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Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals.

Obama refrained from making his race an issue, and his opponents mostly left it alone too.

But events in the past week raise concern that race is being inserted into the 2012 campaign, particularly as a means to slander those who attack the president.

Left-leaning members of the mainstream media on numerous times in recent days have made race a part of the political equation, with many raising questions about whether conservatives are racially motivated in their treatment of President Obama.

The introduction of racial issues threatens to create a new and pernicious element of divisiveness that could create racial tensions during the campaign and induce a dangerous racial backlash after it, no matter who wins.

Following Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro’s interruption of President Obama last week in the Rose Garden, there were numerous suggestions in the media – including from veteran reporter Sam Donaldson – that Munro had been motivated by racism, without a shred of evidence indicating this might be the case.

On Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher said conservative journalist Matt Drudge was animated by racism. Drudge’s website, The Drudge Report, frequently links to articles critical of Obama.

On Sunday, a panel of mostly black reporters were asked by host Roland Martin whether black leaders were doing enough to defend Attorney General Eric Holder, an assumption that race should be a factor in whether to back an attorney general accused of numerous shortcomings and potentially illegal actions.

On Tuesday, in a remark that was hardly noticed – perhaps because such suggestions are now becoming commonplace – MSNBC host Christopher Matthews asked former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown whether House Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s treatment of Holder was “ethnic.”

Brown quickly said it was, prompting Matthews to comment that some Republican House members “talk down to the president and his friends.”

As the campaign heats up and attacks in general on Obama become more fierce, such talk of race is only likely to increase. And it could become a useful weapon in the hands of unscrupulous Obama defenders hoping to intimidate the president’s opponents with the threat of being branded as racist.

Obama himself has added an element of race to the campaign by dividing up supporters along ethnic lines, creating groups such as “African Americans for Obama” and “Latinos for Obama.”

If charges of racially motivated attacks on the president continue and Obama himself does not move to discredit the charges, he will be complicit in the injection of race into the campaign.

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  1. Michael Barger (@MichaelBarger1)

    Keith, you are months behind in recognizing Obama’s deliberate use of race to win this election. Obama cannot win on the issues of the economy and responsible and competent leadership of the Executive Branch. As President Clinton has said he’s an incompetent amateur who has not bothered to pass a budget in three years.

    He must ensure maximal black turnout. He has therefore started two race wars, both against Hispanic Catholics. First with George Zimmerman and second with Operation Fast and Furious, most of whose victims are US and Mexican Hispanic Catholics.

    He is counting on there being race riots over George Zimmerman, who is completely innocent of the charges laid against him as liberal Alan Dershowitz has explained.

    But Obama has done nothing to tame the lynch mob baying for George’s blood. Indeed, he intervened to encourage them and then had Eric Holder investigate George to threaten him with committing a racial hate crime the penalty for which is death in Florida.

    It is all playing out exactly as Obama intends. The lapdog media are doing what they are supposed to do which is accuse Republicans of being racists for seeking information being wittheld about the deaths of hundreds of Hispanic Catholics on both sides of the border.

    The lapdog media tactic is classic faux-concern about racism when the racism is anti-white and anti-Hispanic which of course they do not want to see.

    What needs to happen is the media need to demand that Obama denounce the George Zimmerman lynch mob and stop stonewalling investigation into the Hispanic Fast and Furious deaths.

    I hope you will hammer away at him on this.

  2. The race card…the last refuge of the leftist…can’t win any other way? Play the race card…except that its already played out…

  3. I’m going to start a Persons with Half. Feeling Brain won’t Vote for Obama campaign! Lol

    Obama is going to lose in a ’57’ state landslide and the modern day democrat is going to be decimated because they elected a man because of his ‘race’.

    Like Joe Biden said they were so giddy getting thrills up their legs that he was the first ‘clean’ and ‘articulate’ black to ever run for president (bonehead Bidens words not mine) that they completely ignored the fact he’s surrounded himself his entire life with America hating Marxists. Now they have to pay the price for their idiotic destructive race and class based politics.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of useful idiots. The world is going to be stunned by what happens this November.

  4. Kingism is Racism. It’s a religion, and has become the official religion of the federal government. Our taxes have become tithes to the political elite who minister to a morally decayed populace about the virtues of keeping them in power. The whole sermon is swallowed hook line and sinker by the adoring press, who love themselves so much that it has become a form of worship.
    We lost this country a long time ago, and this administration will demonstrate that ever more frequently with Chavez style dictates that, while unconstitutional, will nonetheless become the law of the land by popular acceptance, and a lack of will on the part of those who we trusted to counterbalance this final attack on us, We The People.

  5. I think most people have gotten used to this type of politics from the left… it’s the same stuff every time. They can’t win an argument on the merits so they resort to racism.

  6. When one has nothing else to put forth as a reason to vote for Obama then the race card must be played. Unfortunately the card has become so dogged eared and overused it now turns off six people for everyone it sways into the Obama camp.

  7. Race has nothing to do with my decision to not vote for the president next November. Enough with the race crap! The man is half white. I don’t like the way things are right now. I don’t expect things to change over night or even in 3.5 years, but the mood of the people is down and ugly. Europe is a mess. We’re a mess. Let’s open trade and start building things in the U.S. again. Take pride in going to work, not sitting home collecting government checks.

  8. Obama had never had another plan for his election a second time. It has been always RACE, RACE, RACE………. You better elect me or the brothers;ll riot. That was it thn and it’s that now.

  9. If a person is incredibly arrogant in claiming that he can do a better job as a rookie than a “likable enough” seasoned political operator like Hillary Clinton he deserves it. And he didn’t just claim he would do a better job, he claimed he would do so much of a better job that Bill Clinton’s performance would seem poor and “non transformative”

    White Black Blue or Brown he is an arrogant bastard with great political talking skills but no political doing skills. Obama doesn’t have the political vision to understand that winning today can mean losing tomorrow if you win in the wrong way. Obama has racked up a series of burn all bridges wins.

    Giving Hillary the finger.
    Calling Bill Racist.
    Claiming amazing ability to be friends with GOP then calling GOP names.
    Teachable moment with honest Cop and over reacting friend.
    Teachable moment with Trey Martin who looks like his kid gold teeth and all
    Eqypt take credit before its clear there is any credit to take
    Kill Osama (good) snitch on which team did it (bad)
    Putting up a budget that not even a single member of his own party would vote for.
    Bail out the unions in GM bankruptcy over pension funds for non union people.

    1. Hillary Clinton is an Obama clone. These two are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with the emphasis on Dum. Hillary has no worthwhile experience which would qualify her to serve as President other than leading the attack on the women her husband abused.

  10. Where did the author come up with the bizarre idea that the 2008 race was not chock full of accusations of racism. The Obozo campaign played the race card early and often, starting in the primary. Sometimes directly, often through surrogates, race and the specter of racism hung over 2008 like a thundercloud.

  11. While the left will attempt to use race as a weapon, they will find it to be out of ammunition. Race as a weapon was only effective, when calls of racism seemed to come from a place of honest concern, or from real events that harmed others. Those days are effectively over, and as such, the only people against whom claims of racism worked (whites with feelings of guilt) have stopped listening.

  12. It’s Obama’s arrogance that people react to not his color. The truth is though, people have finally figured out he thinks we owe the black folks reparations and he will do anything to achieve that. Obamacare is not for the middle class. Taxing the rich is not for the middle class. The unions, the latino’s the poor whites are just votes. He is the racist radical and Van Jones and Eric Holder are on his team.

  13. So . . . . . from now on, if we don’t elect a (quasi) black person for President, were all racists ? . . . . I just want to know the ground rules !

  14. Race has been used as a weapon since Obama’s ’08 campaign. Remember him mocking conservatives during a speech, claiming “some people” might be hesitant to vote for him because “he looked a little different” and his “name sounded a little different?” He was already using the race to achieve his goals. The inappropriateness and irrelevance of his remarks were never condemned as they should’ve been, but instead applauded.

    And from the beginning his constituents have made it clear it IS all about race, claiming anyone who didn’t want Obama as president was a racist.

    This was initially disconcerting to all of us who opposed his policies and intent to alter our country, but after 4 years of race baiting, race pimping, and racism from the left, something wonderful has happened: the race card has been rendered irrelevant. Conservatives no longer care if they’re labeled a racist since Obama, Holder, and 70% of blacks have openly revealed their obsession with skin color by making everything about race.

    Think about it. One of the VERY FIRST pieces of legislation the Obama adminstration initiated was a new tax on tanning salons…a tax that affected almost solely whites. That was the first action this flagrantly racist administration took that specifically targeted whites, and their words and actions since have only underscored their intent.

    Remember in November.

    1. John:
      I’d forgotten about the tanning tax ( so much for helping small businesses.)

      I’m coming to the conclusion that non-blacks who know that this “scam” of calling anyone “racist” who doesn’t agree with the politics of B.O., needs to find a retort to being called, “racist.”

      Until I hear a better one, I’m simply going to retort:
      “Sticks & stones…………….” I don’t see how they can successfully thwart that one.

  15. Charges of “racism” are a shiny penny anymore — used to distract and detract from real issues.

    And who brings up race and racism the most? The Left. They hate individualism and the very idea of individual responsibility. They prefer to refer to people by the group they’re identified with (“blacks”, “women”, “gays”, etc.) They’re very quick to use group identity to define individual attitudes and opinions.

    Yet, it’s the Left that will also be quick to accuse others of doing the same. “Tolerance” is what the rest of us are supposed to exercise in the face of their blatant bias and bigotry.

  16. I, and I think many others, fear all this racism rhetoric will lead to a new civil war after Nov 6th, should Obama be voted out of office.

  17. It’s always been about race…………….Obama et al made it that way by design…’s the teflon….the kevlar that has been put in place to make Obama bullet proof

    With the open assistance of the media, Obama tries to hide / hides his failed, corrupt and treacherous verging on treasonous administration behind the issue of race, class envy ……………and the new constitutional right of “fairness.”

    Vote Obama out in November with prejudice (by a land slide) for no other reason than becuase he is incompetant and has failed to uphold the constitution and the laws he swore to honor and protect.

    Ms. Jackson Lee…………………….rolling the issues the country has with Obama / Obama’s turds in the powdered sugar of race doesn’t make the jelly doughnuts!

  18. Tell a lie long enough and people will believe it. Call me a racist long enough (though I’m not), and I just might become one. I judge actions.

  19. Ever since his election, that is all it has been about. Race. If you disagree with the President you are a racist, plain and simple. Wow, it never crossed the minds of the elite, liberal, idiots in this country that you just don’t agree with him, and his policies and race has nothing to do with it. Are there racists out there? Sure there are, but not nearly as many as they would have you beleive.

    1. Snowy River: I finally read his 2 books. It was like “slugging” through a textbook of a course you don’t want to take. ( But MUST )

      It reminds me of “Histronic Personality Disorder.”

      Watch his body language & facial expressions. Don’t need a Ph.D. in psych. to observe his obvious belief that he’s better than you or me. Scary!

  20. I’m wondering why Vladimir Putin is getting a pass, after it was widely reported that he “lectured” Øbama down in Mexico – Putin is certainly closer to a traditional ‘Caucasian’ {native of the Caucasus Region} than most Americans, no? Would that not, by default, indicate Putin is a “racist”?

    Semper Fi’

  21. Race is being used every day by the left. If someone makes a comment that the left doesn’t agree with, the left immediately calls it racist. They have been doing this for as long as Obama has been in the national political spotlight as a candidate, nominee and president. I am tired of it.

  22. Threatens? Don’t make me laugh. The administration has made sure that “Race” has always been the 800 pound gorilla in the room. (No racism intended here…)

  23. This president and the liberal left have been using race as a weapon for years, the only differences here is that there are many of us who have had enough of this and no longer give it credenence.

    Ultimately the biggest losers will be the blacks who will see the backlashes as the majority has finally decded to stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!

  24. Let the Democrats play the race card to the hilt, all it does is make them look foolish and hurts their causes in the end by toting it every chance they get. What a bunch of fools/

  25. strange — our founding fathers were afraid of this when they put in the constitution that to be president you had to have two parents that were citizens.
    How did this law get bypassed in 2008???????????

  26. Anybody who disagrees with Saint Obama is a racist. Everyone knows that. In the Obama dictatorship, you must agree with the Infallible One or else you will face severe consequences. Keep in mind, “He” walked from Hawaii to the Mainland; “He” can do no wrong.

  27. So, criticism of ANYONE who is an elected offical who is black is racism, then how does one criticise those officals of wrong-doing? Or can’t it be done unless by ANOTHER black person?

    They must seriously think everyone is not noticing that the “emperor” truly does NOT have any clothes on!

  28. Let me get this straight. When Obama was elected the first time he was white? But now that he is black conservatives don’t support him? No, conservatives didn’t support him in 2008 because he is a liberal. I’m going to go out on a limb and say most conservatives would not support him today based on policy. To say that anyone who doesn’t support him must be racist, IS racist.

  29. Race baiting in instilled and influenced by the left. The majority of the right has generally criticized Obama for his policies, the left just interprets all of that criticism as racist (even though blacks have criticized white presidents for years and the liberal mainstream media completely disregards it.)

  30. This is a fantastic article. Matthews is a racist to suggest that there is an “ethnic” component. Why on Earth does someone have to be racist if you disagree with their policy? These accusations discredit real racism and take away freedom to simply disagree! These people are racist. they care more about the color of a person’s skin than any conservative. It should be your actions, merits, and your values, not your skin color, that matter.

    Mr Koffler, you did a wonderful job relating Obama and the consequences (beyond the election) of his action/inaction.

  31. O’s record is one of failure. Everything the Dem’s have touched has turned to mud. After 3 1/2 years of unmitigated disaster, they have the gall to say that they need 4 more years to finish the job. Give them 4 more years and the US will resemble Greece. Yep, that’s something everyone wants. What a collection of duds.

  32. It will be a loser – it blew up in their faces in 2009 when they alleged all opposition to his policies were racist and it’ll blow up again. People are getting sick of being called racist because they disagree with policies they’ve always disagreed with.
    The intellectual cowardice and pathetic groping in the dark for a failure of a president is not going to convince people they’re racist and make them change their opinions on what they can see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears.
    The mere suggestion that race makes it a responsibility to defend holders illegal actions and constant flaunting of the law borders on treasonous in my opinion.

  33. With his racism and incompetence, Obama has set back race relations in this country a good 40 years. Instead of paving the path to the White House for other blacks, he has created a lasting bad taste in the mouths of voters who have any sense.

  34. Of course they’ll try to use it as a weapon. When your guy has been a complete failure and is obviously in way over his head the only thing you have left is to try to find a way to smear the opposition and make them worse than the current loser in the White House. The problem they have is that the race card has been played so often that is has become nothing more than a synonym for “I ain’t got nothin left so I’ll cry racist”– it has become the ultimate sign of weakness.

  35. Well, of course it’s racist — but only half racist, because Obama the Lawgiver is half white.

    But if it is racist to disagree with Obama, then by extension, even a rebuttal against a totally baseless charge of racism becomes racist in itself — and then further evidence for Matthews and Donaldson that the original statement just was the tip of the racist iceberg.

    But suppose we accused Matthews and/or Donaldson of being secret Romnye supporters and uber-conservatives only appearing to like Obama so that they could work to expose him on behalf of Rush Limbaugh. They would scream in horror and deny it — demanding retractions and brave punishments against the accuser. We would only have to point to the denials as incontrovertable proof positive of the original accusation.

    By injecting race into the contest where no race exists (eg, Holder’s contempt of Congress –regardless of anyone’s race) The media is attempting to incite racial conflict.

    Also, to quell raciist suspicions, why doesn’t Obama close “African Americans for Obama” amd “Latinos for Obama” and just have “AMERICANS for Obama?” This would be proof that Obama isn’t deliberately trying to incite racial discord.

  36. race not going to be that big of a issue anymore espically after the Executive Order to Cover-up Fast & Furious
    1. The documents Issa seeks exist.
    2. Up until now, Holder has asserted that he has complied with Issa’s requests.
    3. Holder has been in possession of those documents all along, including the hearing where he asserted that he has complied with Issa.
    4. The non-compliance with a Congressional subpoena is willful.
    5. Obama is now tied to the documents through his assertion of privilege.
    6. Neither Obama nor Holder has suggested the need to assert Executive Privilege until one hour before a contempt of Congress vote.
    7. Obama believes that he will suffer more harm from the release of the documents than by the assertion of privilege.

    This is huge, and it is political. Holder had plenty of time to argue that the materials requested would expose sensitive information, and there are processes in place for handling such situations, so to argue that now is pointless. Obama knows what is in those documents even though he has claimed no knowledge up until now, and he knows that this will cost him his kingdom so has decided to throw in with Holder and stonewall.

    Time to circle the wagons, General Custer.

  37. It’s no surprise that Chris Matthews is playing his “ethnic” card now. He started his race card stuff clear back in the first and second year
    years of President Obama’s term, saying anyone against the president’s ideas for governing was a racist. And of course, in Matthew’s eyes all Tea Party members are racist. Basically, Matthews is a race hustler just like
    Al Sharpton, but as usual he doesn’t have the guts to admit it. In fact, Matthews and “Hardball” are a perfect example of “Jumping the Shark”.

    1. Bush was slammed by the press for being insensitive to the poor- havent seen either of Potus or Flotus get their hands dirty visiting the inner city- Detroit- discuss the breakdown of the black family – the difficult life of the matriarch in the black community – all we see is a golf playing over vacationed elite first family grabbing for themselves the life of the elite while lecturing hard working Americans to do more for the poor!!! Its a sham and extremely disappointing to see another missed opportunity for the Democatic party!

    2. everybody knows chris matthews is a democrat with no regard for the average person. he is so out of touch with everyday americans…he sits up there in his msnbc studio making his millions every year and acts like mr equal opportunity…i wonder how he would feel if his daughter brought home a black boyfriend…..

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