying he thought Obama had just finished his remarks. The board’s emphasis on decorum suggests that its members don’t believe him, even as they decided not to act against him.

Munro continues to cover the White House for The Daily Caller.

14 thoughts on “Peers Unlikely to Sanction Daily Caller WH Reporter”

  1. Obamanation — exploit the rules, even “rules” of decorum when it serves you. Ignore entire areas of law such as those concerning illegal immigration when it serves you.

    1. It would seem to me that the “decorum” road runs both ways…from the President to the reporters. However, this President seems that to be too interested in “decorum”…only in a “it’s my way or the highway…” to all, including the press!

  2. How disappointing. They should have commended MrMunro for his agressive question when the President announced that he was subverting the law of the land to pander to citizens of another country,.

    Have they ever considered how little regard the public has for their sheepish and complimentary cover for the Prez. They “report” what they are given without question, are lied to constantly and make no attempt to find the truth so that their presence isn’t of any value to the public.
    They needn’t be rude or boorish to the President to ask the right questions and demand the right answers. And, if the President takes offense, too bad, the press is supposed to be part of the loyal oppostition.

  3. Oh please, poor President Crybaby was interrupted by a reporter. Spare me the phony outrage, WHCA. If King Crybaby Kardashian can’t take the heat, (which has been little to none thanks to the Obozo loving media), then he should get the hell out of the Oval Office.

    Oh, wait a second…he rarely is ever in the Oval Office. Yeah, well, just get the hell out of the White House, Obummer. And tell Moochelle she can finally live her dream of walking right out that door and keep on walking. Moochelle, don’t let the door hit ya in your fat butt on the way out!

    Only 17 more weeks (119 days) to go!!

  4. Sheesh…what a weasly thing for Ed Henry to do. Neil Munro deserves a medal in my opinion…for being the only member of the WHCA with the courage to stand up and question the illegal actions of this usurper. Patooey on these elitists and their so-called “decorum”.

  5. I can understand rules of decorum so it’s not a scream fest like the paparazzi animals and celebs, but I appreciate what Munro did. Why is the press invited to these mini-campaign-faux-official business-remarks events if they can’t ask questions?

    I think Obama wanted him out.

  6. Good. You can’t get a straight or honest answer out of this faux President or
    anyone in his cabal this means you Sparky. And if you want to open the
    decorum box well this little man has no respect for the office and it would be a
    very unfortunate road to go down for Dear Leader. Big baby. He threw decorum out the door with his feet on the Resolute Desk and the little woman
    using the people’s house as a gym!

  7. FOX News started this discipline action? Shame on them! They were the ones who were supposed to be the scrappy underdogs. They should have been the ones to do what Munro did, not to complain about it. I don’t have cable TV so I don’t watch, but has FOX become just another alphabet channel?

    And the reporters are supposed to care about rules when Obama tosses away 200 hundred years worth of rules? Stenographers, all of them.

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