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Top GOP Senator Floats Impeachment

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), the second ranking member of the Senate Republican leadership, suggested Tuesday that members of Congress may begin to talk about impeaching Obama because of his failure to enforce immigration law in Arizona.

Kyl, who spoke during an appearance on conservative Bill Bennett’s radio show, described various ways to prod the administration to carry out the executive branch mandate to enforce the law, indicating the last of which would be impeachment.

Said Kyl:

If the president insists on continuing to ignore parts of the law that he doesn’t like, and simply not enforce that law, the primary remedy for that is political . . . Now if it’s bad enough and if there are shenanigans involved in it, then of course impeachment is always a possibility. But I don’t think at this point anybody is talking about that.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision Tuesday upholding a law allowing Arizona police to check the papers of suspected illegal immigrants, the administration decided to sever its so-called 287(g) agreements with Arizona police departments, severely undermining the ability of the police to enforce the law. The administration also said it would stop taking the calls of police related to suspects who did not fall into certain categories, such as having a criminal record.

Obama’s move undermines Tuesday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Arizona law, part of a broader statute that was mostly deemed unconstitutional.

Kyl’s suggestion that impeachment could eventually be considered in this case may reflect a growing sense of frustration on the part of Republicans, who have been appalled by a series of Obama actions that appear to ignore the legislature’s Constitutional role.

Many were appalled earlier this month when Obama unilaterally decided to stop enforcing immigration law with respect to the deportment of illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as children.

Other GOP concerns have included Obama’s decisions last year to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court and to prosecute the air war in Libya without any kind of approval from Congress.

Here’s some audio of Kyl’s remarks:

18 Responses to Top GOP Senator Floats Impeachment

  1. Although we WHD readers would probably all vote for impeachment with glee, the current crop of congressional republicans won’t do it, and rightly so. Impeachment articles prior to the election would most likely cause a backlash of racially motivated sympathy with enough voters to allow obama to win the election. In addition, the current Senate wouldn’t have the votes to convict. If obama happens to win the election and the republicans pick up enough Senate seats to convict then all bets are off.
    They might have a better shot at impeaching the contemptible eric holder…

    • Agreed, Just2. Makes you wonder if the failure to enforce, et al are “Win, Win” plans laid out by the campaign. “We either get the entire Hispanic vote or we get the sympathy for being persecuted”. Disgusting.

    • It isn’t the GOP that wouldn’t vote. It is there would not be enough support in Senate from the Dems. The GOP can’t just impeach anyone. It has to be an action by both Houses. You will not find the Dems in the Senate going along with it.

      Now, if Obama was GOP . . . you can bet that impeachment would be a real threat.

  2. Who better than a ranking Senate Repub who’s not running for re-election to talk tough about the President’s failure to adhere to his constitutional duties and restrictions. Impeachment, or any other sanction, is not going to happen this close to the election, but are probably meant as a warning that the people won’t take too kindly to more of MrO’s self-serving actions.

    The rumors that MrO would tinker with the student loan program or issue an order for the DEA and other law enforcement to quit enforcing the law against certain illegal substances for political gain are what is fueling this sabre waving by MrKyl.
    The warning is clear.

    • You hit the nail on the head there, about the impeachment word coming from someone not running for re-election. But I was elated to even hear the word mentioned by a member of the King’s court, er, I mean a member of Congress. (As if they live in the real world)

  3. There isn’t a snowballs chance in Hades that Articles of Impeachment will get through the crypt-keeper Harry Reid. Trotting Sen Kyle out to talk about impeachment to a conservative audience will accomplish nothing. The House is where the action ought to be. They could make life hell for King Kardashian by dragging his czars and Big Sis before a congressional committee to make them explain how they can single out Arizona for punishment, but they won’t do that. Boehner is an ineffectual establishment stooge in my opinion. Whose bright idea was it to vote on contempt of congress charges against Holder on the same day the Obamacare ruling is released? Great way to move Fast and Furious off the headlines. Wouldn’t doubt if that was the plan all along…

    • I agree 100% with you. It would never get past Reid. How many bills have been sent from the House to the Senate and Reid has been sitting on them? It is not a small number.

      • I don’t agree with you about Boehner, though. He has been fighting a battle that is nothing but strenuous. It is like rolling a boulder up a hill. He and the rest of the House have sent many bills to Senate and they don’t do a thing with it.

        At least, he is the one who has been supporting Issa who can do something without dealing with the Senate.

  4. Mentioned this a few days back and now think it is even worse with the 287g status. Which I believe only affected AZ? This all make obummer look petty and vidicative. But will the GOP take the bait? And this is bait. Obummer is doing every thing he can to dice and slice the electorate. Normally they try to polarize on an issue or two….abortion, guns. This time he is all over the margins on minor issues carving up, confusing, and ultimately turning off the independants. I think this is his underlying strategy. If the GOP starts talking impeachment it might play onto his hands.

  5. Remember, the GOP only has control of one-half of Congress. The Dems still control the other half and the White House. Just moving on anything, no matter what it is, is dependent on getting the Senate to agree. They won’t. They haven’t done anything for the best of the country since they took control in 2006.

  6. Impeachment actually would be an easy thing to accomplish in the House. All it takes is a simple majority on one article of impeachment to forward the process to the Senate. The Senate would then sit as jury, with CJ Roberts as judge. To get a conviction withing the Senate would be highly improbable, and Reid’s stonewalling the process would cause a huge riff between the two houses.

    The other point to consider, and this is where Obama’s genius came in back in 2008, IF on the off chance that Obama were to be impeached, convicted and removed from office, that would make Joe (it’s a big F-ing deal) Biden President. The GOP leadership has got to be looking at that, and wondering if it is better to deal with the Marxist or the idiot.

    The other point that the GOP has to look at, unfortunately, is the civil unrest implications. Impeach Obama, and tear the country apart with a race war that will make the ’60s look like a peace walk. The left will scream that an impeachment is only being done because Obama is black. My suggestion would be to impeach the white half of Obama, and use the wisdom of Solomon, and if and when he was convicted, let Obama chose which half is white and which half is black, then split him at the point and allow the black half to remain in office. Granted, it would be a tad messy, but then no one could complain about it being racial, after all it was only the white half that was removed.

  7. Hate to say it, but Obama has out-foxed us all! Impeachment at the eleventh hour is not even a remote possibility. He knows it. He just turned his 67% lead with hispanics into nearly 100% and there is nothing we can do about it. After all the bad news that has been churned out over the past two weeks, Obama has an 8% lead in battleground states today! The illegitimate ‘back-door amnesty’ for millions of ‘youths’ was the plan all along – the October surpise that came a couple of months early. America was punked!

  8. Voter fraud is rampant. In CA all it takes is a DWP bill to register. Motor voter and absentee ballots are also popular with illegals. ACORN will be out en masse this year – under new management, of course. Next year will be full amnesty for everyone if he is re-elected.