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The White House Jumps the Shark

I wanted to let you know about a piece I did for Politico that’s running today.

This White House has been lobbing deception after deception at the public for the past several weeks.

They all deceive. Bush’s people too. But I’ve never seen anything like this.

Here’s a sample from the article for you:

In an episode earlier this season, Carney announced to a startled press corps that a journalist they’d never heard of had determined that Obama had actually increased the deficit at a lower rate than any recent predecessor.

This was debatable on technical grounds, though George W. Bush had certainly handed off a large deficit.

But whether the statement was literally true was beside the point. Carney was trying to suggest that a president who had added some $5 trillion to the deficit was a fiscal tightwad.

This was ridiculous. Like saying an alcoholic, who had been drinking 15 beers a day, was doing great because he had merely increased it to 17 a day.

I hope you have a chance to take a look.

20 Responses to The White House Jumps the Shark

  1. Nice job, Keith. What fascinates me is how any rational person who reads stories like yours, with verbatim quotes, can still support a candidate like this. I realize there will be zealots and people who will always vote for one party (Dem or Repub) but how a logical review of facts like these could still get votes is amazing.

  2. First Date video with Buh-rock and Moochelle — creepy. They both look sh_t-faced high on drugs and alcohol! Disgraceful. Yuk!

  3. “jump the shark” sounds so innocently foolish. The sittinng press corps thought it was funny and ridiuclous, so they laughed. They laughed, but they didn’t report this on the evening news, nor did it merit any mention in any newspaper, because the WhiteHouse press is still protecting MrObama and his reelection bid.

    When MrCarney claimed the President was acting on “principle”, it was an alert that the POTUS is claiming that Congress has no right to know what one of his cabinet members knew about or caused or if he tried to cover-up the deadly Fast&Furious program, and that isn’t funny, that isn’t ridiculous, but it is a constitutional crisis in the making. The President’s use of Executive Privilege in this instance is illegal, he knows it is, we know it is, and until someone finds a backbone to call him out on this illegality we will cease to be a nation of laws.

    My opinion is certainly colored by the outrage committed on Arizona and it’s people by both the deadly Fast&Furious program and the current attack on the good people of Arizona who have been tasked with protecting our national border.

    • Your opinion has every right to be colored (is that racist?) and there should be outrage. If the press knows the information they’re getting is stupid, they should dig around and find out the truth. They are nothing more than stenographers.

      And yes Keith, every president tries to spin things in a better light, but when citizens die because of it, the games should end.

    • What this administration has done to Arizona is a travesty. This tyrant is running roughshod over the legislative and judiciary branches of government and there are pitifully few among them who are willing to stand up to him. It’s like he’s a petty thief running through the shopping mall stealing as much as he can fit in his cart and challenging each one of the store owners to catch him if they can. Unfortunately most of them are frozen in fear because they don’t want to be punished like the one who stood up to him. Never thought I’d see the day that the federal government would side with foreign intruders over their own citizens, but here we are…like a frightening scene out of Twilight Zone.

      • Twilight Zone is a great example, Susan. A friend said to me last night that she saw all this as a crisis that would FAR surpass Watergate. Its verging on Nazi Germany annexing Poland. Arizona is the first state to “offend” the Administration and will now feel its wrath. One has to hope Rod Serling appears soon to tell us it was all a bad dream.

    • Great point srdem. They laughed at the absurdity but didn’t think it worth mentioning. This is in part why I’m doing this blog – to try to convey the reality that reporters at the White House and in Washington but are too polite or adherent to some unwritten rules of conduct to write about. This part is beyond politics – we all know it’s ridiculous, but by some convention it doesn’t get reported. Sometimes I tell the other reporters I just am writing what we all know and talk about before we write our formal “stories.”

  4. The problem with “jumping the shark” is that sometimes the shark jumps you. Hopefully that will be the case with Carney and Obama, and they will, figuratively, be eaten by said shark.

  5. Good piece Keith, shared. I love it when Politico turns you lose :)

    I’m a little miffed at this speech BO gave to high school students. It was a campaign speech with numerous Romney attacks and it was probably counted as Official Business, which got him a free trip to his New England fundraisers. Wasn’t this the town that wanted him to pay their security cost?

  6. Great article . . . now here come the Obots.

    I really don’t know how Carney can say some of the things he says with a straight face. It really is beyond pathetic.

    • Carney = “Propaganda Sec.”
      He can say whatever he wants as long as he wants as long as the “WH press corp”‘ & “Mainstream Media” are Obama’s SYCOPHANTS

  7. This Twilight Zone episode is where we are going if we don’t stop these statists in their tracks. A world where “logic is the enemy and truth is a menace.” We will all be standing in the shoes of Romney Wordsworth if we allow the state to erase our history, our culture, and our beliefs…

    “The Obsolete Man”

  8. I DO NOT listen to ANYTHING that “PROPAGANDA SEC.” Jay Carney says anymore.
    I am Very P*ssed Off when FOX News shows any of his Daily ‘dog & pony’ Brief “LIVE” for some reason… (re: Shep Smith @ 3pm is too lazy to “report” real news…)

  9. Let me see if I have this correct.

    Carney says it’s all about principle, and the press corps finds that so outlandish that they literally laugh out loud. They know–they KNOW–that the administration is hiding something, and doing a very ham-fisted job of it, too. Why else would they laugh?

    So the press knows that a sitting president is abusing executive power to cover up an official US government operation that has KILLED PEOPLE…and all they do is crack up and keep on keepin’ on.

    Those useful idiots–the emphasis is on the latter–REALLY need to wake the heck up and start smelling what they’re shoveling.

  10. I just finally read your Politico article, Keith (catching up here). Great job dissecting the laughable garbage Carney’s spewing daily. I don’t know how you sit there with a straight face these days.