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Obama Operative Won Meal with the President!

A Democratic operative supporting the Obama campaign says he was randomly chosen in one of the campaign raffles for a meal with President Obama.

In a message to Obama supporters today, Toby Fallsgraff, listed as “Senior Email Campaigner” for the Democratic National Committee, wrote that he donates “at least once” every time the campaign raffles Obama off – just to make sure the Obama 2012 website is working properly.

And he won – though he wasn’t permitted to receive the grand prize.

But his selection, he writes, should give everyone hope that they can win the current contest.

Or that the contest is rigged.

Okay, I have no evidence of any wrongdoing. They’re probably on the level. Probably.

Here’s what he wrote:

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

Your chances of winning Dinner with Barack (and Michelle) are MUCH better than you might think.

I know, because my name was randomly selected . . .  Sadly for me and good for you, staff members aren’t eligible to win.

But if you were thinking you’re never going to get picked, take it from me and think again.

The latest contest, which has the usual $3 entry fee, will force both Barack and Michelle to sit through dinner with randomly chosen winners.

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27 Responses to Obama Operative Won Meal with the President!

  1. Not being an Obot, the logic of how someone has a better chance of being “picked” because he was “picked” and declined the offer is murky.

    MrRomney’s campaign has offered me a chance to “ride on the bus” with him. All that came to mind was there’s no chance I’ll be thrown under the bus if I’m sitting inside.

    • It occurred to me, too, that evidence that one person was picked doesn’t make me more likely to be picked. Perhaps I would be slightly more likely to be picked because this guy has been eliminated, thus making the pool of potential winners smaller by one.

      I think this email is just a ploy to make everyone feel included, inner circled, personal-touchedized, and perhaps wee-wee-d up enough to stick another $3 into the raffle and maybe get to eat with the small gods in the White House.

  2. I think this is a plant don’t buy it for a minute. Going to have throw the hooey
    card on that little story.
    And I thought about the cost of the lucky winners bet we are paying for it cause
    the DNC or his reelection fund wouldn’t loosen their change purse for the folks.

  3. Off topic noticed MO will be in Chicago,with Jane Lynch guess she’ll be laughing about the charming group who flipped off the portrait of Reagan.
    MO probably wish she’d been there.

  4. Why do so many of the communiques from the WH include a phrase like “I’m going to let you in on a secret?” Michelle Obama, in particular, seems to relish this secret sharing.

  5. It’s just a ruse to show the obots they can win, you really really can win!!! Reminds me of all the hype they use on the Publishers Clearing House mailers. Gawd, the presidency has become cheesy.

  6. After reading this (the obamas’ guy crap) there are not doubts in my mind that obama and his people really think we are all suckers, unless they are really the stupid ones for thinking we all are so naive.

  7. so he “won” but because of the rules, he didn’t win… name drawn, found to be a worker, NEXT!

    I’m trying to see how this is an issue really?