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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 10, 2012

9:25 am || Departs White House
10:50 am CT || Arrives Cedar Rapids, Iowa
11:20 am CT || Holds a roundtable discussion with a local Iowa family; private residence, Cedar Rapids
12:50 pm CT || Delivers remarks on the Bush tax cuts
3:40 pm CT ||Departs Cedar Rapids
6:55 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

31 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 10, 2012”

    1. LOL! so where are Barack Hussein Obama’s background checks, college-law school records, work records, Illinois political records…?

      1. under lock and key he is a 100% fraud and someday when the truth is out all of what he did will be reversed hes a coward 400 EX students do not remember him being there at school his dam picture is not even in the yearbook

  1. How do we ask why these remarks have to be delivered in Iowa at a substantial cost to taxpayers. Why not fly the Iowa family to the White House at our expense? It would cost less and I am sure they would appreciate a trip and it would cost us a lot less. Any chance the media would ask the press secretary?

    PS I know the answer is no.

    1. another LOL; asking the “press secretary” a REAL question… the sycophant ‘WH press corps’ aint gonna do that for the next few months…

  2. Holy Grail – who is gonna set the alarm and make sure The Boy Won gets his bujezzus out of bed this early? Val-Gal, Jay-Lo, Chef Chezz – who will shake King Putt at this hour of dawn? Mooch is out cold in Lincoln’s room, I’m sure.

  3. Bet they really had to do some digging to make sure this family was the “right” family….in other words…a Liberal family…..

  4. This is just a campaign stunt to keep his mug in the news….at our expense becuase he’s going to “Delivers remarks on the Bush tax cuts”. BS! This is the same crap he’s been spouting since 2008….

  5. this will cost the taxpayers about 5 million for this stupid trip maybe more useless as the tits on a bull no good BUM

  6. its hard to believe that the public lets this clown showgo on were is the law to stop this fraud and liar who has destroyed this great land in November his ass and moochs big fat ass are gone

  7. WHat is missing from this schedule, or at least not explicitly spelled out, is that he is delivery remarks at Kirkwood Community College’s Johnson Hall. Excuse the long cut an past from – but this was the news everywhere, at least in Iowa (according to a friend::

    DES MOINES – Due to overwhelming demand, there are no more tickets remaining for the grassroots event at Kirkwood Community College with President Obama on Tuesday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    Doors open to the President’s event on Tuesday at 10:15 AM CDT. The campaign encourages people attending the event to arrive early.

    “In less than 24 hours, all of the tickets were claimed for the President’s even in Cedar Rapids. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm from Iowans to hear President Obama’s message of moving the economy forward by creating an economy built to last,” said Obama for America Iowa State Director Brad Anderson.

    OMG – imagine the excitement! The enthusiasm around the president!!!! 24 hours! “Grassroots”.

    I did a bit of googling, and Johnson Hall is a small basketball stadium. Looks about equal to a regular high school gym. I could find no official numbers on it’s capacity. BUt it’s SMALL.

    He should be embarrassed it took 24 hours to “sell out.”

      1. Optics. It will be cram packed for such a tiny venue for a U.S. President. Small town folk who adore him, staffers will whip them into a frenzy worthy of such a saviour. Media will have to cover it.


        1. Yes, now this is a funny bit (again from that about the pre-show before Obama speaks :

          Introduction – Jason McLaughlin, Principal of Central City High School in Central City. President Obama is visiting the home of Jason and Ali McLaughlin on Tuesday morning to discuss the President’s vision for an economy built from the middle-out, which reforms our tax code so it rewards work over wealth and ends loopholes and tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest.

          Ba haa haa. He’s being introduced by the guy whose home he’s visiting.

          1. One more bit – lol – this is how the obama/biden 2012 wrote the whole thing up. This is the header:

            Pre-Program for President Obama’s Grassroots Event in Cedar Rapids

            GRASSROOTS. Grassroots is whatever we want it to mean.

          2. Every day just gets more and more surreal. Shaking my head at how stupid they think the American public is. Because the won and his ilk speak it, it must be true!!!!!

  8. How on earth does he continue to get by doing this? He’s so stupid he can’t even be bothered to pretend to be working his egomania is in massive overdrive. Yes I’m sure the taxpayer is as thrilled to pay for his little jaunt to
    Iowa as he is going to be with the little people. November can’t come soon enough I hope.

  9. So he’s trying real hard to work with the republicans, yet he never spends any time actually talking to any congressmen? What are they supposed to do, buy tickets to his events to talk to him?

    1. (Axelrod to Obama) “Hey Boss, this Robin H has a great idea! You get the photo op with the members of Congress and we get their money”
      (Obama to Axe) “Set it up, Dude!”

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  11. this guy is the biggest CLOWN ever to hold office he should be run out of town him and his fat ugly wife who thinks shes on vacation 24/7 365 days a year at our cost both losers

  12. the realstorybehind Obozo isif re-electedhe will pile6 trillion more in debt on top of the 5 already ,unemployment will hit 11 to 13 5 and we will be at war with the muslims and so will most of the free world please is you have any honor or respect for your country vote this piece of garbage out so go vote tell your friends tell them the truth point out his record his back round and his low life friends

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