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Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals.

Obama refrained from making his race an issue, and his opponents mostly left it alone too.

But events in the past week raise concern that race is being inserted into the 2012 campaign, particularly as a means to slander those who attack the president.

Left-leaning members of the mainstream media on numerous times in recent days have made race a part of the political equation, with many raising questions about whether conservatives are racially motivated in their treatment of President Obama.

The introduction of racial issues threatens to create a new and pernicious element of divisiveness that could create racial tensions during the campaign and induce a dangerous racial backlash after it, no matter who wins.

Following Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro’s interruption of President Obama last week in the Rose Garden, there were numerous suggestions in the media – including from veteran reporter Sam Donaldson – that Munro had been motivated by racism, without a shred of evidence indicating this might be the case.

On Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher said conservative journalist Matt Drudge was animated by racism. Drudge’s website, The Drudge Report, frequently links to articles critical of Obama.

On Sunday, a panel of mostly black reporters were asked by host Roland Martin whether black leaders were doing enough to defend Attorney General Eric Holder, an assumption that race should be a factor in whether to back an attorney general accused of numerous shortcomings and potentially illegal actions.

On Tuesday, in a remark that was hardly noticed – perhaps because such suggestions are now becoming commonplace – MSNBC host Christopher Matthews asked former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown whether House Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s treatment of Holder was “ethnic.”

Brown quickly said it was, prompting Matthews to comment that some Republican House members “talk down to the president and his friends.”

As the campaign heats up and attacks in general on Obama become more fierce, such talk of race is only likely to increase. And it could become a useful weapon in the hands of unscrupulous Obama defenders hoping to intimidate the president’s opponents with the threat of being branded as racist.

Obama himself has added an element of race to the campaign by dividing up supporters along ethnic lines, creating groups such as “African Americans for Obama” and “Latinos for Obama.”

If charges of racially motivated attacks on the president continue and Obama himself does not move to discredit the charges, he will be complicit in the injection of race into the campaign.

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  1. n 2008 Millions voted for Obama because he was Black and to prove they were not Racist. In 2012 many of those same millions will vote for anyone else to prove they are not Stupid. With the exception of Blacks.

  2. Keith: You’re right — the rabid racism rancor is just getting heated up, and most of it is complete B.S. (Barack Safetynet).

    However, FWIW, I was on the African Americans For Obama (AAFO-Americans?) conference call, and while much was said about voter disenfranchisement and rejecting the politics of the past, I did not hear the word “racism” used once. That at least says something about staffers.

  3. Actually, race was THE unspoken issue in 2008, and Barack Obama’s most potent weapon. Obama, knowing how terrified many people are at any suggestion that they might be racist, used it as a shield to protect him from any of the vetting that is happening to a limited degree now.

  4. The Black liberals and Black Democrats have been doing everything possible for decades to keep Black citizens as close to “slavery” as possible by promising them the world, without delivering, while blaming the White Republican “Racists” for their failures to keep them voting Democrat. The real White Racists are the White Democrats who know what is being perpetrated on the Black people and are happy to go along with it.

  5. Begin? I’ve been called racist going on 4 years now with my mother and Grandmother being called TeaBaggers where all 3 of us voted for this scumbag. We’re numb to it Keith but what we’re not numb too is what’s gonna happen in January. Folks seem not to understand that Whitey is still the overwhelming majority and I thank Barack Obama & his special guests The Progs for shaking my people out of their sociological stupor. Yes I said my people now that dear leader has successful separated U.S. citizens as to race. I will never forgive this man for that but in the interim, bring it ya shaved apes.

  6. The only and I do mean ‘only’ reason why race would be an is because this administration has yet to accomplish anything; obama has proven to be totally inept; the so called democrat leaders are liars, put nothing of substance to create a pathway for economic stimulation and, finally, the attorney general is a total political hack absent integrity.

  7. What does the 26 cities over 250K and the greatest poverty level have in common?

    All are heavy unionized and all have been controlled by Democrats for many many years!

    The same party and polities that reduced the black population into welfare bondage and the most dependable Democrat voters will work just as well for the rest of the population.

    Just reduced them to poverty and Depending on Welfare and you have a Democrat voter for life!

    President Zero and the Democrats are pursuing the same polities and spreading poverty for the rest of the Nation that have turned those cities and blue States like Calif., Illinois, New York etc. into basket cases and made them dependable votes for the Democrats!

    The more the Democrats can spread Poverty, Welfare and the Entitlement mentality the more Democrat voters they make and the closer they get to a Third World Socialist Paradise controlled Lock, Stock and Barrel by the Democrat party!

  8. Obama is not complicit in the injection of race into the campaign he is responsible for it. Obama and his crew can not get past race. It is always in the forefront of everything they do. Most other people couldn’t care less about race and but most Blacks it seems are suffering from some sort of infantile delusion that all their problems derive from slavery even if like Obama there is no history of enslavement in his family. Everyone alive has ancestors that endured slavery and probably not that long ago.

  9. It won’t work on me, because I don’t give two schitz what anybody calling me a racist thinks, anyway. I have lost friends, stopped doing business with people, lost contact with family members and put ones that I thought had more common sense than that on Notice.

    If I complain about policy, and all you hear is race, I don’t care anymore.

    I won’t be silenced. It’s disgusting.

    Mmm, before you get into, my family has multiple races, I am multiple races, my best friends have been different races (along with gender and sexual preference), my boyfriends have been different races, even from different countries and I enjoy true diversity. If you are a part of my life and ignore that for partisanship, you will no longer be a part of my life. That “diversity” it not something I can stand with.

  10. Funny isn’t it, so far a half dozen DemoRats are skipping the DemoRat Convention becuase they are up for re-election.
    Now, if that isn’t RACIST I don’t know what is!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. On Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher said conservative journalist Matt Drudge was animated by racism. Drudge’s website, The Drudge Report, frequently links to articles critical of Obama.

    Doesnt the Drudge Report post links critical to anyone in office?

  12. I’m inclined to disagree with you on this one Keith- the left has been using race as a weapon since before Obama was elected the first time. That was tho only possible reason anyone wouldn’t support “The One”. Saying he was promising more than any president could possibly deliver (Constitutionally) was nothing more than a way to try and cover up for your racism.

    It died out for a while, but now it’s back because it’s all the left has…

  13. Obama and his boot licking mainstream media toadies brought race into it a long time ago. Since he can’t defend himself for his actions or policies, what else does he have ? His very presence in politics has set race relations back 100 years now that his followers have revealed their own hatred and bigotry. And caucasian voters won’t forget it.

  14. When Obama loses, people will die. It’s just a question of how many. I realize the President and First Lady don’t wish harm on anybody. But I also believe they will do very little, if anything, to calm the situation. There are supporters of this President who will do anything to tear this country apart.

    • November 7th-stay home with your family-make sure you have enough food for two weeks-canned stuff in case the power goes out due to the rioting.Get a 12 gauge shotgun-pump only-I recommend a Mossburg and BUCKETS of 00 Buck.Aim low-knee level and the results will be devastating.
      Take note of how Koreans behave in riots-NO ONE attacks them or their businesses as whole familes are armed and on the roof of their stores and they do not hesitate to blow the head off any looter or arsonist.

  15. Calling me a racist or a Nazi because I despise this Marxist President,is the equivalent to trying to stone me to death with popcorn.

    Just like the “F” word,Racist and Nazi have lost their clout and merely reflect badly upon one’s protagonist.People simply don’t care anymore if they are called racists because in the main it isn’t true and is just a way of TRYING to shut down arguments that are blowing up in the Left’s face-they in fact are “Racers”,and racists.

  16. The media injected race into it in 2008 by inferring if you didn’t vote for him, you were racist. It worked. All the liberals and independents who couldn’t or wouldn’t see through him said of course they weren’t racist and voted for him. Considering how he is doing a lot of people are no longer swayed by this mistake. We’ll the country proved we weren’t racist so can we now get past the mistake and elected ROmney who can get us back on track.

  17. I have heard some liberal accuse conservatives of being racists nearly every single day for years. Just like to a dog everything looks like a fire hydrant, to a racist everything his competition says gets called racist. Only racists see race in every subject and every inter-racial interaction.

  18. “Rarely in human history has a nation turned itself inside-out and bottom side-up to make amends for racial injustice. It’s the essence of authentic bigotry to ascribe evil motives this year to those who, with ample cause, prefer someone other than Barack Obama for president. Many Democrats and their toadies in the media insist that we must shield Mr. Obama from the consequences of his incompetence simply because he’s black. So who are the racists?”—–Wes Pruden [Editor Emeritus of The Washington Times].

  19. Dear President Obama,
    I am Ben with Merchant Services and I regret to inform you that your race card has been declined. It is completely maxed out and rendered useless, please destroy the card and send it back to the issuing creditor. Thanks.

  20. America’s first President was black moor, Jon Hanson. Warren G. Harding, R, was first POTUS under the constitution in 1920. Democrats created a get out the vote drive named the KKK, headed by ex-POTUS Woodrow Wilson, D. It was the first time in US history that race had been injected in US politics.

    (The Civil War was Federalism vs. States Rights. Not slavery.)First American slave was a white man by a black plantation owner, Anthony Johnson, in 1630.

  21. The race card is the last resort of someone who has nothing better to say. It’s a conversation ender. And liberals have made the mistake of desensitizing everyone to the idea. People who used to recoil as if slapped when someone accused them of racism, not slough if off like a snarky comment. This is a very flimsey tower of cards the Obama campaign is building and I am not sure the likes of Maher or Matthews-both elitists who would treat subordinates like dirt-have much room to talk.

  22. Did you sleep through the whole “If I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon” nonsense? And also “Punish your enemies” to Hispanics?

    Obama has ALWAYS used race to divide; he’s just never called out for it.

  23. Republicans in power have done this to themselves in that they’ve targeted only two members of Obama’s administration consistently over the years without relenting: Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

    This is despite the fact that Fast and Furious started under Bush and his attorney general – which makes the targeting of Holder a witchhunt devoid of fact, and when those witchhunts devoid of fact keep happening day-in and day-out to the only two African Americans near the top of the executive branch, the implications are really obvious.

    We all know Republicans win elections using race, as Lee Atwater, the GOP’s chief strategist for decades, admitted this and recanted his actions on his deathbed. It’s not a secret anymore. What’s sad is that the same thing would STILL be happening in the 21st century.

  24. If disagreeing with Obama and recognizing he is a poor leader, liar and overall useless individual is racist, then I guess I am a racist by the left’s definition.
    I voted for him in 2008 because I thought he would do what he promised and the MSM was wonderfully framing him as “perfect”. Well after 3 1/2 years of watching his performance… I feel like an ass for being duped by the MSM and voting for this clown. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I am not going to vote for him again. Besides, the white vote in 2008 was about 50-50, and the black vote was 96%.

  25. If Neil Munro was not motivated by race, why did he have to lie and say, laughably, that he thought the president was done talking? People only lie when they have something to hide. What is Munro hiding?

  26. Why is it that it is always the liberals that plays the race card? If you differ from a liberal’s opinion and he or she cannot defend their position that person will accuse you of being stupid, a bigot or both.

  27. I have to wonder where you were in 2008
    “The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals.”
    What I remember, is that any criticism of Mr. Obama was immediately jumped on as “racism”. Indeed I suspect that many voted for him because they didn’t wish to be perceived by themselves or others as “racist”.
    When conservatives brought up his inexperience, his “cheerleader” speeches, with lots of bravado and little substance, it was immediately labeled as racism. Don’t you remember his Granny – “a typical white lady”, scared by a “black” aggressive panhandler at her bus stop. It never occurred to him or others, that she and thousands of others are frightened by aggressive drunks and panhandlers, and that race has nothing to do with it.
    It is no different today then it was in 2008 or 2010, Obama started out with more than 70% of the citizenry supporting his presidency. That had to include most of those who voted against him. It was, and still is, his inexperience, his policies, his distain for “non-academics”, his petulant behavior, his inability to recognize and admit to his failures, his constant evasion of responsibility, his lack of knowledge of his role as President of all of citizens, his narcissism and arrogance, his lack of actual empathy, and his failure to lead, not his race.

  28. Racism became a serious issue when Holder announced that the DOJ wouldn’t pursue an black defendants . . . in particular, the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation.

    Sorry, lefties . . . your side has no one to blame but yourselves.

    • Uh, before Obama even took office the Bush DOJ decided not to peruse the New Black Panthers.

      PEREZ: Moving to the matter at hand, the events occurred on November 4th, 2008. The Department became aware of these events on Election Day and decided to conduct further inquiry.

      Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez (2008): “After reviewing the matter, the Civil Rights Division determined that the facts did not constitute a prosecutable violation of the criminal statutes. The Department did, however, file a civil action on January 7th, 2009, seeking injunctive and declaratory relief under 11(b) against four defendants.”

      Plus: Obama DOJ actually obtained judgment against individual carrying weapon at polling place

      PEREZ: “Based on the careful review of the evidence, the Department concluded that the evidence collected supported the allegations in the complaint against Minister King Samir Shabazz. The Department, therefore, obtained an injunction against defendant King Samir Shabazz, prohibiting him from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of an open polling place on any Election Day in the City of Philadelphia or from otherwise violating Section 11(b).

      The Department considers this injunction to be tailored appropriately to the scope of the violation and the constitutional requirements and will fully enforce the injunction’s terms.”

      Get your facts straight

      • It was Holder who said that his DOJ would not go after black defendants . . . not anyone from the Bush administration. It was also Holder’s DOJ that announced that they were closing the investigation, not anyone under Bush. That announcement came after Holder was AG . . .

        Get your facts straight.

  29. Amazing. Its kind of like the Georgia bar owner, who had the sign outside his establishment reading “I don’t support the ni—- in the White House” – then denied he was a racist. That’s what a lot of these comments read like. You launch myriad racist attacks three years straight, then manage to convince yourselves the president is the racist.

    • Here is A HUGE HINT for you . . . we don’t like Obama’s policies and agenda . . . couldn’t care less about the color of his skin.

      It is him and supporters like you who make a big deal about his skin color. By the way, maybe you would like to read the comments here because it has nothing to do with racism . . .

      That is until comments are made like yours.

  30. “as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals.:

    The 2008 campaign was hardly colorblind when 95% of the black community voted for Obama. Additionally, the mainstrea media did not touch Obama’s personal qualities and the only proposal he offered was hope and change.

    But I am thankful that the race-baiting is being acknowledged in this article

      • Yeah, that is why so many black people voted for the first time in 2008 . . . include Sherry Whateverhernameis from The View who announced that at the age of 42 she voted for the first time.

        Only black candidates can count on any black votes.

  31. As Obama has nothing else to run on, his side has to use race as an issue now. They have spent the past four years dividing the nation into Balkanized bites. This is the result. His grand socialist experiment is collapsing like the European house of cards.

    One and done. Time to replace Dear Leader and bring democracy and the Constitution back.

  32. Firstly, what is a race card? How do I get one? Secondly, not all people who disagree with Obama sre racist, but to say that “white people” have moved on from race is just as silly. Race could not be used as a weapon in politics if racism does not exsit. We need division in poltics we would not have a poltical system any other way. The democrats tell blacks that all of their problems are due to white racism, the GOP tells poor whites that 100% of blacks are one welfare. Both groups go on believing and and so on.

  33. A racist never says they’re a racist, period. Even the KKK last week in GA said they aren’t racist. This guy says he is not racist or a bigot:

    Alcoholics don’t admit they are alcoholics
    Killers don’t admit they’re killers
    Drug Addicts don’t admit they’re addicts

    Just remember Americans are not that STUPID, TEA PARTY.
    Save it, I know your not racist already. I’m a racist for calling you a racist right? LMAO