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Obama Aide: Unemployment Down, Economy Improving

A top aide to President Obama said this week that unemployment is going down, which would be true except that it’s going up.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told an interviewer who noted unemployment was above 8 percent that “actually, unemployment is coming down, we’ve had 27 consecutive months of private sector growth.”

The reason the unemployment rate WENT UP last month from 8.1 percent to 8.2 percent is that job growth is relatively paltry and not strong enough to keep up with population growth. Also, you’ll note, Vilsack toes the White House spin line by carefully pointing to “private sector” job growth. The public sector is losing jobs.

In separate remarks, Vilsack opined that “we’ve turned the corner” on the economy.

Vilsack is correct, but only in that the economy has turned a corner and is now getting worse again.

Gross domestic product rose in the first quarter of 2012 by a lousy 1.9 percent, down from a decent if unremarkable 3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The Federal Reserve Wednesday downgraded its outlook for the economy, which it said would grow this year between 1.9 to 2.4 percent, a half point less than it predicted in April. What’s more, it also said unemployment will not move below 8 percent this year – and possibly not next year either.

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27 Responses to Obama Aide: Unemployment Down, Economy Improving

    • The politicians think we’re dumb…at least if you are a New Yorker in Rep Ackerman’s district. He feels safe saying what he really thinks now that he’s retiring from Congress after serving 30 years in office. No need to pretend he gives a flying fig about the welfare of his constituents now. Heck he’s probably retiring to some tropical paradise where he can lie on the beach and sip umbrella drinks all day…

      • Ackerman’s the stupid one, a totally useless moron. What he appears to be griping about in that article is the “new media”. He’s lamenting the fact that people are MORE informed now than ever, thanks to talk radio, cable news, and the internet. He’s ticked that the masses are no longer spoon fed the “news” – what they determine constitutes “news”, hand-picked and selectively edited – from what he calls “real journalists”. You know, like Andrea Mitchell.

  1. Every time I see Vilsack, I think of Breitbart, Shirley Sherrod, and the Pigford fraud. I think the economy will appear to be improving just in time for the election because Uncle Ben has fired up the printing presses again. Our family is hunkering down and preparing for the hyperinflation that is sure to result once the fed finishes pumping more of their funny money into the economy while keeping interest rates at rock bottom.

  2. I’m sure this is an attempt to hold on to their base, especially those who still believe everything coming out of this administration. I’m seeing more and more articles on Dems switching parties or going Independent. Even Dems who won’t be going to the DNCC in Charlotte.

  3. Obama Aide Says:

    Sun Rises In The West and
    Alaska Is Warm In Winter and
    Tim Tebow Is An Atheist and
    Water Isn’t Wet and
    Okra ISN’T Slimy

    • I can think of lots of opportunities besides books that won’t sell.
      the obvious, is MSNBC host/commentator.
      But, they could maybe write for the tv show “ONCE UPON A TIME” or “GRIMM” since they have experience living in a fairy tale.
      Or maybe advertising/marketing, trying to make people need something they don’t.

  4. With as many times as this administration has said the “economy has turned the corner” I am beginning to wonder if they are looking at a heptagon.

    Either that, or we’ve turned the corner so many times we are back where we started. Either way the economy is still screwed up.

  5. In a perverse way I would love to see this punk ‘inherit’ his own mess next year – the worst economic disaster in American history. I want to see him dodge the bullet when his draconian tax hikes strike the very heart of our economic engine next Jan. – the so-called ‘taxmageddon’. I want to watch him twist in the wind when the ‘real’ unemployment numbers are unearthed after being suppressed for 4 years. Above all, I want to see him sweat like a pig when the Articles of Impeachment are drawn up after it becomes apparent that he is nothing but a con artist – a liar – and an enemy of State! Most of all, I look forward to seeing him pose for his last mug shot in an orange jump suit!

    • Maybe after all the facts come out he will be shunned ala OJ Simpson. That would be the most painful of all for the egotist in chief and his glam loving pig at the trough wife.

  6. As it turns out transparency and honesty was never one of Team Obama’s strong points. Keep repeating the lie often enough….

  7. This is why we are doomed if the press doesn’t grow some ‘nads. They just keep repeating the left’s lies, fiddling on the roof while Rome burns.

    Keith, we need you and others like you to be ‘louder’.

    • The problem is that >50% of the US is now hypnoitized to believe whatever the left says. Now they feel like they can just say things that are blatantly opposite of the facts, and people buy it. And they are right. I don’t know what comes next.

      • They’re not just hypnotized; they’ve been bribed, essentially, because they pay no federal taxes and get all the benefits. Of course, they’ll blindly keep voting for BHO and the Dems to keep the cash flowing to themselves personally, the hell with the country.

    • Lizzy, the majority of the voting population IS THAT STUPID. Therein lies the problem. That’s how we ended up with this amateur in office to begin with. Until we address that problem, we are doomed for more of the same.

  8. The economy has turned a corner and is now headed directly over the falls! An administration led by a president with absolutely zero business experience fills the cabinet with a bunch of egghead academics and voila we have a real stinker going here. Is anyone really surprised?

  9. Every word spoken by Visack is right out of King Barack Kardashian’s teleprompter. How these idiots keep spewing this garbage with a straight face is beyond me.

    By the way, in the BHO administration, the “Secretary of Agriculture” position has become nothing more than a puppet for Moochelle and her ten million different programs under the “Let’s Move!” agenda. I’ve been mindful of Vilsack’s schedule for the last few years and all he does is travel the country acting like a circus clown pushing MO’s agenda (“food deserts”, “My Plate” nonsense, get the kids moving, blah, blah, blah)