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Gorgeous Women Flocking to Neil Munro

I was so surprised. I know Neil – the reporter who interrupted President Obama in the Rose Garden the other day – and I had never imagined that he would become such a chick magnet. But the photoshop speaks for itself.

And these two are only the tip of the iceberg. As this Daily Caller photo series makes clear, lots of women are flinging themselves at Neil. And they all took most of their clothing off first!

I can only hope that this will provide some encouragement for other White House reporters, at least the male ones, to get a little more aggressive in their questioning. See what happens when you put a little testosterone into it?

9 Responses to Gorgeous Women Flocking to Neil Munro

  1. It’s amazing that Neil looks exactly the same in each photo. Hands in pockets? I hope that this will motivate other reporters to grow a pair!

  2. Because I respect and admire your intelligent, thoughtful and insightful take on political issues, I won’t comment on your juvenile and sexist piece.

  3. Is Holly Bensur a little jealous of her fellow reporter’s new found fame? Neil Munro has the distinction of being the first reporter to have the courage to speak out during one of the droning dictator’s teleprompter readings. He did the right thing, and he is deserving of all the accolades he’s receiving.

  4. We female readers can only hope that a woman in the White House press pool will grow a pair of ovaries and use the estrogen power to ask the President a question.

    And then maybe we will get to enjoy pics of hot male models flocking to her side!

  5. I’m thrilled that Neil didn’t get the bum’s rush after the firestorm. It’s nice to see his boss stand up for him. If he’s single, I hope he gets one of the ladies as a door prize.

  6. At the very moment that Neil interrupted the POTUS, multi-millions of viewers were screaming “OMG” at BHO’s latest “in your face, Congress and America” pronouncement! Neil, like us, felt slapped in the face, AGAIN, by BHO! Didn’t you and your readers hear the news about the earthquakes recorded abound the Nation that day and since? We felt one here in the mid-west! Not kidding, either, really! jb

  7. Unfortunately, it seems too many of the WH reporters get more of a thrill out of King Barack Kardashian than they do over women. Despite these horrendous three and a half years and the fact that he is a proven FAILURE in every way imaginable, they’re still excited and happy to be promoting him and his failed liberal ideology rather than actually reporting the facts.

    Maybe they really have become the WH “press corpse”.