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Obama Schedule || Monday, July 2, 2012

Resting at Camp David

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, July 2, 2012

  1. Michelle….who do these (expletive) people think I am? A party machine? A money grabber? I need some time to rest my weary heck with the country. Unless we are under attack, then I ain’t doing a (expletive) thing.

    But tell Dave to make sure that we sell plenty of the $30 muscle shirts. People in DC especially….since they ain’t gonna have electricty for awhile and need something to keep them cool….and by the way, turn down the AC a little…it is a scorcher out there

  2. No work all week. “Resting” Monday and Tuesday. Party Wednesday. Campaing in Death Star Thursday and Friday. Governing?

  3. Any hints that the Obama are planning a family vacation in August? It would look horrible, but I just can’t imagine Michelle would be willing to sacrifice. Besides, it could be their last opportunity to travel in style (w/o having to pay the actual expenses) if he loses in November. Of course, if he doesn’t go anywhere, and WINS – they’ll probably just take November and December completely off.

    • Isn’t she going to London for the Olympics this month? That should be enough of a vacay. The campaigner-in-chief will be busy.

  4. this piece of garbage and Mooch really think that we owe them must be a black thing seeing how 90% of all taxes our payed by whites

  5. You mean they are having a July Fourth PARTY? WHY? I thought they hate the American Flag…(moochelle: “All this, for a Flag!”) And he certainly hates our US Constitution! Hope that blessed Document is in a SAFE Place!
    Hope someone from the Right manages to sneak into the big American Birthday party at the wh. house…and gets out safely with the videos!