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Arizona Cops Can’t Call Obama, but Their Critics Can

Even as the Department of Homeland Security announced that it needs to prioritize resources and so won’t be taking many of the calls of Arizona police officers trying to enforce U.S. immigration laws, the Justice Department found some extra money to set up a hotline to receive complaints about their behavior.

It’s all part of a scheme under which the Obama administration is moving on multiple fronts to nullify the clear direction of the Supreme Court, which let stand a portion of the Arizona Immigration law that allows police officers to try to determine someone’s immigration status if there is a reasonable suspicion they are here illegally.

The law, which is not yet in effect, will surely increase the number of illegals discovered by police, but the Obama administration isn’t taking calls from police unless the subjects meet the administration’s criteria, which include having a criminal record. In this way, Obama officials claim, limited “resources” can most effectively be targeted.

But the Justice Department found money for tipsters to report “potential civil rights concerns” related to the enforcement of the law by Arizona police.

Meanwhile, in a move that could cripple the ability of Arizona to enforce the law in the first place, the Department of Homeland Security suspended so-called “287(g) agreements” with Arizona police, under which the police are basically deputized by the federal government to enforce immigration law – which is federal law and would otherwise have to be enforced by overstretched federal agencies.


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer got the message for Arizona: Drop Dead.

The revocation of the 287(g) agreements, according the Homeland Security’s OWN WEBSITE, will harm the fight on terrorism.

This below is from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement page description of the USEFULNESS of 287(g) agreements in combating terrorism and crime:

Terrorism and criminal activity are most effectively combated through a multi-agency/multi-authority approach that encompasses federal, state and local resources, skills and expertise. State and local law enforcement play a critical role in protecting our homeland because they are often the first responders on the scene when there is an incident or attack against the United States. During the course of daily duties, they will often encounter foreign-born criminals and immigration violators who pose a threat to national security or public safety.

The Obama administration excuse that it wants to effectively husband its resources – also used deceptively with respect to Obama’s recent self-enactment of The Dream Act – is in fact a ruse by which it finds a way not to enforce laws it doesn’t like.

The work of legislating from the West Wing continues.

33 Responses to Arizona Cops Can’t Call Obama, but Their Critics Can

  1. Where are the LEADERS of the House and Senate as this mad man destroys the rule of law in this country? I understand politics but this transcends partisan bickering.

  2. There is another OTM category (Obama The Mamzer). If you’re not familiar with the “m” word, it a combo of mum (defect) and zar (strange/alien) in Hebrew and is also used in Yiddish as a pejorative.

    A 2006 report by the Investigations subcommittee of the House Committee on Homeland Security, “A Line in the Sand: Confronting the threat at the Southwest Border ” (pdf) says the number of aliens other than Mexican (OTMs) who are illegally crossing our border is growing at an “alarming rate.” Border Patrol statistics show there were 30,147 OTMs arrested in 2003, 44,614 in 2004, 165,178 in 2005, and 108,025 in 2006. Of great importance in this flood of illegal aliens—from places other than Mexico—are those who come from thirty-five nations the Department of Homeland Security calls “special interest” countries. These are countries designated by intelligence agencies as those that export terrorists. From just 2001 to 2006, tens of thousands of illegal aliens have been arrested from “special interest” countries including: Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Jordan.

  3. Why do we have any federal laws if the federal government is free to ignore or enforce them as the most powerful part of the government pleases? In this case, it’s President Obama and some Democrats who are in the drivers’ seat. What group will be the next to decide that they just don’t like this or that law and will act as if they do not exist?

    We have become a dictatorship — or are we entering chaos with the skeleton of a governmental structure in place?

  4. Was there ever a soveriegn state that has been punished by the federal government for upholding federal law as has Arizona?
    As the actions of the Obama adminstration and the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision become known to the general public in Arizona, even those with moderate views on immigration and illegal aliens have been stunned by the vindictiveness of our President and Homeland Security.

    We live in a state that is the primary funnel for illegal aliens to reach American soil and to spread from state to state. We are also the primary funnel for the importing of illegal drugs over our southern border. We have a right to protect ourselves and our property from an invasion of foreign agents when our government refuses to uphold the laws against such an outrage.

    Arizonans, like most Americans, support our police, our Sheriffs and their deputies, and the Border Agents on the front line of defense who are part of our communtiy . We resent and protest the invitation of the Obama adminstration to impugn the integrity, honesty, and professionalism by the means of a tattle-tale hotline of alleged wrongdoing of our security forces.

    • ” …our government refuses to uphold the laws against such an outrage.”

      The American government is not only refusing to uphold the laws — it’s working AGAINST their enforcement?

      I have always loved Arizona from my visits there and now admire its people and Jan Brewer so much! I hope Gov. Brewer will come up with a way to make the feds do their duty. Her plain spoken and resourceful character is our hope.

    • The actions are no less than helping the southern border to funnel into the US aided and abetted by the DOJ, DHS, WH – you name it. It’s contempitble on so many levels by the same SOB (not to be confused with my “mamzer” lesson, although they do overlap that Eric Holder oversaw the raid that ripped Elian Gonzalez from his uncle’s home and sent a six year-old back to Cuba.

    • I sympathize with you and other Arizonans as our government stands idly by. Our country can accomplish almost anything it puts minds and money behind and stopping illegal immigration can be done when the will to do so exists. Our city spends over 1.5 million per year on ESL education and much more on social service for those who are not here legally, nor accounted for from a budget perspective. The cost financially and culturally will bury us unless the government decides to correct this problem.

    • The Civil War was a states rights war. The southern states thought the Lincoln administration had overstepped. However, there is a fundamental difference between now and then.

      Slavery was bringing down the country. It was a national moral and economic issue.

      This is just a flat national security issue, at least in my opinion. We have no idea how many terrorists are crossing the border on a daily basis. Other countries have penalties for people who enter their county illegally. We just send them back home. Some imprison illegals.

      I don’t want us to have another 9/11. That is a real concern to me.

  5. I The O Team can just do whatever he wants when he feels like it, how on earth are we going to have a fair and free election in November? He has already shown that he will override the Supreme Court and Congress, why not the will of the American people? Will we, the voters, have to then go after his nasty ass and physically remove him from the WH? Does America have the cojones to do such a thing?

  6. Why doesn’t the governor just work with the Obama administration? If they won’t come to AZ for the arrested illegal aliens, AZ should hire buses and bus the illegals to DC and drop them off right in front of the White House or even better, bus them to Chicago and drop them off in front of Obama’s home. Or just buy them airline tickets to Chicago or DC. Be a lot cheaper solution to the problem. It’s not illegal and what can Obama say?

  7. I’d like to know why Obama took an oath of office to uphold the laws of our country and yet when he decides to ignore them, nobody holds him accountable. Senator Kyl mentioned the word impeachment in a radio interview but went on to say nobody’s talking about that yet. How can congress members just sit back and let Obama select which laws *he* will enforce and which laws to ignore?

    When Napolitano was Governor of AZ, she sent National Guard troops to help enforce the border. She always complained about the Bush administration not reimbursing AZ for jailing illegal aliens and sent President Bush numerous invoices. At one point she called a press conference and used a big 6 foot sized check as a prop, to demonstrate how much money the feds owed AZ. She sent National Guard troops to the border because our problems were so serious. Then when Napolitano went to DHS to work for King Putt, she developed selective amnesia and told us the borders have never been more secure.

    I’ll end my rant on this final bit… Gov. Napolitano signed a bill into law in 2007 that was believed to have the toughest sanctions in the country (at that time) on employers hiring illegal aliens. Funny how her position has changed over the years. The hypocrisy is astounding…

  8. We are witnessing the fall of our Republic and yet we see nothing but yawns from the political class. We’re functioning more as a bureaucratic administrative state rather than a constitutional republic nowadays. The big fight appears to be over which of the three branches holds the reins of power over what is left of our country. As the legislative, executive, and judicial branches pick over the bones of the fallen three-headed eagle, We The People are left to fend for ourselves.

    • Good points, Susan. I’ll add that I don’t believe the demorats ever recovered from the SCOTUS decision in 2000 and this uppity, stinking, lousy, creepy (I am trying to keep this clean) disgusting, malignant narcissist is not just flipping the bird at Arizona, he’s thrown up the old black panther fist at the Supremes.

      • How true it is, Sadie. The whole time Bush was in office, never heard the end of how he stole the election. It was the litigation happy left that helped bring this freak of nature to office. Saw on Drudge he’s hiring an army of lawyers to be on the ready to sue any state that tries to enforce voting laws.

  9. What other explanation is there? We have a mad man on the loose! Who among the august members of Congress is going to be the first one to demand a psychiatric evaluation before the election? Surely, the thought of insanity has crossed the minds of one or two medical doctors who represent the People in Congress. We have a lunatic running loose who has declared war on a Sovereign state…and the SCOTUS! What is he going to do for an ‘encore’ in 2013?

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  10. What can we do? We can’t wait until January to get him out of office! Heavens know what is next.

    He flaunting the laws of our country. Why aren’t people rallying to get him removed from office!

    We are a nation of laws, and our ignores our laws.

    I am truly frightened. Where will our country be if he gets reflected?