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Another Dismal Jobs Report

The Labor Department today announced that the economy created only 80,000 jobs last month, an unmitigated disaster unmitigated by any mitigating circumstances.

Remember, the economy needs to create about 150,000 jobs a month just to keep pace with population growth. That’s part of why the unemployment rate remained steady at 8.2 percent.

In a statement that apparently was not a joke, although I roared with laughter when I saw it, White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Alan Krueger said:

There are no quick fixes to the problems we face that were more than a decade in the making.

NO QUICK FIXES? Obama has had three and a half years.

If Romney can’t win this election, he will really have deserved to lose it.

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  1. You are SOOOO very correct. If the Republicans cannot defeat Obama–or whatever his name really is–they deserve to lose, and we as a nation deserve what we get. Socialism with Facism for good measure.

    FWIW, Dear Leader is doing his “Betting on America” (or is it “Beating?!?”) tour going thru the Burgh today. Duh Won is proudly “betting” on our kids futures. BETTING!!! Barry needs the chips taken away and banned permanently from the “casino.”

    On this “tour” (on the Canadian built. Us) are “popular” Democratic Senators (from the Rust Belt states). Bob Casey will be on hand…Casey (a true believing Obot!) NEEDS to lose with Barry in November. Re-electing ANY Obama supporter is the same as voting for Duh Won!

  2. The White House is being handed to Romney on a silver platter.
    Personally, I would like to see a little more aggression on the Romney side against Obama.
    With Barry speaking every freaking day, for 3 years, Romney ought to have sound bytes out the wazoo to use against him.
    To the intelligent people out there, Obama will destroy himself.

    • agreed…
      This Romney team needs to ‘turn to’ on attacking that Neo-Socialist Obama & all his “blame Bush” failed plans

  3. I laughed too Keith to keep from crying. They have no plan to fix the problem and conversely, everything they’ve done has hurt the economy. They seem to think they can ‘wish’ more jobs. I read somewhere that there are almost 800,000 less women in the workforce since obama took office. That’s the real war on women!!

    Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for blacks (14.4 percent) edged up over the month, while the rates for adult men (7.8 percent), adult women (7.4 percent), teenagers (23.7 percent), whites (7.4 percent), and Hispanics (11.0 percent) showed little or no change. The jobless rate for Asians was 6.3 percent in June (not seasonally adjusted), little changed from a year earlier.

      • Wish the Republicans would scream that from the hilltops…instead, Barry and the Dems are allowed to purport the false narrative that the Republicans have no plans of their own.

        • Yeah, that ticks me off too. There’s so much ammo for the GOP to use against Obama, hopefully they’re saving it for the big push after Labor Day when people start paying attention.

      • I heard Boehner say that the house has sent thirty bills to the senate that Reid won’t bring to the floor for a vote.
        Obama AND Reid must go.

  4. Well the old saying “Actions speak louder than words” is not in Barama Oback’s vocabulary..
    Four years of words has produced nothing but a stack of paper and photo’s for his next fictional biography.

  5. I saw one of the latest photos of the POTUS. To me he appears to be angry and very un-presidential like.
    How long can a liar say to himself that he is on top of the world?
    A long time if they don’t listen. Sound familiar. er Mr. President…..

  6. If Romney can’t win this election, he will really have deserved to lose it.

    Well, the circular firing squad that is in the conservative movement will get some of the blame. I certainly wasn’t a Romney supporter, but at this point …

    Point out his every flaw and contradiction, is going to get us Obama act 2. Yea, then we can burn the Republican party down and start again to build that pure conservative organization it should be.

    Of course, the country won’t survive. But we’ll have our integrity.

    • thank you. sometimes republicans and conservatives seem to have the logic that they will eat their dogs and kids to prevent their neighbors from doing it

  7. Don’t look for any signs of life from Team Romney in the near future!

    Appearing on FBN this morning, senior advisor Tammy Frisby referred to the dismal jobs report as ‘disappointing’, while adding that ‘creating jobs is better than not creating jobs’! When questioned further about Romney’s lack of an aggressive response, she added that ‘Gov. Romney’s tone this morning was respectful of the fact that these are tough times for America, and he wants to put America back to work with his 59 point economic plan (available on his website)

    Questioned further about Romney’s non-aggressive response, she stated: “Some sort of rabid dog attack on the President is NOT what we need to be doing now – we need to be thinking about how to turn this economy around and what policies are going to do that.”

    Evidentally, Team Romney does not believe that they can walk and chew gum the same time! Someone needs to whisper in Romney’s ear that ‘nice guys finish last’!

    • WTF? Obama & the socialist Dems are allowed to say anything they want with the help of the biased, sycophant “media” and Team Romney says ‘rabid dog attack(s) on (Obama) is NOT what is needed now…’ WTF!

      God Save the Republic (unless Romney gets his a** in gear!)

    • Well, sure, you can pin the NAFTA type agreements on Clinton and the Gingrich Gnomes. And you can blame the mortgages being made available on those same two, as well as the repeal of Glass Steagel(?). All of those have heavily contributed to our economic mess today.

      Then, you can jump back to Reagan and the democratic congress that doubled SS/MED taxes while promising the extra would be set aside and not touched then immediately started putting in IOU’s from your friendly neighborhood government so the surplus that should be there today is not there.

      Or you can jump back to Nixon and taking us off the gold/silver standard, or Johnson and the Great Spending Society, etc etc etc.

      All I like to remind folks is that Obama was a senator for four years before he became president and the only spending he voted against was funding for the wars he now likes to take credit for. He didn’t inherit, he helped create the mess; as did Hillary and Biden. Biden’s been taking cash out of the citizens ATM butt since before half this country was born.

      • Actually, Obama voted for every one of Bush’s funding bills, war and non-war. He also only served 143 days as a Senator before deciding he was ready to be President. During those 143 days he found time to visit Kenya. The rest of his term was spent raising funds and campaigning. He didn’t even hold one single meeting of his committee on Afghanistan while he was in the Senate. He was a flip flopping liar even then. While campaigning, he made a big deal about FISA and how he was going to vote against it. Then he flew back to DC and voted for it. Obama’s Senate career told us all we needed to know about him. Too bad no one paid attention.

      • It was during the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration that Social Security contributions were removed from the independent trust fund and put in the general fund. He needed some way to pay for Medicare and The Great Society…

  8. Okay, I have a plan that solves every damn problem this country has. Add up everyone’s assets. Houses, stocks, bonds, cash, art, cars, metals etc. Then figure out how many US citizens over 16 there are in the country and divide that number into all those assets and then split it all up so everyone has the same amount of assets. Then, end all government subsidies, welfare, health care, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, retirement plans, pension plans, etc.

    The rich, who earned their money, will soon earn it back; the rich who inherited will soon lose theirs, the poor will lose it all, etc; but we will have eliminated all the government spending, balanced the budget, wiped out our debt, and basically done a reboot.

    And, we can all quit arguing and complaining. No one can say “I’m broke” and not be told it’s your fault. No one can blame skin color, age, or whatever else people like to use to excuse their lot in life. We all start over with the exact same amount of assets and it’s sink or swim from there.

  9. 8% of our population amounts to 25 million people out of work and 80,000 jobs were, what?, filled/created/imagined.
    There were more than 80,000 people who graduated from school in June that won’t be counted, and anyone who is self-employed or considered a sub-contractor will never be counted among the unemployed.

    • I’m self-employed because I cannot find a “real job” and only making a small fraction of what I used to make. Thank God I worked full-time for almost 30 years, my spouse has a job now and we have been thrifty (and so far the government has not taken over our savings). I am over 50 and not counted among the unemployed — but I certainly feel unemployed.

      • The government is coming for our savings. We over-50’s are the only ones with any money. They know it and they want it. They consider it theirs.

        • About 8 years ago, I heard John Loeffler on Steel on Steel talking about a think tank paper entitled “The Emergency Pension Guarantee Act of 20XX”. The paper talked how all private and public pensions would be combined with Social Security to provide every elderly american with a living pension. The problem was, all of those are so underfunded that they needed a positive amount of money and the plan was to confiscate all privately held retirement accounts; 401k’s and IRA’s and combine them with the underfunded pensions, then create a new tax, probably sales, in order to fund the program. Never forgot hearing about that and the more I watch things unfold, the more likely I see it happening. John said if you want to know what is coming in 10 to 20 years, read the think tank papers being published today.

          The other option is to require everyone with an IRA or 401k to have 50% of the assets in government bonds, which is basically accomplishing the same thing without the outright theft of the funds.

    • Add the 85,000 people added to the Social Security Disability rolls in June, and things are much, much worse than they are telling us…

      We boomers have had a target on our back since the 1960’s. The federal government saw the tsunami of retirees coming down the pike and they just kicked the can down the road. Well, we’re at the end of the road. Whether we recover economically and save our retirement accounts as well as our country depends on Romney winning this election.

      Why oh why isn’t Romney sitting down for a nice long strategy session with Governor Walker of Wisconsin? He won a recall election in a state Obama won in 2008. He was able to garner votes from both Democrats and Republicans because he made bold changes and never folded to the radical left. If anyone knows how to beat Obama, Governor Walker is the one…

  10. I noticed an interview with Romney. I do not recall which network it was. The reporter was questing Romney about the 8.2% unemployment rate. She asked if that was the “new norm”. I guess this is a new way for MSM to justify the high unemployment rate. I thought Romney’s response was lukewarm.

    • The MSM is definitely promoting the “new norm” narrative – even saying that 80,000 jobs gained is good because at least it’s something!

      As for Romney…his responses on everything these days seem weak and lukewarm. He’s not going to win this election by playing it safe.

      • Well, if all this ends badly, I just don’t want to have it be because I didn’t do absolutely everything that I could to prevent it.

        My personal plan is to bombard Romney, his staff, Ann, etc., right down to the last possible contact with email/calls/postcards, and to post on blogs like The Hill and Politico (that the Romney camp surely reads), to convey exactly the points that are being made here — e.g., “drop the lukewarm crap, take the gloves off, and go for blood…Defend the Republic!”

        What concerns me, though, is that the Mormons I’ve known are just too damn well-mannered and nice to hit back, and I think that may be the case with Romney.. Which leads me to suggest that it’s up to *us* out here to do this work … if it’s just not in Romney’s nature to mud wrestle, then so be it. He’s our only alternative to another 4 years of destruction. This, at least to me, means that ‘We the People’ can really make a difference here — by letting Romney know our concerns *and* by going to bat for him whenever possible.

        My apologies for the way too long post … I just finished reading “The Amateur” and I’m a tad angry.

        • Then Obama needs to get himself an Axlerod to get out there and go for blood. Preferably one that doesn’t just sit there and effen lie to us like Axlerod does.

          I don’t know how that guy sleeps at night.

          Oh wait, I do. He’s a Marxist.

  11. Never expected a quick fix from Obama, but I sure as hell did not expect him to make it worse. Which he has done with his spending bills, healthcare reform?, refusal to allowing drilling and the Keystone pipeline, cash for clunkers, first time house buyer tax credits,not allowing GM and Chrysler to go through Chapter 11, and on and on and on. If Romney screws-up this election and the wanna-be despot wins kiss this country good bye.

  12. B.O. and his Socialist ‘Progressive’ party know only one sure fire way to create jobs-


    raise their taxes, impose massive new unneeded rules and regulations, hit them with dozens of dumb lawsuits (gotta keep the trial lawyers happy. they give MOST to dems of any group) etc etc.

    however, dems will NEVER admit Big Govt fails every time. they will always blame someone or something. these days it’s g.w bush or racism or both.

  13. Can these people ever tell the truth . . . “a decade in the making”??? We were coming out of a recession left by Clinton with 9/11 caused by Clinton policies in 2002 . . . thank you, Pres. Bush!

    Beckel was just on Fox touting that farm income had risen since BO because President. I have no idea where he got the numbers he used, but since I live in a farming community . . . I will tell you that is just baloney! I happen know more than a few farmers who have lost their farms (with even some suicides) since BO became President. Tell you what . . . revenue may have climbed, but expenses rose at a higher pace.

    Will anyone ever call them on their lies????

      • The profit margin (if the farmer has any) is getting smaller and smaller every year. We have got to get someone in the White House who cares about our food system. BO doesn’t care about farmers. He wouldn’t survive if he had to work on a farm. It would be just too much work for him. He would have get up before 9:00 in the morning.

      • This is why I have begun to attend local agricultural seminars, etc. I am not a farmer, but I can see it’s the hardest job in the world and I admire the family farmers who do it. Just sitting in and listening teaches me about my local area and the general economy.

        Farming — do everything right and it decides not to rain, or to rain too much, or to rain too much too infrequently, or a wind blows down your trees, etc. The most important job in the world because it produces food.

        • It is the riskiest business there is. Prices can drop under the cost of production at the drop of a hat. But farmers love their work. And I understand why. I have stood next to a wheat field just prior to harvest. It is just amazing to see it and know how much work went into it to get it that far.

          I love farmers. They are the most honest people out there.

  14. Dear God people – it is July 6 – the report just came out. Most people – believe it or not – are paying no attention to what is going on. The independents and undecideds (although I find it very hard to believe there are still undecideds) are going to make the final decision. Like it or not – they do not want attack dogs. I don’t want an attack dog – I want an adult. I know that things will become more intense and yes there is still time. My best friend used to be a news junkie – she no longer turns it on – pays virtually no attention to the day to day goings on. This is not an exception, but pretty much the norm. The hardcore Obama people and the hardcore Romney people are not gonna change. You have to nurture the undecideds and independents along and you aren’t going to do that sounding like an angry and emotional man. No one ever said this election would be easy.

    • I strongly disagree with you. There is no time to be nurturing anybody. If these so-called Independents and undecideds haven’t been paying attention and chosen whether they want liberty or tyranny, then they deserve to be yelled at and told to wake the hell up.

      After the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare came down, anybody who lives in Realsville can see our country is going through a political coup. Obama has been ruling by executive order since we took out his majority in Congress and now he has the blessing of the judiciary to seize power from the people. All We The People have left is Congress, and that is hanging by a thread. That is why it is so important that everybody get involved in local politics. We need new patriots to replace the old guard so we can take our country back.

      Tell your best friend her country needs her now. Remember the words of Ronald Reagan when he warned us against socialized health care.

      “…this program, I promise you will pass just as surely as the sun will come up tomorrow. And behind it will come other federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have known it in this country until, one day, as Norman Thomas said, we will wake to find that we have Socialism. And if you don’t do this, and I don’t do this, one of these days, you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children’s children, what it once was like in America, when men were free.”
      –Ronald Reagan, 1961

      • My best friend will be voting for Romney – The point I am making is the majority of the voting population, including those who are undecideds or independents, aren’t paying attention. It’s reality – they aren’t going to get on the internet and read varying opinions, people tape the shows they want to watch on television so they don’t have to watch commercials. Rod below says it well – I too live in a very blue state (California) and you simply can’t believe what goes on it and there is virtually no way to stop it – said commentary.

        • Four of my brothers live in California so understand your plight, especially after your state legislature’s recent approval of a high speed rail boondoggle. Like a heroin addict, California needs that shot of federal money in it’s arm before the nanny-state bureaucrats start jonesing. Keep telling my brothers to move to Texas since California is a lost cause, but they haven’t given up on the Golden State yet. They just keep trying to wake people up the best they can.

  15. Keep in mind that about 40% of all Americans (including a majority of voters in states like NY, Illinois, California, which have large numbers of electoral votes – between those 3 you have > 100 EVs) WON’T EVER vote Republican. Ubama could burn down the White House, beat his wife, and cheat on her with Lady Gaga and they’d STILL vote for this tool. No matter of incompetence, ineffectiveness, moral indifference, capitulation, or permeating beta-male behavior will ever compel some Americans to NOT vote for Ubama.

    Trust me – I live in a very blue state and I keep scratching my head at the Ubama 2012 bumper stickers and t-shirts and wonder to myself “what on earth are you THINKING to support this loser” and then I catch myself and realize it’s not about facts, logic or results and the world goes back to making perfect sense – they’re so brainwashed in liberal pabulum it doesn’t matter what this clown does, they’d still vote for him. I mean, really, can you take anyone seriously that thinks Joe Biden is really qualified to be next in line for the Presidency (just one of a long list of examples)?

    I agree in principle that if Romney can’t win THIS election, we’re screwed for good but let’s be honest, a growing number of voters (election to election) are too brainwashed to process actual facts – they’re too busy reading freaking People magazine or watching some Hollywood reporter show to be bothered with the burden of self-governance.

    • Ubama could burn down the White House, beat his wife, and cheat on her with Lady Gaga? Geez Rod, are you trying to get me to change my vote to Obama??

      But seriously, you are right. As a Kah-Lee-For-Nee-An I’m considering taking a driving trip before the election and picking up ballots for all the swing states (now wait, Holder says it’s OK) and vote early and often!!

    • Maybe we need to re-take our schools and re-institute the Pledge of Allegiance, Flag Ceremony, Christmas and Easter, etc. etc., and … mandatory Civics classes … sort of hijack the hijackers?

      • What you need to do is not necessarily make folks go through the motions – you need to properly educated them. INFORMATION. Then instead o merely f forcing them to watch a ceremony , or recite a plede they don’t understand – they’ll get teary because they know what it represents.

      • But, Car In, going through the motions of things that are meaningful, such as saying the Pledge of Allegiance, celebrating holidays that have meaning, a minute of prayer or reflection, does help values sink in over time.

        I think you and Spike are both making valid points — let’s do both.

  16. The only real groups of winners in an Obama run economy will be illegal aliens and foreign workers brought in to replace Americans. And along the way, our liberties will be slowly stripped away by the heavy hand of an overpowering government. Some will rejoice over being given the scraps from Obama’s table. For everyone else who appreciates freedom, join us at to help. Our country needs us all to step up. Please help!

    • Thank you for saying this about illegal aliens abd foreign workers (and the anchor babies they manage to pop while here).

      Our history of immigration is not a suicide pact. We must take care of citizens first and remove those who are here illegally. If it is necessary to have foreign guest workers, we must be certain is it NOT to depress wages to a level that Americans cannot accept AND we must make certain that like good guests, the guest workers GO HOME.

  17. Weasel Zippers says that the o has used that line, the one about not getting too excited about a not-good jobs report, 30 times!.

    June 2012: “Therefore, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report and it is informative to consider each report in the context of other data that are becoming available.”

    November 2009: “Therefore, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report, positive or negative.”

    Thanks, Lynn, Lynn’s Little Nest

  18. I noticed Obama’s now fundraising whining about Romney has more money than me and that’s not fair, oblah-blah-blah. Didn’t Keith do a recent post how Obama’s blowing through money faster than he’s taking it in? I think it was referring to the May reports. All I could find was this from USA Today, so when you see those desperate OFA/DNC ads, it’s a crock :D

  19. I know this has been said many times here, but I will repeat…Obummer does not want to fix it..he wants to take us down as far as he can.
    I’ve been tearing up alot this past week. Took my kids to fireworks in 2 towns and teared up over the National Anthem. Just shared a picture of Reagan kissing our flag on facebook and teared up.

  20. Wanted to post this letter that was posted by someone else. It speaks eloquently and precisely.

    CarlosLumpuy [Moderator] 8 hours ago

    The President says, “most people would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard”.

    —The same President that for nearly four years has blamed his own trackless failures and protracted ineffectiveness on his predecessor, President Bush, when for his first two years in office his party had majorities and control of both the House and the Senate as well as the White House.

    When that started to wear thin, he blamed a “particularly harsh Winter”.

    When it wasn’t the snow anymore, he then blamed the Arab Spring, the uprisings in Egypt and the shortages of oil from Libya to Europe.

    Then we were led to believe that his economic recovery plans of hundreds of billions in deficit spending could not withstand the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Tsunami in Japan, floods in the mid-west, and finally an earthquake and a tropical storm both within a week.

    The President tells us that the villains are mother nature, big oil, wall street, corporations, the bankers, the insurance industry, the coal miners, the millionaires and billionaires, congress, global warming, and the Texas wild fires.

    How are we are going to get back on track with an administration whose policies work contrary to an expanding private sector from which all of our prosperity comes —the creators of real sustaining jobs within organizations that have essential private risk taking and recourse to keep them going concerns with recurring and regular payrolls.

    Dump this creed of redistributive wealth by government ration including a Secretary of Agriculture who sees his primary job as increasing participants in the SNAP Food Stamp program that now number 46 million Americans and is now spending $20 million in an advertising campaign seeking even more participants.

    Dump this administration that believes in the folly of telling Americans that the collective will well provide for their individual healthcare.

    Dump this administration that sees the federal government on a street corner handing out a $1,000 a second and thinks the line will someday get shorter, instead of bringing restraints on federal appropriations that are clearly unsustainable with a public debt nearing $16 trillion, that is now more than GDP, and 40 cents of every dollar spent by government today is borrowed.

    There shall be consequences to this President’s legacy of multiple trillions of deficit spending —more than any other administration of government in the history of the world.

    How easy it is to govern when you just spend, spend, spend, spend, spend without restraint, instead of rising to the occasion, taking responsibility and making hard decisions like the rest of us outside of Washington are having to do during these hard times —and we’re told, “I’ve tried real hard”.

    At what ?

    Just last week at a high school in Durham, New Hampshire this President told an audience of high school students,

    “You can decide that instead of restricting access to birth control or defunding Planned Parenthood, we should make sure that in this country, women control their own health care choices. That’s up to you”.

    —equating the failure of public funding of contraceptive birth controls and abortions the same as restricting access to the same.

    Again, this is a President who chooses the venue of a high school to say all this.

    This is the same President who rewards Sandra Fluke and her outspoken college behavior at Georgetown University with a telephone call from the White House last March.

    At every opportunity this President repeatedly tells our young people at commencement how our Constitution is a “fundamentally flawed document” as he seeks to disassociate our young from the founding fathers of our republic and inculcates a huge false sense of entitlement in our young with his own revisionist account of American history.

    Just what message is this to our young people from the President of the United States, and just what business does he have in doing this at all ?

    This, together with seeking more and more on food stamps shows us that what you’ve tried so real hard at is to further the demoralization and debasement of American society.

    I conclude the “fundamental change” of this collectivist President is a willful and deliberate attempt to separate our young people from their own parents, grandparents and any religious instruction, disassociate them from America’s founding and its noble history, and to undermine and destroy our American culture altogether with this spineless rhetoric of impotence and mendacity.

    It is this depravity, degeneracy, and decadence of a secular creed that simply must be defeated.

    —Carlos Lumpuy, Saturday 7 July 2012.

    This is the link:

    Romney campaign must hit these points.

  21. As the Left drags the United States into anarchy, we can state the term “quick fixes” is now added by the left on to the heap of words that have now been rendered meaningless.
    The administration headed by a man who lusted after the presidency now can not but lament that the job of fixing the nation’s economy was beyond even his self assessed skill set to deal with.
    Dismissing the state of the economy that is now totally his to his former chief executive has worn thin, ripped and is now laid bare for all to see. Better he retool his message to, “I’ll do better this time” from “it’s not my fault.”

  22. Yes , there have been many sound bite comments by the Obama “people” during the past week or so, My #1 favorite is Valerie Jerrett’s ” “We’ll take it any way we can get it” in reference to the tax vrs penalty flap. That about sums up the Democrats total agenda, be it taxes, foreign policy, campaign donations, illegal imigration, voter fraud etc.etc. The hiring of hundreds of tax-collectors, supposedly to monitor the CrummyCare program, is only the beginning of an onerous takeover of the economy of America. As one of the legs of the Obama 3 legged stool (aka: the menage a trois of Michelle, Barry and Valerie), Valerie often blurts out the truth of the plans, to be implemented. “Anyway” means just that: ANYWAY!!!!!

  23. Since King Kardashian sent his flunkies out to criticize Romney over his “Swiss bank account”, it might be an opportune moment to remind them that one of KK’s biggest campaign bundlers runs a Swiss finance house. The old saying holds true once again. If it weren’t for double standards, leftists wouldn’t have any standards at all…

  24. Oh, so now he’s reaching into his archives to blame Bill Clinton too? Even Robert Reich is tired of Obama blaming everyone else for his woes. man up and take responsibility. You’re supposed to be the President of the United States!

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