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Obama Hollywood Backer Gets Royal WH Treatment

Glee star Jane Lynch got a White House tour and visit to the Oval Office this morning, White House officials acknowledged today after being told a reporter had noticed Lynch on the grounds.

This apparently was Lynch’s second day in a row getting VIP treatment at the White House. Lynch also showed up Thursday for a VIP tour that including an audience with First Dog Bo and a look at the White House pastry kitchen, according to ABC News.

Lynch, a lesbian who is also one of Obama’s most prominent homosexual supporters, will be hosting a fundraiser with Michelle Obama next week in Chicago

She recently narrated an Obama campaign documentary about Obama’s decision to finish “evolving” in his support for gay marriage.

Lynch married partner Lara Embry in 2010.

Lynch bridges two of Obama’s most important fundraising constituencies – gays and Hollywood stars.

34 Responses to Obama Hollywood Backer Gets Royal WH Treatment

    • Saw that, read about that.
      Nobody, not one person of any group, affilitation, religion, race or ethnic background should ever flip the bird in the WhiteHouse. Ever.

        • C-lo Green, or whatever his name is, used the F word at a WH function. It’s a sad degradation of America, and it’s happening at the highest levels of The People’s government. If our elected representatives won’t stand up in defense of American values, then, we have elected the wrong people. That’s something that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

    • I saw that picture as well. And read about the disrespectful behaviour at the WH. I do not assume it was representative of the gay and lesbian community as a whole. But it does represent that segment of it that Obama supports and who supports Obama. It was shameful. Credible members of the LGBT community should speak out about it, or have no cause to be offended if others interpret this behaviour to be representative of them as a whole. That said, Barack and Michelle Obama disrespect the WH and the Office of the Presidency on a regular basis so it should come as no surprise when their “guests” do so as well.

      • Except that these people were at the White House AS representatives of the gay community. Not the way to change minds and win hearts.

        • I know. From time to time I test my restraint in commenting on all outrageous Obama happenings. It’s just a steady stream of awful. That said, it was a gay newspaper in Philly that chose to print the picture so there must be some measure of gay pride in this behavior. Not to mention the WH’s pathetic response to it.

  1. What happens on Day Three? A sleep-over in the Lincoln bedroom? Sounds like the crooner-in-chef is angling for a guest appearance on Glee! It’s all so nauseating!

  2. It looks like MrO has wrapped up the .05% of the voting public that is homosexual.
    And, alienated the other 99.05% of the voting public that is not homosexual.

    • Great idea, Obama! Why not suggest these folks and their families cancel their elaborate wedding receptions and send that money too? Whats a few more unemployed servers/chefs/etc if it gets you the cash?

      • Why not have Michelle auction off her $2000 belts and $1000 sweaters?
        That would bring in a tidy sum but MO isn’t going to sacrifice or suffer.
        No that is just for the peasants!

    • William, I neglected to thank you for this link in my previous post. It made me sick to my stomach but it was interesting reading!

    • Pretty soon he’ll be shaking down the 1st graders for their lunch money. Idiocracy at it’s finest!

      President Obama = President Camacho

      • POTUS: “Axelrod, what’s going on with that Girl Scout cookie initiative?”
        Axe: “Mr. President, I uh……I really don’t think that’s a good idea”
        POTUS: “Not a good idea? I said we’d let them keep 40%”
        Axe: “Mr. President, the idea of us taking cookie money from Girl Scouts is repulsive!”
        POTUS: “Taking? They’re making a contribution to the Campaign! They give you any lip, call the IRS and have their tax exempt thingie taken away!”

  3. Do you think any of us–average Joes–could get a tour of the WH like this–HECK NO!!! It is disgusting how the occupants of the “people’s house” use it for political purposes (and that goes for Rep/Dem POTUS alike).

  4. OMG….this is a joke, right? Why don’t we all cash in our life insurance policies and take a second mortgage out on the family farm! If this is ‘for real’ – they all need to be drug tested on a daily basis and put on a 72 hour hold!

  5. These two low life’s have so denigrated the WH and the Presidency I think the
    world must be laughing their collective a—s off at America. Can you imagine
    if someone flipped off a picture of MLK in he Obama WH there would be riots.
    Add that to the wedding registry thing and I am sick makes you want to weep.

    • Don’t weep Lizzy…laugh at them! If someone would point their finger (index in this example) at him and just give out a big old belly laugh when he lies to their face, it would destroy his false sense of pride.What a sight that would be.

  6. You know what gets me about this–while I am against LGBT marriage (JMO)–fine–that’s your business but you don’t have to constantly shove it in everyone’s face–I’m married (heterosexual) and I don’t go around shoving my wedding ring in everyone’s face saying “see, see, I’m married”!

  7. Obama is very effectively organizing these two branches of support. It is interesting that he has, so far,not apoligized to the majority of Americans who were greatly offended by his “guests” vulgar behavior while in the White House, nor have the gay leaders who enjoyed the hospitality at taxpayer expense. Gay Pride Day is forever taarnished by such actions. Where are all the decent LGBT spokespersons on this disgraceful in-your-face gesture?

    • vivian, outstanding post! This is a crude thug we are dealing with. I’ve spoken to a few of my gay friends (I’m a Conservative but I’m an American first. Don’t push me and I will tolerate almost anything) about this “display” and they are ashamed of what happened. As we all should be.

  8. In Jan. they can move to Hollywood with all of their fans and get the hell out of D.C. These two things do not belong together.