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Obama Schedule || Monday, July 2, 2012

Resting at Camp David

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, July 2, 2012”

  1. Michelle….who do these (expletive) people think I am? A party machine? A money grabber? I need some time to rest my weary heck with the country. Unless we are under attack, then I ain’t doing a (expletive) thing.

    But tell Dave to make sure that we sell plenty of the $30 muscle shirts. People in DC especially….since they ain’t gonna have electricty for awhile and need something to keep them cool….and by the way, turn down the AC a little…it is a scorcher out there

  2. Resting from what . . . campaigning?? Tough! He should be campaigning and resting on his own time, not the taxpayers dime.

  3. No work all week. “Resting” Monday and Tuesday. Party Wednesday. Campaing in Death Star Thursday and Friday. Governing?

  4. Any hints that the Obama are planning a family vacation in August? It would look horrible, but I just can’t imagine Michelle would be willing to sacrifice. Besides, it could be their last opportunity to travel in style (w/o having to pay the actual expenses) if he loses in November. Of course, if he doesn’t go anywhere, and WINS – they’ll probably just take November and December completely off.

    1. Isn’t she going to London for the Olympics this month? That should be enough of a vacay. The campaigner-in-chief will be busy.

  5. this piece of garbage and Mooch really think that we owe them must be a black thing seeing how 90% of all taxes our payed by whites

  6. You mean they are having a July Fourth PARTY? WHY? I thought they hate the American Flag…(moochelle: “All this, for a Flag!”) And he certainly hates our US Constitution! Hope that blessed Document is in a SAFE Place!
    Hope someone from the Right manages to sneak into the big American Birthday party at the wh. house…and gets out safely with the videos!

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