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Secret Service Confiscates Latinos’ Forks

So, President Obama is willing to send guns into Mexico, but American Latinos are not permitted forks in his presence.

This really happened today just before Obama’s speech in Orlando to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

According to Politico, the knives as well were disallowed and had already been removed. The Secret Service says such things do happen.

From Politico:

A Secret Service spokesman confirmed that the agency made the request, but said such requirements are common at large events where the president speaks at about the same time people are dining.

“The Secret Service coordinates this process with staff and host committee to ensure tables are cleared of material that may be deemed hazardous prior to the arrival of the president,” Special Agent Max Milien told POLITICO. “Any implication that this was unique for this event is completely inaccurate.”

In other words, the announcement at the Latino officials’ event may have been unusual, but the removal of the silverware usually takes place without anyone realizing it’s a security measure.

Still, there are a wide variety of breakfasts, lunches and dinners the president attends where diners still have the full complement of silverware as Obama speaks.

I’ve never heard of this practice, though I don’t travel with the president and so I’m not at many of his events away from the White House.

I can tell you one thing. Everyone had forks – and knives – at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner this year and dug into their steaks while the president sat just a few feet away.

52 thoughts on “Secret Service Confiscates Latinos’ Forks”

  1. According to the Politico article, it looks like the tables were set with no knives to begin with, and then the forks had to be collected before King Barack Kardashian entered the room.

    Also, it seems that the Secret Service routinely does this, BUT this is the first time they had someone announce the procedure from the stage. Ha, I’m sure BHO’s campaign is not too happy about that.

    1. It’s odd that this event required the forks to be confiscated and no knives even set on the table, yet Politico reports that a “full complement” of silverware remains on the tables at some events while Obama speaks. Had it been a GOP event, I would imagine there would be cries of racism coming from MSNBC anchors.

  2. I’m sick and tired of this identity balony. The woman in the video looks European to me. Valerie Jarrett is whiter than 90% of white people. It seems like people that would never be recognized as a member of a minority have the most to prove and have the biggest chips on their shoulders.

    1. Claiming to be a minority worked out pretty well for Elizabeth Warren. Hard to believe the participants just gave up their forks and did as they were told. I’d walk out on any politician that distrusted me that much. What a bunch of sheep.

    2. There’s a reason why she looks “european” to you; her ancestors were probably european. Latinos, Mexican nationals, Hispanics are of the White race. They speak Spanish because 400 years ago, the Spainards conquered South America. The reason some (not all) of them have swathy toned skin is that the Spainards, as the Italians, have the same skin tone.
      They are not “brown’ people, they are not a separate race, they are a mixture of the Incan and Spaniard ethnicity.

      1. VJ & BO are a result of an alien experiment gone wrong . They mixed the genes of the most arrogant european and african they could find.. dismayed by these horrific results, Star Fleet Command ordered the experiment shut down and recalled their researchers until further notice.

  3. That policy is just plain weird. Seriously? Knives and forks? Talk about overkill (pardon the pun).

    Great comment by Brian, btw.

  4. So, why are republicans worried about the Latino vote? All Romney has to do is speak to a large group and tell them they can hold onto their forks and knives, he’s not worried.

    On the other hand, the sticking the forks in him, he’s done jokes abound.

  5. Is this really true? Did the Secret Service confiscate forks at George Clooney’s party? If not, why in this cae? Does the White House permit forks and knives to be used at Stae Dinners? if so, why not in this case? People are seen at White House events (Mick Jagger singing for intance) with cell phones to take photos. i would think cell phones are more dangerous to a president than a fork or even a knife. One would have to storm the President with a knife and the Secret Service could respond. A cell phone could explode without warning, a la many movies. This is just weird!!!

  6. I anticipate a new White House policy: all future events will include only finger foods. Any food that might be used as weapons, such as crisp tortillas with sharp edges, will be banned.

  7. Amazing…I’m groveling for your vote with amnesty for illegals and yet I don’t trust you to have a knife or fork around my precious self? Enough to gag a maggot as we used to say.

  8. What is the Secret Service implying? Are they afraid Latinos will attack Barry with their steak knives? Or perhaps steal the silverware?

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  10. Since Romney has Secret Service protection, does anyone know if they took away the knives and forks when he spoke? Or, didn’t he speak at meal time. And, when they leave you with just a spoon what do they do for food, serve just soup and ice cream? Curious minds want to know.

  11. It is so terrific that we don’t have to make this stuff up. These people do lend themselves to satire.
    (Actually I’m kind of fond of the Wedding Gift/Bridal Registry thingie. Next thing you know, we’ll be giving him a Shower.)

    1. See, they’re missing the boat on raising money.
      They should sell Obama urinal stickers.
      Improves the aim and keeps the floor clean.
      Jane Fonda stickers worked very well for the military.

  12. From now on , before any Obama appearance involving food, the Secret Service is going to stop by the nearest KFC so the can replace ALL silverware with plastic sporks.

  13. Wait a sec. I know what happened. The Secret Service thought this was a BIDEN event and since Joe isn’t allowed to have sharp objects the audience had to give up theirs too.

  14. This is bizarre at best. Of course, the WHC dinner was a safe place. The MSM are the last ones to present a threat to Obama. They love him too much.

  15. This is actually apropos. Considering how this President has been forking the country for nearly four years with his pandering, prostrating, and prostituting the office of POTUS it is no wonder that he can’t have others forking around. After all that is his job.

    As to the SS saying this is the norm for any appearance where the POTUS speaks during a dinning event, I’m sure they meant that it is the norm when the crowd is not white, rich, one-percenters that he can lambast for their collective greed, all the while begging, with hat in hand, for more of their EARNED money.

    What will be next, a ban on toothpicks and floss at any presidential appearance? After all the toothpick could put out Obama’s eye, and the floss might be used as a garrote. Here is a suggestion to the SS, how about getting your agents under control, so that they are not partying when on assignment, and are sober and attentive to any threats that might come towards POTUS, rather than having draconian restrictions on those that are in attendance.

    1. Your analysis is very compelling, but before we chastise the security guys for their anti-forking intitative, we should check to see if there might have been serious forking threats against the President.

      There are some Obama enemies who have threatened the man with cries of “fork him”, “fork all of them” and these people must be stopped.. The constitutional exception for an “right to bear arms” doesn’t exclude eating utensils so. Security forces have no choice but to ensure the POTUS’s safety that all forking threats be dealt with by any means possible.

  16. The fact that the Secret Service has to confiscate table knives and forks from folks apparently anxious to be in the presence of Messiah Obama is great news. It means there are credible treats against the Great Prevaricator, and even a gathering of mostly liberal Democrat “officials” cannot be trusted not to drive a fork into the cadaverous geek.
    It would obviously take a extremely tough potential assassin to drive s spoon deep into his black heart, so unless someone like the Hulk shows up at these pro-Obama circuses, Obama is fairly safe.

  17. Not “a good American mother,” but “a good hispanic mother.” The U.S. has been balkanized and the “minorities” 1`

    1. — sorry — my cat took a hand in the writing and posting process.

      Not “a good American mother,” but “a good hispanic mother.” The U.S. has been balkanized and the “minorities” are the leaders in this process.

  18. I hope this post will be deemed suitable for the subject. The contrast of guns for cartels and knives for Latinos lunch has been made. I realize the Secret Service is not a HLS branch, but I do have to ask how the Latinos feel about the guns so freely walked to and within the Mexican border. How many innocent Hispanics were killed in the crossfires of the cartels. Has Obama addressed this question with the president of Mexico, who is being lauded for his aggressive challenge to the cartels? Do the American Hispanics truly know how their loved ones were killed? I cannot understand the so called support for Obama by people who have suffered under his regime. Their knives and forks were taken away at a fundraising event, but guns were sent to cartels in Mexico for what? This is luancy!

  19. A thought: What was on the menu for these folks to eat? That said, without knives or forks, how did they eat? I mean you can kill with spoons too……..Did they have to use their fingers?

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  21. The so-called “Secret Service” are fast becoming a “joke” and laughing stock in this country!! Another out-of-control Gov’t bureaucracy – who are a law unto themselves!! If I was a Latino / Hispanic I would have walked-out as a show of disrespect for the whole fiasco!!!

  22. I don’t want ANY harm to come to President Obama. I really do hope he lives to 115. However, I do want to see him retired in November 2012. That will free him up for MANY decades of playing golf (on his own dime).

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