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Romney Fundraising Skyrockets

Mitt Romney has raised $3.2 million since the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, according to Politico.

Romney has had multimillion dollar days before, but this time it’s being scooped up in a massive give from small donors outraged about the ruling.

28 thoughts on “Romney Fundraising Skyrockets”

  1. I didn’t gave today but have in the past. I did put on my grey Romney t-shirt from their store which might shock my neighbors when they see it. I live in a very diverse, “rainbow” neighborhood. I got the large but it runs small if you get one.

    I didn’t read about the ruling because I don’t care to read all the spin about our painful lost. I had a premonition that we would lose so didn’t listen to it but worked in my yard. When I finally heard the result i wasn’t surprised.

    1. Wish I would have worked in my garden rather than follow the ruling with bated breath. There was one moment of euphoria when it was announced the mandate was unconstitutional under the commerce clause and then an immediate gut punch when it was upheld as a tax. My first reaction was to give up, but it has been replaced with seething anger. Roberts has to live with his cowardice in the face of tyranny. Hopefully his act of betrayal will strengthen the conservative base to fight harder.

      I made another donation to Ted Cruz last night. He is facing a run-off election for Texas senator on July 31st, and is the only candidate who has signed the repeal pledge. I’ll donate to Romney eventually, but electing Ted Cruz to the Senate is more imperative to me right now…

      1. I donated to Scott Brown today. I feel about him probably the way you feel about Romney. However, both have been strong for repeal.

        I know we have the highest health insurance rates in the country, but we never noticed much change after Romneycare because it’s always been expensive in MA. However, illegals still get free healthcare and continue to use emergency rooms. I’m not sure what the point of the whole thing was because young people really don’t need insurance except for catastrophic.

  2. Please, Please, Please, also send donations to your congretional elections. If we get more real conservatives into all of the offices we have a much better chance of beating this noose.

    I will be donating to Kryillos in NJ to hopefully beat Menendez.

    1. And if you’re representative is a good conservative and expects a relatively easy race (Chabot in OH-1), send a donation to someone who needs it; Josh Mandell needs to take down HUGE LIBERAL SEN. SHERROD BROWN in OH.

  3. My Rep. will vote to overturn Obamacare. No doubt about it.

    However, neither of my Senators are up for election. They will never vote to overturn Obamacare.

    I may look around to see if I can send some funds to someone who has a chance against some weak Dem.

  4. I gave what I could. This ruling has me insensed. All the spin about how Roberts has “outfoxed” the left isn’t cutting it with me. He could have just thrown the whole beast out but had to make it nearly impossible to get rid of and just more time and money down the drain. I can’t express how outraged I am over this. In my eyes, America is no more.

    Please remove the ad for that adlebrained liar Elizabeth Warren. It is offensive. The woman is a nitwit.

    1. Yes he could have. But look at what he has done instead. He has placed a light firecracker under the butts of the American people. This crisis cannot be allowed to go to waste.

  5. Another thing to note about these donations is that they are all coming from small donors. I think I read that there were at least 24,000 individual donors. That breaks down to less than $150 each. So much for the left’s “the Super PAC’s are buying him” meme.

  6. Any incumbent up for re-election that supported this monstrosity and/ or any of the other nation crushing issues that have been passed must be fired this November.
    Until our elected officials remember they were hired to work for us and not themselves, we must keep firing them.

  7. Will the fund-raising translate into votes? I hope so.

    How can the Supreme Court redefine the mandate and turn it into a tax when it wasn’t presented to them as a tax? It’s not their job to rewrite legislation, but to rule on what has been passed.

  8. How about that Barack? And he didn’t have to do anything phony to get people to donate either. You did it for him with your crappy ObamaTax – the true legacy of the Obama administration. Good luck with that.

  9. I sent Romney ten bucks I couldn’t afford, but what’s another night of beans and rice when you can make a statement that actually breaks through to the state-run media?

  10. Obama’s people came out today and claimed that they raised even more $$ than Romney did…but they won’t say how much that was (“most transparent administration ever”…).

    listen folks: we can’t let ourselves get discouraged. we each have to do what we can, and hope and pray for the best. give money, put up yard signs and bumper stickers, volunteer for a candidate and make some phone calls, write blog comments and letters to the editor…

    and most of all, talk to your friends. we all know people who only know what the NYT and MSNBC report. we have to continue to tell them the other stories that the Obamamedia won’t talk about.

    we need to support Mitt Romney unconditionally, and do everything we can to bring down Barack Obama. and yes, that includes talking about Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, and it also includes asking how such a staunch “friend of Israel” as Obama can be so pro-Palestinian–and oh yeah, let’s also bring up Rashid Khalidi. it’s high time for the LAT to open up their vault and let us see that video…

    it’s crunch time. the hell with nice guys…you know where they finish.

    1. Lisa, you are lucky to have a very strong constitutional conservative running for senator in Ohio – Josh Mandel. Check out Senator DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund. He vets each and every one of the candidates he is supporting and has been leading the charge to elect conservative senators. He is supporting several strong constitutional conservatives like Josh Mandel in Ohio and Ted Cruz in my state of Texas.

      1. Thanks Susan! Yep, I do have good people running! They redrew the districts last year and I will no longer have Marcy Kaptur!!! YEAH! I will have Bob Latta and I cannot wait!!!

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