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Neil Munro Through the Decades

I’m sorry to post another one of these. I just think they’re too funny.

The Daily Caller has uncovered rare photographs chronicling reporter Neil Munro’s evolution through the years, leading ultimately that point Friday where he interrupted President Obama in the Rose Garden with a question he says was mistimed.

Here’s a shot from the early days of this bold reporter’s career, well before he went full time into journalism.

Neil has a good sense of humor and I’m sure he’s taking the ribbing from his colleagues very well.

9 Responses to Neil Munro Through the Decades

  1. Interesting…… much has been made about Neil’s supposed heckling and interrupting the Chosen One, but I notice no one has said a word about the numerous times Carney interrupted reporters trying to ask a question at the lastest press conference.

    Also, I have struggled mightily, but I can’t seem to figure out how Neil’s “interruption” is racist??????

  2. OT – did you notice how Jay Carney totally blamed Fast & Furious on the Bush Administration about 50 times yesterday? Do you think he believes that if he says that lie enough times, he can make it a truth? Fool!

  3. Oh, my, these photos are too funny!

    I hope Munro is enjoying this, too. What a great way to be celebrated for having a moment of fame!