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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The president today will continue to rest at Camp David.

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  1. If you looked at all the power problems in Washington you can see why he decided to take a vacation…

    Not exactly Martha’s Vineyard but……

  2. I saw people were asking in other posts where Moochelle was, and they’re all at Camp David. If I recall correctly, one of the few times they do go to Camp David is every July 4th weekend. Their older daughter’s birthday is on July 4th and they have family and friends here for the long weekend. He always makes at least a four day weekend out of it. Last year, the 4th was on Monday and he took off for Camp David on Friday. They always come back to the WH for the 4th of July festivities, so they and the kids, and relatives and friends can enjoy the concert and the fireworks. Must be nice being king. Enjoy it, it’s the LAST one, Obozo.

    1. It also gives his regular security detail and WH staff some time off since Camp David is pretty much self-contained (military staffed?).

    1. I just can’t imagine our current president ever doing anything like this: doing physical labor, getting sweaty, paint on his clothes. Nope. Never. Mrs. O, either.

    2. Thanks for the great link!

      Though I wasn’t happy with everything George did, I always felt he was about as genuine a guy as the office has seen in quite some time. The current resident is a complete fraud.

    3. The One doesn’t even know how to use those tools!! Have you seen the pic of him trying to use a shovel?! The man’s never had to work or sweat a day in his life besides in the back of the Choom-Mobile! There were a lot of thing Bush did wrong but to have a man and first lady back in the office to offer respect and love of country these 2 people have would be a breath of fresh air! Oh and so Bush is racist?! Libs get dumber every breath they take!!

  3. I have read about the emergency after the storms in your area, Keith. Must be really bad. Seems like you still have power, though.
    Very interesting article about speculations of pressure on Roberts to uphold Obamacare. Who is this Roberts, really ? Can he be blackmailed ? How I would like to be a fly on the wall when Justices Scalia and Kennedy discusses what happened . Appears to me that Obama is under a lot of pressure himself. He is chasing money like a crazy. I wonder if he secretly hoped for the SCOTUS not to uphold the law. Would be easier for him to rally the masses and the liberal media and put the blame on someone else for the mess.

    1. I wonder if he secretly hoped for the SCOTUS not to uphold the law. Would be easier for him to rally the masses and the liberal media and put the blame on someone else for the mess.
      Agreed. He can’t play the victim card now, even though he’ll try.

  4. There are photos of the Romneys (all of them) going to church on Sunday and of Mr&MrsR zipping around a lake on a ski-doo.
    Just can’t imagine the O’s doing the same.

    1. I saw the jet-ski photos on Weasel Zippers. Mrs Romney drove, her husband was in the backseat. The text: “Mitts sense of masculinity doesn´t require him to be seen driving”. How true. Obama desperately tries to look like a man but Romney simply is one. No need to pose with sport stars, military men and talk big about gutsy calls there.

  5. According to Rasmussen; currently, 46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) at least somewhat disapprove. I thought we could use some encouraging news this morning.

    1. I saw a Fox blurb this AM that a poll indicated that 41% of the American people did not know that SCOTUS ruled on Obamacare at all. Tells ya something………….

  6. He’s at least got a putting green at Camp David. I’m sure he has taken advantage of that, in between plotting his next devious takeover.

    He’s sure getting a lot of help deflating the conservative spirit from his RINO pal MCConnell, complaining about how hard it’s gonna be to repeal ObamaTax. Repealing ObamaTax means returning power to the American people, and not too many of these power hungry establishment types are wont to do that.

    1. I think Mitch and the boys are looking VERY hard at the repeal, Susan. “OK, whats in it for me?” etc etc. I am starting to think when my Grandchild reaches 5-6 I am going to teach her about Congress by taking her to a Ringling Bros. performance “See all the clowns, Babe?”

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  8. How can a story like on the NYT homepage, “US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf” go so quietly. had Bush sent troops, holy crapola, the world would have come to an end. Why can Obama send troops and not have every peacenik complaining? Why the double standard?

  9. Resting? My 73 year old husband is Chief of our Volunteer Fire Department in our rural area (52+ square miles). Our temps have been up to 111 and averaging 100 to 106. He spent the week-end with other volunteers hauling water in tankers filled with water pumped in the hot sun from the lake to fill dry ponds on cattle and horse ranches and farms.
    They do not know what “rest” is…and they will be on call all through this week and the Fourth holiday.
    Obama is not deserving of his luxuries!!!!

      1. Thanks to all of you for your kind words. His department is out as I type this now in 100 degree heat fighting an out of control brush fire…they have four brush trucks, three tankers, and two Health/Recue units there…the location is such they have to take turns bringing down the tankers to refill the brush trucks and backpacks.
        We wives always worry and do the best we can to take care of them.

        My “Democrat” first cousin forwarded an article to me about “the inspirational Michelle Obama” in a speech she gave to AME ministers in Nashville just prior to a campaign speech in Memphis…her “inspiring” words included comparing Barack to Moses and other Biblical people.
        I really did let her have it about what I do and do not consider “inspirational”…..she apologized and said she did not mean to offend me….I think she did!

        1. Some people are moved by words and facades. Fortunately, most people look beneath the exterior to see the heart and soul of people

  10. The candidate acting more presidential than the president. So far not one press release from his campaign headquarters about it. In my book, that makes him even more of a leader. Actions speak louder than words. Obama talks, Romney walks the walk.

    “This dereliction of duty is not happening in distant New Orleans, but right in the heart of the nation’s media and political center. Yet the mainstream media has not bothered to comment on Obama’s absence. As for the Obama campaign itself, it hawked t-shirts to “keep cool” while the Romney campaign actually took the disaster seriously, organizing a drive for donations of basic necessities to stranded residents, such as canned food and water.”

    1. Romney walks the walk alright… He walks away from his responsibilities. In fact, he doesn’t just walk. He runs… his mouth.

  11. The simple way to end Obama-Care is to remove Obama and gang.
    Obama’s eligibility is being ignored because it is the HUGE ELEPHANT in the room. Everything that Obama has done can and will be overturned when this important Constitutional Event is settled before the 2012 election..Romney hasn’t touched it because of his own questionable eligibility….IT’S AN ELEPHANT! A HUGE ELEPHANT.

  12. Ah, Republicans (sigh)…the hypocrisy and double standards never cease to amaze me. So, President Obama and Michelle go on a vacation and suddenly the Obama family is wasting the U.S. taxpayers’ money? Okay, well then let’s take a gander at a few other vacations/PTO days that the U.S. taxpayers also footed the bill for:

    Former Pres. George W. Bush – 1,020 days on vacation. And yes, those were actual vacation days–not work related. First Lady Laura Bush also joined him. Feel free to check it out if you doubt me.

    Gov. Mitt Romney – Back in 2008, during the last year of his term as Gov. of Mass., Romney spent 212 of those 365 days out of the state on his personal 2008 White House campaign. The big problem with that? He did it on the dime of the taxpayers in Mass. He kept his title of governor…AND the paycheck. He just didn’t show up for the job 212 of those days!

    In stark contrast, records show that President Obama has spent all, or part of, 26 days of his first year in office on vacation. This was less than all three previous Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. (

    Just my opinion…based on FACTS and credible sources. Out of curiosity, what sources led you to form your opinion? FOX News?

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