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Obama Takes the Week Off

President Obama appears to be mostly taking the week off, making a rare sojourn at Camp David through Tuesday before celebrating the Fourth of July and then heading out on the campaign trail.

Obama presumably also has his usual August vacation lined up as well, though it’s not been announced where he will be headed. It is known, though, that with an election coming up, Obama will not be restoring himself at his customary location, the super-rich enclave of Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama at Camp DavidThe president has grumbled that Mitt Romney can campaign full time while he continues to have to perform his day job, but it’s questionable how many hours he’s putting in at the office. Obama found time for 33 fundraisers in June and campaigned widely, sometimes returning to the White House after Midnight and then sleeping in the next day.

Obama will return to the the White House from Camp David Tuesday and then preside over the White House Fourth of July festivities Wednesday. He will be campaigning in the critical battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania Thursday and Friday.

The White House often argues that Obama can perform his duties as president anywhere and suggests that’s exactly what he’s doing when he appears to be obviously resting or campaigning.

But it’s hard to see why he would head to Camp David for a long weekend – he’s been there since Saturday – if his goal was to focus on matters of State. And the Thursday and Friday campaign romp will be of the type from which it’s the least easy for him to conduct business – a barnstorming bus tour.

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    1. I don’t either but some people will defend their previous vote with vengence. I don’t care to debate it and they can tell their friends anything they want under pressure – just flip that lever in November for someone else. He’s just a disaster and has retired on the job and a total disappointment. He hasn’t kept any promises or elevated the office. Rather all their sniping and campaigning especially with asking for donations instead of wedding gifts is simply outrageous!

      1. Isn’t it strange that 48-49 percent of the American people are receiving some government handout and Obama has a 48 percent approval rating?

      1. (sigh).. I’m afraid you’re right. It’s rather unbelievable how many. Obama and democrats (in general) have the most lame arguments and Americans buy it. Unbelievable.

          1. But, but, but,,,, er,,, uhm,,,, ah…. But, but, if you, you, you want to uhm, try, try to im, im, impersonate O’Bozo, uhm,, er,, ah you need to use,, er,, ah,,, use “but” a,,, uhm,, a lot….

      2. Because 48% of the people are getting some form of gov’t assistance. Look how they’re pushing ‘everyone can get on food stamps’. You think these people are going to vote someone in who may take away their handout? Here’s a novel idea – if you get any form of gov’t money you shouldn’t be able to vote. You have a ‘prejudged & financial interest’ in making sure the incumbant wins. Sounds like what a south american dictator does to stay in power.

        1. “if you get any form of gov’t money you shouldn’t be able to vote. ”

          Kinda excludes a lot of retired Vets there, huh?

          1. Retired vets aren’t getting government assistance, they are getting their promised wages. FREE handouts are not the same thing. If you’re going to quote someone, at least get it right!

        1. What if the so-called mainstream news media simply reported the truth about what Barry Soetero, or Barack Obama, or whatever his name is, has done and is doing — rather than the lip-glossy propaganda they do?

    2. All the pollsters have to do is survey those cities and states that support Democratic Communist Party ideas and beliefs and, walla higher ratings.

      1. Then the lame stream media latches onto the most favorable poll results for barry hussein and its widely reported as Gospel truth…
        It’s so hard for me to look back a mere 3 years & see how far our Great America has slipped at the hands of slimy people who despise her & show concern only for themselves and their twisted marxist schemes.

    3. Blows my mind as well – it seems that the more mistakes he makes the better his poll numbers. Has everyone in this country lost their minds?

      1. The vast majority of the mainstream media is controlled by Leftists who could care about the country, they care only about their agenda and pimping out this POS Traitor in Chief to remain in power. Makes me sick and even more determined to talk to whoever has a level head with common sense even if they are on the public doles that this Bait and Switch Dope Smoker has got to go!

    4. 48% of Americans pay $0 in Federal income taxes. Those numbers seem to be rather coincidentally close, don’t you think?

      1. I totally agree. Those that pay zero income tax yet get the max of the welfare benefits are licking their chops for more free stuff from the Government. Problem is we have run out of tax payers so the money for all this is being funded with loans from China who always votes against the US in the United Nations. As I write this comment, I am thinking, Wow. This is really backward. Thanks for your comment.

      2. Regrettably, even here in flyover country, I know some well-off, seemingly intelligent people — even people of faith — who supported and still support Obama.

    5. Welll when you only poll his Democratic supporters ** you will get a 48% approval rating ( **from his supporters ) yes August is time for OBumbles & MOOCHIE to go spoend more of our tax dollars on Vacation while the rest of the country suffers

    6. Polls are way overweighted with demorats. 20% of the US is lib. 40% conservative. Most demorats these days are libs. Most conservative are GOP.

      Like in WI, do not believe the polls.

    7. I find it interesting that his approval rate tends to correspond with the percentage of people who pay NO TAXES–most of these even receive refunds, to include illegals. They are the only ones who benefit from Mr. Obama–at someone else’s expense.

    8. Just drive through any city and the human debris hanging out in the middle of the day is the 48%. They have to make sure they never have to work a day in there life.

    9. This explains it….

      “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect that core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit with the core belief.”
      -Frantz Fanon

    10. That is, and has been, a perplexing stat.

      What the mighty Boa doesn’t get is his 70-80 percent “likeability” number, amongst ALL people. GOP, marxist, white, black, whatever.

      How in the WORLD does he rate that high? Do people have a weakness for a lying, deceiving, marxist, hater of the nation or what?

      This translate to people saying “Sure, he lies a lot. He’s very dishonest. His polices are destroying the literal fabric of the nation… But he’s pretty likeable otherwise”…..

      IF this is a legitimate poll, this nation is in even deeper trouble than we know….

    11. I’ve mentioned this before, but read the book “When Prophecy Fails” by Festinger, et al. The site Simply Psychology has a pretty good layman’s explanation of cognitive dissonance ( which when taken into account the 48% rating, and the continued buy in by so many of Obama’s supporters explains why he continues to poll as high as he does.

      For supporters to face the reality of what they did to the country, via their vote in 2008, and the reality of what they voted for, a dissonance begins to develop. Therefore they need to continue to justify their vote in order to keep themselves from realizing that they may have caused the destruction of their own country, and personal opportunity.

      The underlying psychological implications to the country in Obama’s election in 2008 may last for a generation or more. It will take a MAJOR shift in the ideology of the masses before things begin to make any sense again. Look at what it took to get America back to the centrist mentality that the country really is after Jimmy Carter. It took a strong, commanding leader in Ronald Reagan to restore the American ideal. Unfortunately, Romney, nor any of the other GOP or conservative “leaders” appear to have the same dynamic personality or inner strength that RR had.

      IF this country can survive another 20 years (a generation) we may actually have a chance to restore America to the fundamentals on which it was founded.

    12. Gallup polls registered voters, Rassmussen polls LIKELY voters. Rassmussen has the highest level of accuracy in the business. If you doubt it check it out online. The daily tracking poll on his site has Romney at 46% and Obama at 44 %. The fact that he hasn’t polled above 50 % for quite some time bodes poorly for a sitting president. Every day he is more and more in the face of the American people. He is the most arrogant, divisive, dishonest, inept racist president in the history of the country. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a step up.Disgusting!

    13. Another vacation,but the one to worry about is his wife,she spends enough on vacations to sink a third world country,,ooops this might mean us the way bama is doing his job.

  1. I think one of the girls has a birthday around the 4th. Perhaps they’ve taken a bunch of friends up to Camp David for a birthday weekend. I swear they’ve done it before …

    1. “Invisible”, GJ? I think not. I saw the Campaign is really pushing the $30 tank top so “people can deal with the storm” or something to that effect. He’s there for us in our hour of need…..(BARF)

  2. grumbled that Mitt Romney can campaign full time while he continues to have to perform his day job, b

    Not to mention attempting to squeeze in a few golf games here and there.

  3. I didn’t think Obama knew where Camp David was or that he had access to a vacation spot that did not cost taxpayers a small fortune.

    1. That is so funny and sad at the same time. Camp David is not really fit their usual vacation schedule. First, its in the US. Second, its not a glam spot. Third, its a “Camp”. LOL.

    2. he only goes where he & his political class peeps will be nice &comfy…
      ..places that keep them away from the “folks who cling to their guns and religion” whom he despises …

  4. I hope someone is keeping track of taxpayer funded trips and campaign stops because taxes shouldn’t be used for campaigning and we all know he gets fed daily updates for 10 minutes and that is the extent he is working for us!
    I can’t stand the thought of how un-American he is. He’s nothing but an Idi Amin wanna be.

    1. Fundraisers so far for 2012 -104.

      Costs of AF1 for Obama travel: Cost for June, 2012 = (19,785 miles/550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $6,538,295

      YTD miles: 65,830 domestic 35,110 international = 100,940 miles
      YTD cost of AF1: (100,940 miles/550 mph) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $33,357,367 (approx.)

      NOTE: Does not include any other aircraft, vehicles or other transportation needs. This is the approx. cost of flying AF1 only.

      1. Thanks, Shofar! I always look forward to your reports. Hopefully you won’t have so much record keeping in the New Year.

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  6. I hope captain zero enjoys his last vacations, after january, he’ll have to pay for them himself.
    Meanwhile, Romney is off to vacation at HIS estate at no cost to anyone but himself and I suspect it will be that way after he is elected, just as GWB spent his vacations in Crawford, Texas and trust me, there is not a lobster or a bite of caviar to be found in Crawford for the taxpayers to pay for.

    1. Unfortunately we will still being paying him his salary for the rest of his stinking life and providing secret service orgies as well.

      1. not true secret service only lasts 10 years now I believe bush passed that change — But then OBumbles can issue a prsidental decree to overturn it if not he is gonna have to move overseas in 10 years….

    2. King Putt….

      He won’t be paying for anything. He’ll either find a way to keep living on our dime, or have celebs throwing “fund raisers”… Whatever.

      But that is assuming he actually leaves the Whitehouse. He has no intentions of doing so and has taken all necessary steps while the public continues to let him get away with it….

  7. How would the country know he’s taking the week ?, there’d be no
    speches telling us how wonderful he is.
    What an ah

    1. It’s a fairly good indicator when we don’t see him on the boob tube ten times a day bloviating about the terrible mess he inherited.

  8. Taking the week off? Good, take two. Maybe three. Why not the whole month? Take six months off! That way we don’t have to see you again until you are sitting glumly on the Capitol steps on January 20th watching the 45th President of the United States being sworn into office.

  9. This President has no work ethic. He only knows how to campaign and is primarily interested in the perks of the job.

  10. Perform his day job???, he has not performed a job at all since he has been in office. His little cadre of commies and professional Democrats do all his work for him. All he has to do is “Look Cool” and swagger around while blaming everyone and everything for his failed policy`s.

  11. Take the rest of the year off Bumbling Barry. You do less damage to the country I love when you go play hide the salami with your boyfirends.

  12. “The president has grumbled that Mitt Romney can campaign full time while he continues to have to perform his day job, but it’s questionable how many hours he’s putting in at the office.”
    this is an astonishing statement!
    obama resents having to do the job he was elected to do, because he would rather be out campaigning?
    obama has always been lazy. in the IL senate, president emil jones used to put obamas name on other legislators bills to make it look like obama crafted them. he wants to enjoy the perks of office but leaves the heavy lifting to others.
    this man is an embarrassment and a disgrace.

  13. What else would you expect this guy to do? he spends more time on vacation and playing golf rather than doing anything productive! Then again, whenever he is making policy, it sucks, so maybe he is better off spending time away. I have a great idea – how about this November, we all send him on a PERMANENT VACATION!

  14. Wasn’t George W. Bush criticized for being on vacation during the occurance of a national disaster? The only difference here is that obama is vacationing AFTER the occurance of a disaster. I’ve never seen such a weak display of leadership from an elected American president.

      1. After the leadership of Pres. Bush 43 during 9/11, he doesn’t deserve to be near any poll for being the worse Presidents. But BO and Carter should both be tied for #1.

  15. No suprise Huggy Bear shoots pool too.
    What was “somewhere in texas a village is missing it idiot” is now
    “Somewhere in Chicago a back alley craps game is missing its jive talking busker”

  16. I bet he’s not taking the week off from fund raising though. And how can they tell if he’s taking off from work? He hasn’t done any in 3 1/2 years.

  17. The people in the 13 District were dumb enough to reelect Rangel something tells me there might be enough of them leftover to reelect Barry. That is a scary thought.

    1. I asked an acquaintance from the area about the Rangel election. He said that just about the entire district is on the take,so why vote for someone else?!

  18. Take the week off before he gets back to campaigning. Well, that pretty much says it, doesn’t it? Getting back to campaigning is his job. I knew it all along.

    1. He’s been practicing for that for 3 1/2 years. All the vacations and golfing afternoons. Sounds like retirement to me.

  19. “Obama Takes the Week Off” I did not know he was working at all. It seems to me he is always on vacation or fundraising.

  20. People are not telling the pollsters the truth. People know that it is politically incorrect, and ‘racist’ to say anything negative about Obama.

  21. If he can do his job from anywhere then why doesnt he do it from the Dark Side of the Moon and leave the rest of us alone.

    1. I’d rather he do it from the center of the sun. That way he’d get a preview of what it will be like after his death.

  22. We just got back from a week in CA visiting the baby of the family. We didn’t see ONE oblowme bumper sticker. Not a single one and I was smack dab right in the middle of lib country. That gives me hope. I’ve stopped listening to the polls, they’re skewed this way and sunday. It’s all to make the his base feel comfy and not to worry. You know the saying by now, “nice little poll ya got there, shame if something happened to it.” Whole country is hearing that kinda shit, I’m afraid even the supreme court. And we thought the days of Jimmy Hoffa were bad.

    1. I live in Southern California and this place used to be covered with Obama stickers during the summer of ’08. I’ve only seen 3 so far and all 3 look like they are 4 years old.

      1. I’ve only just started seeing the Romney ones, I think people were waiting to see who the candidate was going to be. I plan to put on my car, “I’d rather be riding on the top of Romney’s car than through obama’s colon.”

    2. They are here in North Carolina. I’ve seen so many stickers on cars; I want to stop and ask them what is WRONG with them!

      And my sister, who lives in NYS, says they are in upstate; and she is afraid to open her mouth in disagreement. But then, she works in education. What do you expect!

  23. Obama Bin Lyin is taking the week off?
    Don’t you have to actually do something in the first place in order to take time off from doing it?
    I didn’t think campaigning and golfing qualified as ‘work’. But then as a ‘community organizer’, he’s never really ever done anything anyway!
    Can’t wait ’til he’s voted out!

  24. Nero fiddles while Rome burns. He’s run off the Camp David to hide and play golf. He’s above overseeing the recovery efforts of the Country. This moron couldn’t screw in a lightbuld without help. His union thugs at Con Ed decided to strike with all of the east coast problems and Bloomberg and Obama haven’t a clue how to deal with it. Guess he’ll just lay low in the crib for awhile and enjoy the Mooch being gone.

    Just think of all that money you cut from the defense budget. You know the 85 C-130’s used for fighting fires. Good Move.
    Here’s a thought Obama. Fire all those extortionist at Con Ed or better yet resign and let an adult in there..

  25. My guess is he was warned about the approaching storms and didn’t want to take the chance of losing any creature comforts. Besides somebody might expect him and Mooch to walk among the smelly masses and pretend to be empathetic to their misery.

    He and his cohorts will also have to regroup and come up with a new campaign strategy for the big bus trip. King Kardashian and his sycophant media trolls have delivered the grand prize of CJ Roberts betrayal of his conservative values, so they’ll need to create a new enemy to focus their attention on.

    1. He is up to something. He still has cards to play and this is a meeting to discuss his campaign and pull out more surprises. Trust him, not.

  26. Obama will be re-elected. Romney’s shallow and a lightweight. The Supreme Court upheld the madate as constitutional as well as 3 out of 4 Immigration issues. Whine all you like – your hissy fits do nothing but make you sound silly…

    1. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” ~ Samuel Adams

    2. 1.4% growth. Unemployment over 8%. Mr. “the private sector is doing fine”. Taxmaggedon looming on the horizon. And his ideas are more government make-work, and student loan bs?

    3. jon, I see that reading and/or hearing comprehension is not one of your strong points. if a point at all.

      The SCOTUS DID NOT uphold the mandate as Constitutional. SCOTUS, in the form of the chief justice, rewrote the law to accommodate Obama’s argument before the bench, that the mandate was a tax.

      It’s a minor point, I know, because it doesn’t fit your cognitive dissonance.

      By the way, please explain how the SCOTUS vote on Arizona’s immigration law fits with SCOTUS’ vote on ObamacareTax.

  27. Really? I thought that he’d taken the last 3.5 years off. I guess all of that golf and partying with Hollywood is taking a toll on the freeloading Marxist.

  28. It is not hard to come up with 48%. Simply add: (of course overlapping)

    1. Liberals (20%)
    2. Naive Youth
    3. Minorities
    4. Welfare/other entitlement recipients
    5. People who do not pay taxes.

    I met a person this weekend who works in social services for the elderly (a good thing) and while he is a Dem, he cannot understand the people or policies in power, and he favors capitalism. He cannot relate to his party but he is a Democrat.

    I said, oh you must be a Democrat like the Dems of my father’s days. He immediately lit up as if he had received an epihony.

    Funny thing afterwards, he said, “Well I guess that must make me an independent these days”.

    So say the radical left has hijacked the Dem party. Those poor blue dogs do not have a home.

  29. And does the lazy-a** wannabee Prez EVER get up before 10:00 am? Has anyone ever seen this clown’s itinerary for the day?!! All play and no work makes Barry a dull boy. Lazy, corrupt-to-the-core, bigoted, narcissistic, and a serial liar. They say other than that, he’s a great guy!

    1. I look daily at his schedule. It is a joke. Almost always on Air Force One going somewhere. or no public schedule. vacation, party or golf. Everyone knows some one else is running the white house Government. They don’t even need him to sign anything, they have his rubber stamp. He signs for his photo opts.

  30. Mr. Obama might just be sulking. After all, SCOTUS just finished shouting at BO-POTUS: “You LIE! ObamaCare is a TAX!”

    Or maybe Mr. Obama is hiding because everyone now knows for sure these 2 things:
    – ObamaCare: More Tax, Less Care
    – Obama: Taxes More, Cares Less

    Probably pretty discouraging to be publicly unmasked.

  31. LOL, he’s taking a week off!! So what’s new??? Aside from letting Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi run things for the first 2 years and letting his czars do everything else, does he really do anything other than appear on TV and jet around in AF1? Oh, I forgot about golf and having championship sports teams over to the White House.

  32. “The president has grumbled that Mitt Romney can campaign full time while he continues to have to perform his day job,…”

    Just another example of why he’s not up for the job. Guess our genius president can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  33. Historically, his approval numbers go up when we dont see or hear much from him, and they go down when we do, so I think I know what the strategy is.

    Has been true since he was elected.

    1. He has accomplished quite a lot. He has single handedly destroyed greatest nation in the history of the world. I’s say that was quite an undertaking.

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