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Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals.

Obama refrained from making his race an issue, and his opponents mostly left it alone too.

But events in the past week raise concern that race is being inserted into the 2012 campaign, particularly as a means to slander those who attack the president.

Left-leaning members of the mainstream media on numerous times in recent days have made race a part of the political equation, with many raising questions about whether conservatives are racially motivated in their treatment of President Obama.

The introduction of racial issues threatens to create a new and pernicious element of divisiveness that could create racial tensions during the campaign and induce a dangerous racial backlash after it, no matter who wins.

Following Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro’s interruption of President Obama last week in the Rose Garden, there were numerous suggestions in the media – including from veteran reporter Sam Donaldson – that Munro had been motivated by racism, without a shred of evidence indicating this might be the case.

On Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher said conservative journalist Matt Drudge was animated by racism. Drudge’s website, The Drudge Report, frequently links to articles critical of Obama.

On Sunday, a panel of mostly black reporters were asked by host Roland Martin whether black leaders were doing enough to defend Attorney General Eric Holder, an assumption that race should be a factor in whether to back an attorney general accused of numerous shortcomings and potentially illegal actions.

On Tuesday, in a remark that was hardly noticed – perhaps because such suggestions are now becoming commonplace – MSNBC host Christopher Matthews asked former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown whether House Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s treatment of Holder was “ethnic.”

Brown quickly said it was, prompting Matthews to comment that some Republican House members “talk down to the president and his friends.”

As the campaign heats up and attacks in general on Obama become more fierce, such talk of race is only likely to increase. And it could become a useful weapon in the hands of unscrupulous Obama defenders hoping to intimidate the president’s opponents with the threat of being branded as racist.

Obama himself has added an element of race to the campaign by dividing up supporters along ethnic lines, creating groups such as “African Americans for Obama” and “Latinos for Obama.”

If charges of racially motivated attacks on the president continue and Obama himself does not move to discredit the charges, he will be complicit in the injection of race into the campaign.

356 Responses to Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

  1. All those otherwise intelligent people who voted for him to prove they weren’t racist, should have listened to the rest of us when we told them it wouldn’t help.

    • True… Blacks stick together… They are a Clan..
      I have worked with them I know..
      It is all about them…
      NOW everyone else has learned.

      • its true that the black community sticks together like white on rice or like a tick on a dogs a**. They would never go against what their preachers tell them to do and, from what I heard in 2008, ALL preachers were telling their congregation to “vote for the black man” . It didnt matter that obama had/has ideology that is anti american in every way, as long as the man in charge is a black man then that is ALL that mattered to them. I would like to ask why these people put themselves first and said the hell with the rest of the country? Obviously because they do ponly care ablout themselves and, in my book, that makes them anti america.

  2. Obama has Used Race.
    He pretended to be a Uniter …However NO other President has Divided more.
    Worst President EVER……… That includes Jimmy Carter and Hoover.

  3. What else remains to be said about Obama as he goes about his business of creating discord, distrust, divisiveness, and hate.

    • He Pretended to be a Professor of the Constitution…
      However turns out he does not know the Constitution.
      Truth is … He was a guest speaker of State of IL Constitution Law.
      His book was a bunch of stuff to make him look good…
      Basically Stuff… NONE of it was true…
      He also said he was born in Kenya… Then he said he was born in Hawaii……Do we know the truth here……. I do know the Birth Certificate he gave does not have an official Seal…. A legal Certificate has the Raised Official Seal….

  4. The LibMarxists have worn that word out. When you continue to lie, exaggerate, shift the blame and break the law you become irrelevant and your reputation is ruined for life.

  5. SADLY, if they DON’T use racism or some other kind of -ism or -phobia, conservatives we are not doing well in the debate of facts. “COURTING SOCIALISM IS TRYING OUT CIGARETTES.”

    • That and Blocking information that shows “Cover up”.
      IF he knew ANYthing about the constitution … He would not have
      passed a Health Care Law that the Supreme Court will rule Unconstitutional…..
      And Block a Hearing that will reveal CORRUPTION Regarding Fast & Furious…..
      OR Say for two years he did not have the Authority to pass a bill . then pass it ANYWAY last Friday.. HE makes his rules. He is a RULER a King.
      He thinks the People are so dumb that they will not bulk him. He is the all wise… AND everyone else is stupid.

  6. This turd has made many of us who were never prejudiced to become so because of all the biased crap he has pulled. The O must GO!

  7. First Lady Michele is Jackie O and that is good. The photos and outfits and magazine covers in Jackie O costume are rolled out before every election. But if Gov Romneys wife rides horses it is mocked as elitist by the democratic operatives. What a farce!

  8. The continual claims of racism by MSNBC and the rest of the Left are the result of what psychologists call “projection”….what is in your own heart you see in others.

  9. Race THREATENS to become an issue?

    The vile and filthy Democrat scum have used “race” as a weapon of division and discord from the get-go.

    Someone should spit on little Keithie Koffler. I’m sick of America-hating Democrat party water carriers masquerading as “journalists.”

  10. You are kidding right?
    Team Obama used race like a blunt instrument in 2008 and has not stopped yet!

    You can’t have a single conversation where someone online or on-air in the media DOESN’T claim your a racist for even the slightest disagreement with Obama POLICY.

    And if he doesn’t do it directly he has his goon squad do it for him.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  11. Mr. Obama has already opened the floodgates to racial epithets in the upcoming election campaign. His indirect references to Mr. Romney as a candidate for white middle class males was the opening shot. If it’s good for the goose its good for the gander, especially in American politics.

    Rev. Jesse Jackson once stated that “there is no such thing as a black racist”. To Mr. Obama and Mr. Jackson I say – this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, racially speaking.

    All bets are off this time around. If Mr. Obama can’t restrain his campaign from disrespect of his fellow Americans then neither can anyone else be expected to grant respect to POTUS or his ancestors; whoever and wherever they may be.

    but that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

  12. “Become” a weapon? Are you kidding me? The libtards have beaten everyone within flailing distance with the race card for as long as I’ve been alive. The perfect hallmark of a bankrupt ideology, shrieks of racism are virtually all the left has remaining to fight with. The real pity is the incomprehensible fact that conservatives, whites, males, the employed and productive, the entrepreneurs and business owners, peoples of faith and Republicans still react to it at all. The parable about the boy who cried wolf should be changed to the “liberal who cried racism”.

  13. Liberals use race because they are scraping the bottom of the barrel … they have completely flopped, lied at every turn, and are caught up in so many scandals that they are desperate to find a way to get out from under the oppressive pile of garbage, which is the Obama legacy…. failure and desolation.

    But the Main Stream Media has painted themselves into a corner, they have shilled for Obama to the point of embarrassment … there is no way out for them … and I hope the broadcast industry suffers irreparable harm because of their culpability in this travesty of justice.. Goodbye Nbc, Abc, Cbs, CNN, NY Times, and all the media, print, online, and television based liars and thieves … you are not good for America you are part of the problem.

  14. What? Obama and his ilk have NEVER stopped using race baiting and the race card as a cowards hand held political weapon. The media takes us for idiots. Obama takes us for idiots. A certain race which shall remain nameless takes us for idiots. They are all wrong.

  15. Are you kidding?

    The “race card” was thrown into the ring the same moment as Obama’s ‘Panama’… back in 07.

    We didn’t realize it before-hand, but having a ‘black’ president brings a whole new dynamics to partisan politics. When we criticized Clinton, we were just “Stupid Conservatives”, but when we criticize Obama… we’re “Stupid RACIST Conservatives.

    He’s got to go this November, so we can try to recover from this “long national nightmare”.

  16. Why would he try to stop the racist charges. He benefits, he encourages, he probably even instigates such comments. President Obama is the most divisive politician ever…and he has done great damage to American race relations, along with his total destruction of the economy. I Putin would feel at home with the Social policies of Obama, although he would not share his peacenik approach to arms control.

  17. If ANYONE turns race card into race sword, it’ll be the Dems.

    To date, they have characterized every critique of president as racially motivated. Even when prominent black conservatives like Thomas Sowell and Alan West or Hermain Cain speak out, they IGNORE them.
    Instead they find some obscure white preacher in the South and blow up his words as if millions of Americans tune in daily.

    Romney has laser focus on Obama’s record. It sucks. Let Dems play race-bait. They’re the experts. They’re gonna lose and EVERYONE will remember why.

  18. Oooops, “Hate Fact”…can’t have that. “Hate Facts” are information/accurate truths or anything that Blacks believe put them in other than a wonderful light. Naming the race of a criminal is a hate crime, so is graduation rates, welfare statistics, attacks on whites by mysterious “flash mob members”.

    Anything Blacks don’t like is instantly a Hate Fact and racist….truth doesn’t matter, it’s feelings.

    • “Hate fact!” Love it, a great concept. You say something true and someone yells, “That’s a hate fact. You better come up with a lie that makes my gene pool look good!”

      Thank you, Greg, for putting a name to something that’s been used for a long time but never before recognized.

  19. “Threatening” to become?

    Not sure where you have been but people who question anything about Obama have been called racists since he was elected.

  20. That’s the surest possible sign that the Democrats are getting desperate. When nothing else is working and the polls are trending against you, throw out the race card to remind white voters “Hey, you voted for us last time and if you don’t follow through this time, then that just means you’re a closet racist!” or “If you criticize with this president, then obviously it’s because you really don’t like black people deep down inside.”

    Of course, 95% of black Americans can vote for a black candidate yet somehow that isn’t considered racist at all.

    • and with that being said, black america is the most racist of all the american people (This told to me by a black co worker who stated that black americans dont even like light skinned or dark skinned blacks). HHhmmm

  21. Race was used in 2008. I believe something to the effect…If you don’t vote for obama, you’re racist..

    I didn’t vote for him because he’s wrong for America. I won’t vote for him this year because he has proven just how wrong he really is for America.

  22. And that is ehy he will NOT be re-elected. Race relations were okay back in 2008 (not perfect but okay) and now race relations are really bad. He has succeeded in dividing us all along race, income, sex, sexual orientation etc. he is the great divider and I think that the very people that bring up the issue in every conversation that they have, are indeed the racists.

  23. This will backfire bad on Obama and dems. What the white house and media dont seem to understand is, that you cant analyze this election by lessons learned in the past. Most people see this for what it is. An election ploy.

  24. What I find interesting is how there are no “AMERICANS for OBAMA.”

    As a registered Democrat, I think that this speaks volumes about his presidency.

  25. If Obama keeps up with the race card tool. He will NOT get the white votes he needs to get re elected, like last time. Besides I am sick and tired of being called a racist. We all know that racism went with the great motown. But liberal news uses it as a tool, for votes, daily, weekly, yearly.

  26. Obama hasnt refiained from making race a big issue. Hes made it one of his most importan issues. By using the news media and others hes tryed to turn away from the real issues this country has.

  27. “The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign.”

    Are you KIDDING? The race card was played early and often in 2008, first against Bill and Hillary with the North Carolina primary. Our first “Black” president, Bill Clinton, became our first racist ex-president for observing he lost in that primary to Jesse Jackson, but still became president, and the same could happen for his wife, Hillary. After that EVERYTHING became a “code word” for racism. Those calling Obama’s ideas “socialist” were accused of racism. Rush Limbaugh was accused of racism for QUOTING an LA TIMES article that dubbed Obama the “Magic Negro.”

    An attempt is being made here to rewrite history so the race card can be played again in 2012 as though it never was in hopes it won’t be seen as an tired, old, warn out ploy, or Mr. Koffler was on another planet during the 2008 campaign.

  28. “The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals”.

    What?! Really??! Are you kidding me? Are you talking about the 2008 prez election from some parallel dimension. Do you not remember, even during the dem primary, the “first black President” Clinton being accused of racism. Race was mentioned about 24/7 by the ignorant propaganda lib media, and by Obama’s surrogates. It is still talked about. Criticize Obama’s healthcare law? racist!! Criticize his economic policies? racist!!! Criticize anything he does? Racist!!! Get real please.

      • Care to cite ONE example? Of course not, there are none. Birthers believe that Moabama wasn’t born in America. Fine, I dont believe that, but that is what they think. But Ive yet to hear any racism from a birther, or a Tea Party member; though the lib media likes to report on how racist these groups are. Put down the Kool-aid, and think for yourself.

          • No, it indicates that they don’t believe he was born in this Country. You are making an assumption, without any facts to back you up.

          • That is a fact. Both Romney and Obama had fathers who were born in another country and both Romney and Obama have provided birth certificates proving that they were born in the US, yet the black president is the one birthers claim is from an African country. Oh, and no one called any of our white presidents Muslim. Oh, and no one claims Romney is racist because his church was racist, but the right says Obama is a black nationalist because his pastor is. Facts, facts, and facts.

          • If Obama objected to Wright’s black nationalism and his hate sermons, why did he attend the church for 20 years? Michelle made him do it? Come on, a man or woman doesn’t sit around and listen to ideas that they find objectionable. Obama was there because he agreed.

  29. Obama took a trip to Kenya when he was a Senator. He was supporting a man running for president over there. This man lost the race, but his supporters got so violent that he was allowed to be a leader in the new government even though he lost the election. sound familiar with what is going on with all the violent racist attacks against whites in the big cities. Obama must have studied hard while in africa to learn how to use mass violence to achieve his objective. What a piece of garbage obama turned out to be, he could have done some great things for this country, but he chose to take a dump on it instead. Very sad man.

  30. ‘The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk’

    Are you kidding? All we heard about was the ‘Historic’ nature of the election. Unless I missed something that was about one thing BO’s skin color.

  31. Well, it is easy to suggest that republicans who blame Obama for the economic collapse of 2008 are being racist, but that may be a stretch. That doesn’t mean they AREN’T racist. In fact, many on the right are. For examply, both Obama’s and Romney’s fathers were born in another country and both have provided birth certificates showing they were born here, yet Obama gets the birther treatment while Romney does not. John McCain, who admitted to being born in another country-albeit on a US base-didn’t even get the birther treatment. Republicans had debt, yet there was no tea party. I don’t know that any other white president has been called a socialist or a Muslim. And, while calling him a muslim, conservatives brand Obama as a radical Christian based on the sermons of his pastor, yet Romney, whose church didn’t recognize the rights of African-Americans until the 70s, isn’t accused of being racist. So, yes, it is easy, and altogether proper, to call racists what they are. And, yes, race will be a factor in these elections, as it has been over the past few years…

    • Where do I start with such a ridiculous post? Romney has already been called racist many times by Obama surrogates, subtlety but definitely. You say that no white president has been called socialist I doubt that is true) but because no other president, white or black has tried to move us so far to the left to be modeled after Europe’s quasi-socialist states. No doubt some on the right will not vote for a black man for president. But are you so naive to think that 95% of black people voted for Obama on the basis of his policies, and not on the fact that he is black? If you vote, or do not vote for somebody purely on the basis of skin color, you are a racist. Liberal fool Harry Reid is a Mormon; are you willing to imply that he is a racist as you now imply that Romney is because of his “Church”? Repubs had debt but there was no Tea Party? The Tea Party gained strength in response to reckless govt spending, first by Bush and then by liberal pols like Obama who has increased the national debt more than all the Presidents before him combined. Before yo paint the right as racist, remember your history; it was dems that tried to block the Civil Rights Act in 1964; dems like Wallace who stood (literally) against integration; dems who started the KKK, and dems who fought to keep slavery the law of the land before the civil war. Get a clue.

      • I have a clue. First, I dodn’t say Romney was a racist. I said the right is doing that to Obama based on his church, but not to Romney. Second, we are not talking Dems vs. Reps. We are talking conservative vs. liberal. The dems of yore who fought against blacks were conservatives, just as they are today. And, yes. Many blacks voted for Obama based on race. So, yes they are racists. The same type of racists as the conservatives who won’t vote for him for the same reason, and who claim he was born in Kenya. All racists.

  32. When the Negrocracy is finished with us via the Alinsky-trained cadre, we will wish we had picked our own cotton.

  33. I’m not surprised. Look at the people African-Americans have chosen to represent them on the national stage. I’m not sure I could fault an outside observer for the conclusions they might draw. Those representatives are irrational, illogical, opportunistic,carry chips on their shoulders, make over a hundred thousand year and still act like they are downtrodden victims.

    They’re a pretty disgraceful lot without decency or integrity.

    Elect some small business owners or something. The current lot are a bunch of self serving trash with only a couple of exceptions to stand out as proof it’s not a racial constant.

  34. Condemning the white race for racism is racist — it assumes that all whites are racist, an assumption for which there is no eveidence whatever. It also assumes that any criticism of nonwhites by whites is racist, evidently in the belief that nonwhites cannot be held to the same standards of honesty and competence to which whites are held — and that, too, is racist — racism by nonwhites against or about whites. Racism stinks, no matter who practices it.

  35. Race will definitely be an issue in this election because that’s all obama’s got…frankly people are a lot fed up with the race issue…nobody cares anymore because they see what a mess this black man has brought to their lives. they don’t want 4 more years with this black man.

  36. Back in 2009, I bet a cousin of mine that there would be a race war before the election in 2012. We have seen the initial skirmishes of this already, what with the so-called “flash mobs” of “unruly teens” – who almost always turn out to be black thugs. (Note: I am no saying all blacks are thugs.) When you see the words “unruly teens” or anything even remotely equivalent and the race of the thugs is not mentioned, you can safely bet a year’s salary that they are black. Period. The race wars are fully sanctioned by President Obama, who has made no secret of the fact that he wished he had the power of a king, and laments that he (currently) doesn’t. The race wars will be aimed at two things: killing as many white people as possible and letting Obama swoop in with the National Guard as a savior of devastated white neighborhoods. Look for all of this to really pick up steam in September – where the press will ignore it – and then in full force in October. I would not be surprised if Obama has Romney assassinated by one of these thugs, who he can then kill with one of his drones as police close in to take him into custody. I’ve seen all of this in so many lousy movies, I can’t hardly believe I’m finding myself believing any of it. But, as I shake my head in amazement, I find that I do.

  37. If Obama was a conservative, he would have gotten my vote. Race would not have been an issue. But really, Obama isn’t black. He’s just a dark skinned white person. Just ask his dead Irish mother.

    • he so wants to be all black….he denies his white mother…don’t read his book…it’s full of lies and exaggerations….you will still know nothing of this man afterwards. not sure if he would know truth if it hit him in his half white head….