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Poll: Obama Better Than Romney on Alien Invasion

No, this is not an article about immigration surges.

According to a new survey commissioned by the National Geographic Channel, nearly 65 percent of Americans believe President Obama is better equipped to handle an alien incursion from outer space than Mitt Romney.

Doesn’t sound like a campaign issue to you?

Well, 36 percent in the poll said they thought flying saucers are real, and 48 percent were not sure. That means 84 percent of the population thinks it’s at least conceivable that we are being visited by space aliens, and surely none of them would rule out the possibility that these creatures could get cranky.

Especially once they hear about the cuts Obama is making to NASA.

Now we see the full dividends being paid for Obama’s self-promotion of his “gutsy move” in knocking off Osama Bin Laden. If he would kill Bin Laden, the reasoning appears to be, he’d zap Evil ET too.

The poll, reported by USA Today, also suggests though that some people may recoil at any effort by Obama to harm the visitors.

Twenty two percent that if an alien knocked on the door, they would try to befriend him. This presupposes, of course, that an alien would knock.

22 thoughts on “Poll: Obama Better Than Romney on Alien Invasion”

  1. Everyone knows that E.T’s only want to eat us. If they did visit Earth for some nutrition, no doubt that MrO would hand them the registration list of Repubs as a menu.

  2. I think Barry is an Alien from an alternative universe. Let’s deport his alien butt back home in Nov 2012. Phone home Barry.

  3. Keith, you left yourself open for this one.

    Alien invasions? It has already happened. Just look at the composition of the House, Senate and the White House. There is no way in hell that some of these people can actually be homo-sapiens. And for those Obots that might read this, the term “homo” does not refer to someone that is gay, it is simply the genus that describes where humans are in the scientific classification pyramid.

    If there were to be an all out alien invasion from outer space, lord knows we already have one happening by our own species, Obama would simply bow and offer some piece of Israel to them to negotiate peace.

    This administration really needs to watch the movie Independence Day to get an idea of what courage (granted it is celluloid courage, but courage none the less) and what the true human spirit is about.

    Live long and prosper!

  4. Guess this means King Kardashian will start campaigning to the kook class. Can see it now. You too can win an all expense paid dinner with Barry and Mooch at the fabulous Roswell UFO Museum. Super surprise out of this world guest hosts will be announced at a later date….once we’ve shaken enough loose change from your pockets.

    1. Susan, I don’t know if you are old enough to recall “Mork & Mindy” but, if you are, think “Bam & Moo” and envision the POTUS walking around saying “Nanoo, Nanoo!” trying to contact alien life forms. Dear God, iys come to this……….

      1. doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who will be speaking at the next star trek convention.. (pun was intentional)

  5. I’m hoping this presidency ends in November like a Scooby Doo cartoon. On the night of November 6, someone will pull of POTUS’s mask (not sure who is underneath; Soros?) and he will say “I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids”!!!!!!!

  6. I’m sure that the Obama, staffers, have started that (alien) “talk” in order to pull focus off the real issues at hand. Let’s see…1) Mr. O’s total disregard for the CONSTITUTION IS NOW NUMBER ONE; 2)The economy, and the countries jobs issues or lack there of; 3) lack of proper dealings with our boarders, 4)lack of proper dealings of international issues; 5) incompetent staffers; 6) The degrading selling of one of the highest Offices of the world by making it a “Prize” on his spin for donations for re-election campaign. Maybe this should be number 2.

    I’ll not mention,,,,please there is not enough room. It’s truly unbelievable that with all the issue, they’re worried about the aliens…trust me if aliens look down on us, they are going to pull a really fast U turn. “They don’t need us to finish them off, they will do it themselves!”

    Just my two cents…dj

  7. Too funny… Throughout the day I’ve heard several radio commercials for “Chasing UFOs”, a new series premiering on the National Geographic Channel. They really do think we’re stupid out here in flyover country.

    1. Uh, I believe. I saw the lights over Phoenix that no one could explain.
      I’ve heard the strange noises coming out of the sky with no plane in sight on a clear sunny day. I believe.

      My kid brother, a geeky engineer, claims that the lights and noises are the result of space junk colliding and falling throught the atomsphere where their atoms are smashed and all that remains are the lights and noise…..or some kind of gobbledegook.

      1. My comment was more about the coincidence of this pro-Obama poll right before the debut of a series on aliens. They’re trying to convince people who believe in aliens that Obama would be a better president during an alien invasion. I believe anything is possible when it comes to extraterrestrial life, but the hubris of these people taking our ability to reason for granted is disgusting.

  8. In other polls…the new Fox News poll today has Barry ahead and widening, especially among independents…plus he’s doing well in all the swing states.

    How the heck does this happen after the month he’s had?? According to some of the Fox pundits, apparently his previous Bain attacks and recent amnesty decision are working in his favor.


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