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White House Never Discussed Immigration Plan with Rubio

In a further sign of the political motives behind the announcement, the White House Thursday acknowledged that it had not discussed President Obama’s controversial new immigration initiative with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), even though Rubio was crafting and seeking bipartisan support for a similar measure.

Speaking at a Washington breakfast meeting with reporters, Rubio said the White House didn’t consult with him or anyone else on the Republican side before moving last Friday to end deportations of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children.

“This White House didn’t reach out to anybody,” said Rubio. “I’ve never had one conversation with anybody in the administration about my idea or what it looks like . . . If you’re really interested in a bipartisan solution and you read in the newspaper that there’s a Republican senator working on an idea, don’t you reach out to them and say, ‘Hey, how does your idea work? I’m just curious. That never happened.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Rubio should have reached out to Obama.

“I’m not aware that the Senator has called expressing interest,” said Carney.

But the White House, which has been accused of circumventing Congress with its new policy, was well aware of Rubio’s effort and, given its professed eagerness for immigration legislation in particular and bipartisanship generally, should have jumped at the chance to try to bring a bill forward.

Rubio’s legislation would have granted work visas to illegals who came to the United States as kids.

The similarity of Obama’s plan to Rubio’s – and the timing of its announcement, just before Rubio unveiled his proposal – suggests that the White House was in fact trying to preempt the Senate effort, which it did. Rubio said he was abandoning his plans to introduce legislation, and a rare bipartisan effort on a controversial issue suddently died on the vine.

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    • He was just being classy about it, because he HAS some, unlike the Chicago thugs in the WH. Of course he knows shy they did not reach out to him, all their bipartisan blather is just that…..blather. Plus why give him any chance of a moment in the spotlite when they are quaking in their boots he will be the VP nominee.
      And he surely is ready for Prime Time.

  1. Why would Rubio reach out to the WH when he had no idea that the WH/obama were working on this? The only time this administration has worked with the republicans is when they had to (i.e. debt limit). For Rubio to stop working on his bipartisan solution is a shame. The fact that obama bypasses Congress is a shame and illegal.

    • I agree, just because one person is or acts like a jerk does not excuse an elected representative from continuing to act in what he or she regards as the nation’s best interests.

  2. Obama is nothing but a political creature/hack/nightmare intent on furthering his socialist agenda to weaken the United States He has no interest in bipartisanship. Over and over the last three and half years that has been the norm.

  3. If anyone in this bunch of D list idiots is talking I take it to be a lie. Watched
    Little Nancy trying to tell that tall tale of the F&F having to do with the GOP plan to suppress the vote and I had an out of body experience. The American
    voter should getting pretty tired of being taken as basicly brain dead!

    • And little miss nancy must do all kinds of favors for the folks back home to continue holding her office down… `she should donate her brain to science one day… would be an interesting study to see how so little is done with so little… te he ! she’s apparently running off the fumes of her large alcohol consumption !

    • She is so stupid that she can’t remember that their education dumb-down policies have not fully taken effect. There are still lots of us that went to school when school was an EDUCATION, and not whatever it is they offer up now in collusion with their Teacher Union Brethren/

      • oh, btw, she is old enough to have gone to school when schools were good, but it doesn’t help when you are an dumb idiot incapable of grasping facts.

  4. Boo hoo, SenRubio, the POTUS didn’t direct someone to get your input on his uncontitutional, illegal, and purely partisan political attempt to garner more Hispanic votes for himself.
    But, wait. Where are the cries of “no, you can’t do that, MrPresident” from his political opponents, where are the threats of lawsuits to prevent this unprecedented program to allow a million or more illegals to remain here, and why is the MSM mostly quiet on this win for the illegal aliens who wish to remain in the US?

    I’m not fooled; both parties knew that they couldn’t resolve this issue without angering their anti-illegal alien constituents, so they’re just going to let this half-baked plan be implemented. They are willing to overlook federal law to allow these aliens to work in our fields, to mow our lawns and to do the work that they believe Americans won’t do anymore. By using our laws to hold the illegals in check, to keep them from becoming citizens so that they aren’t able to gain access to the rights that every American holds dear, the hypocrits get the best of a poor, uneducated people.

    Shameful all around.

    • Well said srdem. It is shameful all around. The Texas GOP good ol’ boys run roughshod on our legislature every time they propose a bill to get a handle on illegal immigration. Just last session two very big GOP money men, a builder and a grocer, were able to silence the will of the people by calling in favors from our so-called leaders. The establishment Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats when it comes to border security.

  5. I know why Obama issued his fiat; he needs the illegal alien vote. No so sure what Rubio was thinking. There should be no talk about giving special dispensation to anybody until long after our borders have been secured. All this talk about amnesty just invites more of the invaders.

  6. And this “Obama WH Never Disscused Immigration Plan with Rubio” is a story why???

    Maybe someone in the “WH ‘press corps'” should ask “Pres.” Obama why he has a PROBLEM talking to the US Congress???

    Granted the the “US Congress” is nothing but a Cess-pool nowadays of weak Dems/Reps & “Pres.” Obama is an arrogant, uppity Neo-Socialist…