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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 4, 2012

10:25 am || Arrives at White House from rest at Camp David
10:50 am || Delivers remarks at a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members; East Room
6:00 pm || Attends Fourth of July celebration on the South lawn

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  1. We have a flagpole in the middle of our garden. In the early morning I hoisted the US flag as I always do this day. It is a splendid sight and it is a sight that always moves me. I like to see this flag fly in the sea breeze in our little coastal Swedish town, I believe many around here appreciates it. Tonight we are having a BBQ with people who all have lived in the US. We will talk about our fond memories and of course discuss todays situation. But we won´t let that ruin a perfect summer day, no, we will celebrate this great country in the west. Happy Fourth of July !

    1. That is so nice to hear Swedishlady. Always love your comments and wish you the happiest Fourth of July ever..long may she wave. Aloha~

  2. Happy 4th everyone, from a rainy part of New York this morning. I have a huge group coming over who expected to sit in the hot sun around the pool and have a big outdoor BBQ. If the rain persists, could be Boggle and Scrabble at the kitchen table, eating PB&J!

    1. Hey PB&J’s are very American too!!!! Sounds like a fun day. Here in Florida, we will be dodging the thunder storms and hoping for clear evening skies. God Bless America again and keep us the Land of The Free!!!!!! Amen. Happy 4th All.

  3. A large part of Appalachia remains without electric power and the hot days just keep on coming. My mother and I were fortunate enough to have the lights go on yesterday morning. Today I hope to catch a ride to the local Armory and help the National Guard in some way as they supply people with ice, water, and information about safety stations.

    This precious holiday of our country’s founding should be set aside for happy gatherings and celebrations of a most wonderful nation. I hope people remember to include those who have no family and no one with whom to celebrate. We emphasize family in our culture and sometimes thoughtlessly exclude those who are not blood relatives.

    Each year I try to find some time to read about the Revolutionary Era and the remarkable people who brought forth our nation. Today if I can help others I will think myself lucky to be following the example of the soldiers in our first army, the young ladies who wore spun cloth and wore plain homespun to combat imports, the farmers’ wives who raised the crops while their husbands fought, and those wise men (and unofficially the women) who thought through the problems of a new nation and gave us our Constitution and our guiding national principles.

    I hope that everyone has a memorable, remembering, thoughtful, and fun-filled Fourth of July.

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  5. 7-4-2012

    see where B.O. is turning the 4th into another cheap campaign stunt to drum up Latino support with some ‘ceremony’ inside the White House. what a total disgrace. btw, it is illegal to use the White House for partisan politics. does B.O. care? don’t think so. will Media lapdogs object? we all know the answer to that.

    what a dark time in our nation’s history.

    forget B.O. and his rotten party.

    Go, USA! Happy 4th to all.

  6. It was truly wonderful to hear the president salute those 25 members of America’s armed forces on the fourth of July. But, what of the rest of America’s 312 million citizens? Wasn’t there a little time to offer the rest of us a message on the nation’sbirthday?

    And, what of America herself, where was the honor extended to her by the president? That was some birthday party wasn’t it? I had to go back in time and listen to then President Ronald Reagan speak at the Statue of Liberty in New york Harbor to get a feel of genuine love and affection for our country. The year was 1986, And my, how we have changed as a country over the last 26 years.

    The feeling today is one of hollowness,and not of a sense of hallowed pride.

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