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Obama Takes the Week Off

President Obama appears to be mostly taking the week off, making a rare sojourn at Camp David through Tuesday before celebrating the Fourth of July and then heading out on the campaign trail.

Obama presumably also has his usual August vacation lined up as well, though it’s not been announced where he will be headed. It is known, though, that with an election coming up, Obama will not be restoring himself at his customary location, the super-rich enclave of Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama at Camp DavidThe president has grumbled that Mitt Romney can campaign full time while he continues to have to perform his day job, but it’s questionable how many hours he’s putting in at the office. Obama found time for 33 fundraisers in June and campaigned widely, sometimes returning to the White House after Midnight and then sleeping in the next day.

Obama will return to the the White House from Camp David Tuesday and then preside over the White House Fourth of July festivities Wednesday. He will be campaigning in the critical battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania Thursday and Friday.

The White House often argues that Obama can perform his duties as president anywhere and suggests that’s exactly what he’s doing when he appears to be obviously resting or campaigning.

But it’s hard to see why he would head to Camp David for a long weekend – he’s been there since Saturday – if his goal was to focus on matters of State. And the Thursday and Friday campaign romp will be of the type from which it’s the least easy for him to conduct business – a barnstorming bus tour.

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  1. I just KNOW Ovomit is concerned about the storm victims. He is setting up a website where, instead of donating to the red cross or similar charities, you can donate to his campaign……..

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  3. Too bad that’s not news. He’s always on vacation except when he’s doing something to damage the integrity of the office or the country.

  4. Except for totally screwing up the economy and the Country in general he has had 3 plus years of vacation–at our expense.

  5. So we are going to pay a couple million dollars for yet another vacation. Jimmy Carter must be having a party to celebrate the fact he is no longer the worst president America has ever had.

  6. Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…Wah, wah, wah wah…but Romney gets…

  7. Commie-leon Obama taking a week off away from OUR COUNTRY’s annual July 4th celebration of freedom, independence and departure from his marxism/socialism ideology doesn’t surprise me. He and his kind will be soooo gone in January 2013!

  8. Just as we’re thinking of the pretender as the greatest traitor this nation has ever known, along comes Roberts. This great nation doesn’t have a chance with those two in bed together.

  9. POTUS has previously said he hates Camp David. I think it’s too American for him… and certainly not flashy enough for his style.

    Could there be another reason why he’s at Camp David?

  10. Has he really grumbled about Romney having time to campaign? Even if the author was be facetious, I wouldn’t be surprised. All Obama does is vacation and campaign. The economy sticks and many Americans won’t be taking a vacation at all this summer!

    4 months and counting!!

  11. The President is complaining that Romney can campaign all day and night, while the President still has to do his day job? What a hypocrite. Didn’t he do this against John McCain? Oh, that’s right. Obama was a US Senator then, or at least played one on TV. I couldn’t care less that the President is taking so much time off and away from his job as President. The country is much safer when he is not working so hard to turn us into Greece.

  12. Did we not learn during the Clinton Administration that it violated campaign law to raise funds from any government property? That would include Camp David AND Air Force One, would it not?

    What’s a little crime among friends?

  13. Meanwhile, the Romney campaign has set up places where aid can be dropped off for those who have been damaged by this last storm. They are going to distribute it from those collection places.

    Obama . . . and what has he done?

  14. Who’s this F@#%K that keeps us updated when POTUS takes a S@#$t. I’d like the author to give us a minute to minute on his expenditures and S$%^ts. All the #$%^^ need to let the Man breath.

  15. If this Kenyan steals another election, he will be writing all of his executive orders from his taxpayer funded vacation villas in Marbella, the Swiss Alps, the Italian and French Rivieras, and the rest of the playgrounds of the rich and famous. The WH is nothing but a flop house for the anointed one! That, and party central for his weird assortment of hangers-on. He will become the self-proclaimed ‘King of the World’! Count on it!

  16. Of course he is taking his vacation now. The minute he steps in front of the cameras he is going to be inundated with questions that he does not have any good answers to.
    Everyone I know is FURIOUS over the treachery of Justice Roberts. Even a few supporters of Obamacare I know find the Supreme Court ruling extremely disconcerting. In my life of more than half a century I have never before seen such a paroxysmal ignition in the voters.

    This is the issue of the century. Obama would love to drop it right here, but not in his wildest dreams will that ever happen. This is not even close to being over.

  17. He just refuses to govern if he has to compromise with Republicans. He is a very shallow, short sighted leader. Just because you can’t have it all your way, you don’t throw in the towel on America. Time for this expierment to end.

  18. LOL, like Obama has done anything close to doing his actual job. Unless you consider destroying the economy “doing his job”. I can tell you he’s campaigned twice as much as Romney.

  19. This guy is the laziest bum in the world and his wife is the biggest mooch. black people should disown this guy, his reputation is discoloring black people’s attributes

  20. IT will be news when Obama actually goes to work- I did not know he ever did anything at all and now he also has a new golf partner- Doody Justice Roberts who is wacked out of Epilepsy meds- hope he doesnt hit barry with the golf ball but no worries he has coverage- now your kids will have to pay for it- the youngsters lied to and now they have to pay over 2 grand a year for the rest of their life for insurance they will not need for 20 years – thanks kids for paying for my health cars- Good old barry pulled one over on the kids and they still do not get it- college kids from the universities of today!

  21. It has been reported that Obama is planning on spending Independence Day campaigning and looking for campaign contributions in France.

    No, I’m not kidding.

  22. Maybe the clown will play some basketball and someone will give him an elbow to the nose driving it through the brain. God, let us pray.

  23. California Conservative

    Week off from what? Campaign stops? Golf games? Concerts and parties at the White House? Gimme a break. This guy doesn’t know what work is. This is some guy who has been in campaign mode his entire political career.

  24. Is Obama ever in the Office doing any work for the people?

    He has been campaigning ever since he was a Community Organizer. and has never been in any office long enough to reap the rewards of his labors, with the exception of the Oval Office, which he cannot escape to become King of the World. In the meantime Obama blames Bush for all the bad news, even though Obama promised to fix what’s wrong. Well, he ain’t fixed nothin’ yet.

    Perhaps it is better Obama is not in Office doing any work. I wish my Congressmen would stay out of office, too. My wallet would then breath a sigh of relief, if it were not for the Bureaucrats passing new regulations.

  25. Oblamer’s schedule today is listed as: “Resting; Camp David”. What a HOOT! Resting from what? Too much campaigning? That’s all this incompetent narcissist does.

  26. Gee whiz! “Fundamentally Changing America” must not be hard work or take much time! He plays more golf, vacations, and campaigns…and STILL manages to SPEND us into oblivion. Obama-could-care-less was enough to put We the People into bondage if he and his Czars/Bureaucrats are in charge of the “Rules for Doctors” and the RATIONING that will follow, so that his Illegal Voters can be covered by the already OverTAXED Middle Class! Guess the 16 Thousand NEW IRS AGENTS will pick up the slack collecting all those new TAXES on the Middle Class…as he and Moochelle plan another Party.

  27. Look at the picture. Does anyone else think Obama shoots pool the same way he bowls (gutter ball after gutter ball), throws a baseball (bounces it in front of the plate) or the way he rides a girl’s bike? He looks like he’s about to rip the felt. So gay.

  28. After hiking taxes on the middle class — especially on poor and elderly women — and then lying about it, Obama heads off to play more golf.

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  30. this smiling man is a baneful wound, a festering pustule spreading the stink-ridden poison of infection of laziness and abuse of office practically since day one of his presidency, and by example, to those that will follow him as future presidents. does he think that his conduct is a shining example for them? god forbid! what, i ask, has obama himself worked hard to accomplish in all this time? oh, yeah, lest we forget that he performed acts of doing nothing at all to earn and to take the nobel peace prize from those idiots over in denmark, for the peace he will bring to the world, sometime, so they said, in the future. when will the people get hip to this phony and boot him hard out of office? and when will americans stand up and demand that our president WORKS for we, the people? because, america is falling down very fast, much like rome. we are in a DEPRESSION, not a recession! what about us? what about our jobs and our pride? what about maintaining the best country on earth? what about honoring it and rebuilding it? does this man obama care even one bit about how we suffer? how far will we fall with such poor leaders? must there be a revolution? i sure hope it does not ruin us as human beings, as liberty-loving americans, if that transpires. i hope that we all have the picture of a pure united states of america that is full of ingenious and hard-working people in our hearts, should we revolt. but i say, get this man out of office as soon as possible! how dare he resent WORKING for us?

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