As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Cartoon of the Day

Thanks to Rich Terrell and Lucy Gill at AfterMath

8 Responses to Cartoon of the Day

  1. So there is no point in having federal laws. States can’t enforce them if the feds choose not to enforce them.

    So, we’re a dictatorship nation now, am I right?

  2. We’d love to see AZ continue enforcing the immigration laws as they are currently on the books–continue to contact the Feds and when they hang up on you, DOCUMENT everything you did from start to finish–then, once a month, hold a big splashy news conference and tell America how AZ is abiding by Fed law, doing their job to secure the country and protect AZ citizens, only, we contacted the Feds so many number of times and so many number of times they refused to enforce their own laws. Put the numbers out there–the Feds might try, but the facts will vindicate AZ! Shove it right back into their smug ugly faces!