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Live Stream || Obama Speaks on Taxes

The remarks have concluded. Here’s the video:

17 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Speaks on Taxes

  1. I have the volume off. Can’t stand to listen to him. I will depend on those who listen to give me a report on the garbage he spews.

  2. I watched only 2-3 minutes but it was the same thing I’ve heard over and over and over. And the prop people around him are distracting. His speeches remind me of when we used to play vinyl records and they’d get stuck on a scratch. It would repeat the same music until you moved the needle. Obama needs someone to move him to a new groove.

  3. Extending the tax cuts for one year for the middle class reminds me of that old nursery rhyme…”Come into my parlour, said the Spider to the Fly”…

    Are the sheeple really stupid enough to fall for this stunt?

  4. Raise taxes?!? Man this man slept in a choom haze thru his high school and college economics classes! I know high school Juniors who know more about how to grow economy than this charlatan we have elected!! He must go in November!!

  5. I was searching on executive orders and found the link to this story but it comes up page not found-says it was from yesterday

    County, state residents react to Obama’s executive order – Carroll …
    1 day ago – Don wears blue and gray glasses. He rubs his eyes when he talks about living from paycheck-to-paycheck on any minimum wage cleaning or …

    searching the site turns up nothing as well-strange