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Obama Announces He’s to the Left of Pelosi

Updated at 12:37 pm ET

There’s not much room over there, but President Obama found it.

President Obama today announced that he supports a one-year extension of the Bush tax cuts for those making under $250,000, a plan that puts him at odds with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), each of whom back extending the tax cuts for people making up to $1 million.

Obama’s plan will sock the country with a huge tax increase even as the economy continues to stagger.

It’s bad economics, but the Obama people have calculated that it’s good politics for a politician waging class warfare. Obama will be able to sock Republicans and Mitt Romney for backing tax cuts “for the rich” and “holding hostage” his populist proposal for a “middle class tax cut.”

As if to underline the political nature of the move, the president will hit the campaign trail Tuesday, traveling to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to tout his proposal. There, he’ll visit the home of a family that would see its taxes rise if none of the Bush tax cuts were extended.

90 thoughts on “Obama Announces He’s to the Left of Pelosi”

  1. Since he sucks so much at creating jobs, Obama’s decided it’s best to pivot back to taxes and class warfare.

    This bit is from an opinion piece in WSJ (I’ve got a link on my blog if you need it) , which I found spot-on :

    The dilemma for the White House is that calling off next year’s tax increase would undercut Mr. Obama’s re-election theme of redistributing income.

    I think he’s hoping to fire up the Occupiers again. They don’t much care about the horrible job situation, since most of them are happily living in their parent’s basement.

    1. “Since he sucks so much at creating jobs…” Waitaminit: isn’t it the private sector’s job to create jobs? Isn’t the gubbermint supposed to “stay the hell out” of John Galt’s way (Atlas Shrugged Part II, October 2012! Catch the fever!)?

      This “blame Obama” shtick is getting old. Hey Capitalism! Get the shtick out of your ass!

      1. Not according to Barry. He’s going to fix it.

        Barry wants it both ways. He wants credit for anything good and to hand blame to everyone else for the bad.

        His problem is that there is no good and he’s had three and a half years to fix the bad. Not only hasn’t he fixed it…it’s gotten worse. That’s what the voters see and it will be his downfall.

      2. Hey Death Ray, leave the country if you are are so anti- capitalist. Your kind has ruined this nation. Please die!

        1. (Death Ray = one of those Team Obama staffers who troll ‘conservative/anti-Obama’ web sites and posts pro-Obama propaganda/anti-conservative-Republican hate speech; a liberal speciality)

      3. The blame Bush schtick is even older. Barry does not want the private sector to create jobs, he is happy just the way it is. Gotta have a boogeyman to blame for the bad economy and get more folks on the govt dole.

        1. Cooper-

          There’s no boogeyman involved here. We know exactly how this depression began, with the subprime crisis, which was the natural result of all the regulatory capture that the banking lobby paid for. I sometimes think that you conservatives have forgotten that the economic catastrophe had an actual starting point, and that the causes are well known. To listen to the right wing, you’d think that everything went kerplooey one second after Obama was sworn in.

          I don’t blame Bush. I blame Obama and Newt for repealing Glass Steagal. I blame a two-party system that is manifestly on the take from lobbyists. I blame a Tea Party that can’t see the forest for the trees. I blame an Occupy movement that is standing perfectly still.

          You’ve heard of the LIBOR scandal, right? Interest rate price fixing by the worlds largest banks, a swindle that effects nearly everyone in America and Europe…. and this is just the very LATEST crime to be discovered! Liar’s loans, Credit Default Swaps, Robo-Signing– have you figured it out yet?

          1. (I’m sorry, that should say I blame “CLINTON and Newt” I could never blame Obama for anything, God bless him. Did you know he’s our first black president?)

          2. The housing crisis started with Jimmah and his Community Redevelopment Act. Billy added to it. Let me add Barney and Chris, they contributed mightily to the housing crisis for refusing to allow Bush any needed reforms to Fannie and Freddie. Plus Bwarney’s boyfriend worked for one of the macs, gotta protect his salary too. I blame a democrat party that is treasonous almost to the core and can’t see/don’t care that their policies are damaging to the country. I blame hypocrites like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. who make promises that they have no intention of keeping. Actually outright lying is more precise. I blame Holder for massive corruption and cover-up at the DOJ….should I go on and on? Or don’t you get it? Repubs have made their share of stupid, but are they out to socialize the country and make life ‘fair’ for everybody? And the idiots that are the trash strewn Occupy Movement…rapists, druggies, anarchists and libtards that only Pelosi could love.

          3. I am afraid that the Community Reinvestment Act narrative was dead on arrival. It simply is not true that most of the Liar’s Loans that lenders were giving out during the Depression Bubble were distributed by institutions that were covered by the CRA. This is why even Rick Santelli, who launched the Tea Party with his rant about mortgage debtors, referred to the traders on the floor of the Chicago stock exchange as those debtors “neighbors”, and then called the traders a “cross section of the silent majority” (or some nonsense). Well, he was right! Those high-powered, upper middle class types? They were the ones who largely drove the bubble. Not poor folks buying fixer-uppers in run down neighborhoods, but those nouveau riche looking to flip McMansions.

            And as always, it is amazing that you let one whole half of the political class off the hook! Just what were George Bush and the Rubber Stamp Congress doing during their tenure? They sure weren’t getting America’s fiscal house in order.

            You think the Republicans are the guardians of your wealth, but it was good ol’ Minnestoa liberal Paul Wellstone who was the lone voice crying out against repealing Glass-Steagall, quoting conservatives from William Saffire to Alan Greenspan in the process. He was the one who coined ‘Too big to fail”, and he was the one who predicted that in ten years we would face a “seizure” in financial markets because of the government’s short-sightedness, exactly what happened in 2008.

            Read his words, if you dare. He’s so prophetic that he could be in the Bible:

      4. @DeathRay…ah yes the Obama Minion-Style Troll who carpet bombs with an insipid, pithy comment that lacks any connectivity to reality. Let me try to make things easy for you because you obviously are obviously the product of a Public Sector Teaching experience and therefore lack the ability to think. We can all agree that Michael Jordan was one of the greatest B-Ball players of all time and it was up to Jordan to often drive the Bulls to success. BUT if the coach placed 10 pound weights on Michaels’ legs, he might not do that well, and thereof the team could not count on him to achieve success. Now that is what we call an analogy…in this case, Obama and his policies are a weight on the backs of job creators who cannot do it like they use to (I won’t bother listing all of the problems caused by Obama on job creators, that would be far too complex for you to understand). This is why Romney will win and the economy will take off (think Carter v Reagan)…once we remove the weights from the private sector, they WILL produce jobs and economic growth. Gubbment as you call it (got an A in spelling I see…) cant produce real jobs BUT they can…and Obama is…hamper the ability to do that. Now try to learn and grow, otherwise you will end up like the OWC and be using MY grass as a toilet and MY taxes to pay for the cleanup, or one of those clueless chicks that can’t say no and therefore expects ME to pay for her birth control, or one of the 48% of the population who pays NO Fed income tax and therefore thinks everything is “free”. Only a moron would not see how such a system is bound to fail…and so you can assume I am racist because yes Young One I do think Obama is a total moron, and those who follow him are about as dense as a boulder buried in cement. Ok Junior?

        1. Wow! If insults were brains, you’d already have found the Higgs boson!

          Let the record show that alleging that Obama is tying weights to the Michael Jordan legs of our economy is one thing, but demonstrating it with examples is another.

          The Republicans have gotten good at this. They speak of “unleashing” our free market, but it was a free market off its leash that ripped out our economy’s throat like a pit bull! In the end, they cannot explain what is ostensibly holding us back, and neither can you.

          But here, let me make things a bit more clear. The reason why unemployment is so high? That is because we are in a depression. That is what is meant by a “great recession”, it is our way of not facing up to the facts. What the hell is a “great” recession EXCEPT a depression?

          And why are we in a depression? Because it was more than just an Internet bubble that burst this time. The investment stakes that pumped up the housing bubble (amongst other factors) were enormous and global, and the fraud that underwrote the investments was catastrophic and institutional. This wasn’t a mere “bubble” popping. It was the effin’ Hindenberg.

          So, quit trying to lay everything at Obama’s feet. This was a conspiracy of ignorance by the entire political class, which was (and still is) dancing at the ends of the strings of Wall Street.

          Remember Jamie Daimon testifying before Congress just recently about the multi-billion dollar gamble Chase took and lost with their depositors money? Did you hear Republicans getting tough with him while Democrats rubbed his crotch? No, they BOTH dished out backrubs. And now we are about to find out that Chase and other 2bigs are deeply involved in the LIBOR scandal, another catastrophic swindle! And yet you despise OWS for trying to direct people’s attention to the real problem.

          I’ll give Republicans credit when they earn it. But as far as the resurgent, get-tough-on-Washington tone of the Tea Party, I’d like to know when the hell are they going to go after someone who ISN’T Obama. How about they chew on Jamie Daimon for a while?

          Until they do, I’d say your Tea Party is all chamomile.

  2. Keith, may I suggest you post a warning on the live stream of Bam’s comments? Something like “CAUTION: This video may induce nausea!”

    1. That habitual lateness is nothing less than an expression of pure contempt for the masses. His Imperial HIGHness gets a huge kick out of making the hoi polloi wait.

  3. Right and where are the Republicans screaming about the huge obamatax increases for everyone? This move will ensure that hiring by those making +250,000 will remain flat.
    obama, thy name is hypocrisy.

    1. Where have you been? You do know that they are doing the only thing they can on Wednesday. The House (the only part of our government that is in GOP control) are voting on Wednesday to repeal ObamaTax. GOP governors are saying that they won’t enforce the tax. Romney said immediately after the decision was announced that repealing the tax will be the first thing he does as President.

      They are doing what they can do.

  4. I’m sure he has already lined up his loyal flying monkeys in the press to spin his lies. No way to get around the taxmageddon coming at us with Obamatax, so he’s relying on the fifth column to baffle us with bull$hit.

      1. Buying a very tasteless and tacky and totally inappropriate wardrobe as
        she will be leading the USA Olympic team in London. Look for costly
        outfits that scream ‘look at me it’s all about me’ as usual. This will also
        serve as a very expensive vacation for her and her entourage. Can’t
        keep HRH out of the spotlight too long:(

    1. Recovering from her latest cosmetic procedure, I’m sure.

      My money’s on a further nose job. Her current one is still too wide. Butt maybe she decided instead to do something about the poor little “girls”. Her top is so vastly overwhelmed by her bottom that she desperately needs some balance.

      I can hardly wait for the unveiling.

    2. {satire, or is it?]

      Michelle is planning for and paying for the next four years of vacations using her Federal Express Card.

      Michelle was briefed today regarding the status of her garden, tended by her staff of 17 master gardeners (each drawing $672,000 per year expenses) and 95 illegal alien pickers (each getting $7.50 per day under the table). Those $18,500 per piece carrots for her hubby’s photo op, priceless.

  5. One other note on his Iowa performance tomorrow. Hopefully his people have done some background on the “family” he’ll be using to tell their sad tale. First the clinging crier thanking him for Obamatax was identified as a campaign plant, then the guy that introduced him in Poland, Ohio turned out to be a crook. Wouldn’t doubt if the family in Iowa are balloon boy’s parents.

  6. Since when do people making $250,000 qualify as millionaires? Gibbs was on The Today Show this morning saying the rollback of the Bush tax cuts would be more “millionaires and billonaires… people who are doing quite well in this economy”.

    Note to the White House — people making $250,000/year are not millionaires. Many are hard working families who pay a mortgage, set money aside for retirement, and don’t qualify for any financial aid when college rolls around – so they are saving for it themselves. Yes $250,000 is better than $100,000 – but it does not make someone “rich” and deserving of a tax increase.

    1. Sean, you’re 100% correct.

      The liberal democrat “millionaires and billionaires” talking point really = “families earning $250,000″… It’s about time they were properly called out on this.

      I missed the Gibbs piece this AM, but I’m willing to bet there was ZERO push back on this point from the NBC “journalist” that conducted the interview.

      1. I saw it and you have that 100% correct regarding The Today Show and Gibbs. Also, with the introduction of Savannah Guthrie to the show, who, according to Wikipedia, just happens to be shacking up with algore’s former chief of staff, I’m sure the “unbalanced” presentation of news over at the National Barack Channel will continue

    2. It is just so sad that those who have worked so hard to earn money are villanized. I can’t tell you how much I dislike the left for villanizing Gov. Romney who earned both a Harvard MBA and a Harvard law degree simultaneously but still place BO on a pedestal and declare from the rooftops how smart he is. Which do you think is more difficult . . . earning TWO degrees at the same time or earning ONE degree at a time? If BO had done that they would be touting his achievements 24/7.

      My supposition is that Gov. Romney “smarts” far exceed BO. Therefore, I would prefer to have the smarter more experience man in the White House. Even after 3.5 years of being in the Oval Office, it is my opinion that Romney still is more expreienced than BO.

      Really . . . the only thing the left is doing is showing how little they think.

      1. I think Romney better explain how much money he has offshored, and why every third issue he is running on involves a tax cut of some sort for himself and his family.

        1. I think Barry had better explain about his birth certificate, his university education records, the purchase of his house in Chicago, the bath house rumours, the fake marriage, the adopted kids, Fast & Furious…..

  7. There are more 2-earner families that will be hit by Obama’s plan than most people think. We fit into that category and while we realize we truly are blessed, we are also FAR from “rich.”

  8. The Supreme Court decided that Arizona may not enforce anti-illegal alien laws even though they are singlely, adversly affected by the feds refusal to enforce that law. They also decided that the feds can tax someone for not buying something and tax them for buying something. The Dems think someone who earns $250,001 is a greedy, unAmerican slug who isn’t paying their fair share of the deficit and preventing the politicians from spending more money.

    So,let’s all be in favor of taxing the working public, no matter what they earn.
    Tax them all, take all their earnings, wipe out their savings, throw them out of their homes, and re-distribute their wealth to anyone who wants it.
    Let illegal aliens in our country, give them a ballot or two, and sign them up for government assistance. Gut the military, take away their guns and cut their pay. Take away our guns, fly drones over our backyards and farms, eliminate civil rights if we want to fly on a plane, go ahead and take away our right to eat whatever we wish, we don’t care.
    50% of us really like MrObama’s agenda, they’re planning on voting for him to persue what’s left of our freedoms, capture them, and destroy them. Congress is a toothless, moribound organization that hates to make a fuss and the SupremeCourt chooses to ignore the restraints of the Constitution so as to rule according to their political beliefs. The Press has decided to be partisan, to lean a certain way and to color their “news” as a positive for one and not the other.
    We’re doomed.

    1. Well said. It just baffles the crap out of me why the Obots and other assorted hangers-on just do not understand what is happening here.
      Theirs and our freedoms and that of future generations are being sold down the river. For what? Do they not want to have to think or do for themselves, just let govt handle it? Once it is gone you will never get it back. The direction of the country is at stake in November, the most important election this country will ever face, period.

      1. You said it: they don’t think for themselves. They watch network TV, read USA Today, listen to the local news, which is just sound bites from the networks, graduated from bloated, government schools. How can we expect it to be any different.

  9. Romney needs to follow up this circus act with his own statement and announce on Day Two of his Presidency and after putting Obamacare into a quick death spiral he would reform the United States Tax Code immediately. Enough of these tax break tricks.

  10. The million dollar cap is ridiculous. Why even bother at all. $350k single or $600k joint is a good place to start.

    Don’t insult 98% of American with this million dollar cap. Romney better be careful how he treads on this issue.

    The incomes below $200k per year are what drives and supports the small businesses of this country.

  11. Pretty simple to figure out the Dem majority point of view…. virtually all of them make more than $250K but less than $1MM per year. Not even those libs want to pay more in taxes!

      1. AZ- how about we refund every dime you ever paid in Medicare taxes and throw you into the private, pre-ACA insurance market. I mean, if low taxes are so smart…

        1. And we can thank LBJ and the “Great Society” BS for the Medicare debacle he inflicted. Medicare has played a big part in rising healthcare costs and reducing free market efforts in reigning in costs/creating efficiencies. Oh, and they lied grossly about the true cost of this ‘reform’ back in ’66. Just like in ’09.

          1. You are going to have to let that myth go, Cooper. I mean, if blaming Bush is old hat, blaming LBJ is even more ridiculous. If the free market hasn’t found “efficiencies” in over 40 years, then maybe they aren’t there to be found, or maybe Big Health just doesn’t care.

          2. Your a fool for thinking govt is going to solve our problems, it will typically only make them worse. Govt has strangled the free market to make the adjustments. I’ll put my faith in the free market over any govt program. The USG is corrupt, bloated, and stiffles any creativity to solve problems or create efficiencies. Their way or the highway.

          3. I’d like to know why, when free marketeer and Tea Bag Rand Paul had the chance to strike a blow against crony capitalism by revoking taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil, he instead did a U-turn and told America that the wealthiest industry in the world still needs America to bottle feed it.

            That’s your free market at work. As soon as a libertarian has a chance to put his money where his mouth is, he decides to keep it in his wallet.

  12. Suddenly, thousands of B- and C-list Hollywood celebrities will miraculously become sub-millionaires.

    Talk about movie magic and special effects!

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  14. This would only result in a single tax increase rather than two in one year. The Bush Cuts and the Obamacare increases would be a double hit so he is spreading them out…

  15. a Road picture for our time –

    ‘The Road to Greece’ starring barry obama and joey biden.

    watch as the wacky Progressive Duo Punish the Successful time and time again with huge new taxes and massive new rules and regs that an Einstein couldn’t figure out!

    get there early for another hilarious Clooneytune cartoon starring Georgie Clooney and his zany gang. it will be a Progressive laff-riot sure to please!

  16. Maybe President Obama should also have a televised visit in the home of an average mddle class family that would see their taxes increase once Obamacare is implememted.

  17. Bottom line … the private economy pays for everything. Anything the government does, anything, the money eventually comes from the taxpayer. You can call it anything you want from a subsidy to welfare but anything the government “gives” to someone is paid for by someone else or anything that is “free” is paid for by someone else. Period. The federal government can cheat, for awhile anyway, by borrowing money, but you have to pay that back, or printing money but that leads to inflation and your dollar doean’t buy as much any more; oh and don’t forget, the states cannot print money and that is why their problems are more acute.
    Who pays public workers? Taxpayers. This includes everyone of them including politicians so lets not just rag on teachers.

    1. For every dollar the government gives to someone, they must first TAKE THE SAME DOLLAR FROM SOMEONE ELSE! The government creates nothing. They merely take from one to give to another, robing Peter to pay Paul. And Peter is usually an insider election donor who helps support the very power they use to rob us all blind.

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  20. Just for the record, retards … the Bush Tax Cuts are called tax cuts because that’s what they were … and they established NEW tax rates. That is, the percentage (rate) of each dollar you earn that is taken a way from you as a tax at the margin. If you look back over the years since this country started collecting taxes the rates have gone up and they have gone down. Both Democrats and Rebulicans have raised and lowered rates over the years so why do we keep hearing about the “Bush Tax Cuts” because they’re Bush’s and the left and their mouthpeice the press hate Bush. JFK cut taxes, have you ever heard the same vitriol used against him? No. Bush, Sr. raised taxes, what’s sid about that? You get the picture. We need people working, not on the dole. If yoy think the 1%ers are screwing you maybe you should go out there and become a 1%er … that only happens in America that’s why everyone from everywhere wants to come here.

  21. Let me be CLEAR. My wife is a doctor. She and I make a little over $250,000 a year, but barely. AND WE ARE FAR FROM RICH! We live in expensive Southern California, so after all Federal taxes, California taxes, fees, a falsely high underwater mortgage, and ridiculous cost of living expenses here we are clearly living a Middle Class lifestyle. My wife also employs four people in her practice. She pays them salaries and gives them benefits and they in turn also pay Federal and State taxes on the money she gives them from her business. This so called Tax Hike only on the rich is a LIE! Maybe if you live in Kentucky $250k sounds like a lot, but it’s not in California or New York and with a family. It will hurt people like my wife who MAKE JOBS FOR OTHER PEOPLE. It will force here to lay some off. It hurts people barely making $250k and will affect my children’s futures and where they can go to college! And that’s not even mentioning the ridiculous TAX HIKES coming for the under reported expenses and under funded Obamacare behemoth. OBAMA IS LYING TO US ALL! LYING ABOUT WHAT THIS TAX HIKE IS REALLY ALL ABOUT! It is aimed at Middle Class struggling business owners who are the job creators! It’s going to slam the margins of people who are just trying to stay in the black, people NOT NEARLY AS “RICH” as this envious President wants you to think. And here he is with free everything, living in FREE HOUSING and trying to tell you it hits him too! Disgusting. He is lying to us all!

      1. Alright, I’ll bite: make a cogent argument to me, a screaming Alinskyite, that the tax cuts you and your wife received under Bush have helped this economy by causing you to hire more people or whatever. How many employees did your wife have before, for example?

        Also, and I hate to be peevish, but did you think you were going to slip this mortal coil without having to pay for World War III? If you recall, the expense for America’s longest war was put on the Chinese credit card, which is fine until a crisis like our Great and Wonderful Recession comes along, and Washington realizes that they won’t be able to bullshit their way out of paying off their old obligations any longer.

        You do realize that your sweetheart tax rate was contingent on America swelling her debt to an unsustainable degree, right?

  22. Why extend them for the little-people for only for one year? Since Obama is a government control tax-raiser in every respect, how is extending them consistant with his other positions? The guy is a fake.

  23. My favorite bit of lie in all this is when they say that republicans want to give most of the tax relief to teh RICH. You know, the folks paying the taxes.

    As opposed to giving it to all those folks who … don’t pay their taxes?

    And of course, a fourth grader learns about percentages. X percentage tax cut for a rich person is going to be a heck of a lot more for someone making more money. Duh. People are so stupid, though.

    They were talking about it this weekend. “THEY WANT TO GIVE $200,000 TAX BREAKS TO THE RICH.” And the idiots soak it up.

      1. Why are the 99% so quick to dis themselves and the taxes they DO pay? Case in point: I have no driveway and so must park on the street, which has offside parking. Every day I must be sure my car is moved to the right side or else get a ticket, which happens painfully often. I then must pay a fee to the city and a state surcharge (or tax, or freerider penalty… what are we calling them now?).

        It doesn’t matter whether you pay your taxes at a state, local or federal level. Ultimately it all winds up in the same pot, offsetting this contribution from the fed or supplementing that program from the county. Plus, there is the inconvenience at the root of it all: do you think Romney has to run out of his house everyday at 6pm to move his car?

        The point is, the rich have a sweet goddamn deal in this country, and we ALL pay our taxes.

  24. The reason both Pelosi and Schmuckey Shumer want the 1M level is because they both are from states where there are a lot of workers who make 250K a year and the cost of living is through the roof. In other words, self interest

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  27. Anyone who thinks that he will not increase taxes for eveyone paying currently taxes if he is re-elected has had one too many lobotamies.

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