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Supreme Court to Reveal Obamacare Decision Thursday

The Supreme Court will announce its decision on Obamacare Thursday, when it will hand down the final batch of rulings from the current term.

The Court announced several opinions this morning, including a decision upholding the “show your papers” provision of the Arizona immigration law.

8 Responses to Supreme Court to Reveal Obamacare Decision Thursday

  1. The fact that it will be Thursday may be a good sign. It could be that they will strike the law or part(s) of it, and they want to wait as long as possible before making the announcement to that effect because of the explosion of so many Democrat heads. Announcing a defeat today would just give the Democrats/Obama all week to make political hay out of it. However, if they wait until Thursday, at the last minute, it will likely be early next week before a whole lot is said beyond the weekend news shows and the websites. Now, granted, I am a glass-half-full kind of girl, and I don’t know a whole lot, but that’s my take on it. As always, I could be wrong.

  2. I really can’t wait to see what Biden has to say about the ruling if it comes down against the law. Will he drop another “F” bomb? Will his hair plugs shoot out of his head? Will he go to a baseball game a sing a drunk version of “Take me out to the ball game” a la Harry Carey?

    Obama, if the law is overturned, will simply blast the Court for being short-sighted, and attempt an end run around the ruling via another Executive Order.

  3. Do you know what time the Supreme Court will announce its ObamaCare decision. Is there a usual time on Thursdays when they make these announcements? Thanks.
    Ellen Sears