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Obama to Travel to Colorado to View Fire Damage

President Obama is finally taking a break from fundraising to come watch as massive fires raze the western half the the United States. He will travel Friday to Colorado Springs, Colorado “to view damage from wildfires impacting the area and thank the heroic responders bravely battling them,” according to the White House.

13 Responses to Obama to Travel to Colorado to View Fire Damage

  1. He will probably bring hot dogs and marshmallows and invite the firemen to a wienie roast if they will donate $3.00 to his campaign.

    I am beyond disgusted with this trashy excuse for a POTUS

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  3. How convenient they area little busy trying to put the fires out and are using the airport in Colorado Springs for fire fighting. All they need is Barry and his
    group tying up traffic. He only decided to go cause he got busted on not having spoken to the Gov for 15 days and Colorado is a swing state so it will
    be a quiet fundraiser. He will just cause more misery the only thing he’s good at!

  4. Just what the people of Colorado DON’T NEED. A sight seeing, publicity seeking politician taking away valuable resources (police and emergency personnel), gnarling up traffic and airspace just so he can get his mug on TV. But wait, maybe Michelle is bringing the girls too so they can get a first hand look also???

  5. I sure hope someone tells him not to toss his secret cigarettes out the window of the car while he’s here….

  6. I have family in Co/Springs; They are in direct danger of losing EVERYTHING. When “Too-Late-Barry” gets there , I do hope he has the decency to play it very low key…The endangered residents need the resources to fight the fire, not to stand aside while our erstwhile POTUS takes his “lap”. Co/Springs will be slapped with more huge taxes, when they struggle to recoup from this horrible tragedy.