As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Biden Cuts Ad for Romney Campaign

Millions of people living in a Depression? This is a case for reelection?

More plagiarism from Biden? As Rush noted today, Biden forgot the punchline of his remark.

Or perhaps, I suppose, Reagan stole this from Joey’s grandpop.

5 Responses to Biden Cuts Ad for Romney Campaign

  1. Maybe Joe BiteMe is changing parties? He sure SOUNDS like a Republican…….Wait Maybe this speech is why he is on Dear Leader’s calendar for lunch again Thursday………

  2. IMO, both MrO and MrBiden are talking crazy stuff, like they’re in some other universe than the one we’re in. Well, maybe they are.

  3. That Reagan video is fantastic. Couldn’t help but notice how similar Reagan’s crowd was to a Tea Party gathering of today. He would be so proud of us for never giving up on the shining city on the hill.

    As far as lunch bucket Joe ripping off Reagan’s famous line…once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer.