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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another late start.

Noon || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:40 pm || Lunch with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed; Private Dining Room
3:00 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Jefferson Hotel, Washington
7:00 pm || Delivers remarks at the Congressional picnic; South Lawn

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 27, 2012

  1. Tough day. He has a bedroom on AF1, right?
    I will have been at work for six hours by the time he “commutes” to his office.
    At least he’s able to squeeze in his 101st fundraiser of the year.

    I hope we make it to election day. I’m having doubts. He continues to astound!

  2. keith are these pathetic schedules unique to obama?

    I didn’t follow other president’s schedules so I was wondering how he fared compared to others

  3. All that dictating takes a toll on the arrogant little man. No sense in wishing him a good night’s sleep. I’m sure the self-indulgent solipsist sleeps just fine…

  4. It kills me that he doesn’t receive the PDB till noon, when the day is half over…you’d think that briefing may be important if, God forbid, this fraud had to make a life and death decision quickly….but now that I think of it, maybe his way is better, after all the 9/11 attacks happened well after n—- oh wait, forget it!

    • It kills me that he doesn’t receive the PDB till noon

      That’s only on days where he actually receives 30 minutes of the one-hour briefing. More often than not, he simply skips it. And on days where he actually shows up, he leaves 30 minutes early.

  5. I’m not known as a defender of President Arugula but this one I got: yesterday he ate lunch at The Varsity in Atlanta. As a native Atlantan raised on “The Greasy V” trust me, there is no place on the PLANET you can eat that is less healthy. Nowhere. Period.

    Noon? Seems about right because -to be delicate, he’s going to need more than one sports section.

  6. OK now I see he finally talked to the gov of colorado and is going out there, will probably find a grammar school auditorium to make a campaign stop at the same time

    or even a nursery school, can’t start them too young after all-maybe he can dress up as barney