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Mr. President, Blow a Bubble for Putin

Really, I don’t mind if the president has to chew Nicorette gum. We all have our weaknesses. But does he have to do this on the World Stage?

I do mind that the White House tries to suggest that President Obama has kicked the habit by celebrating that he no longer smokes. It reminds me of alcoholics who say, “Oh, I only drink wine now.”

H/T to Janice, one of our readers, who pointed out this video. She videoblogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

22 thoughts on “Mr. President, Blow a Bubble for Putin”

    1. YEP, noticed that too. Maybe he should stop begging them to help him keep his job. They’re probably as tired of listening to the bore as we are.

  1. This isn’t the first time Obama was seen chewing his gum at international summits as well as the Joplin memorial service. Apparently, no one on his staff has the guts to chew him out. Pun intended.

    1. They don’t have the guts to tell either of them a whole lot of stuff. Like how to greet the queen or give a toast, how to dress, how to shake hands and not give bear hugs, how to hold your arms down during photos and how to not bow to other world leaders.

      1. Those two think they know everything there is to know about everything. Wouldn’t doubt if they thought they were above taking any lessons on White House and diplomatic protocol.

  2. I wonder if he ‘waved’ for the offical picture like he has done previously during large photo ops.
    Makes me long for the class of Reagan.

  3. Maybe he’s addicted to the gum ? He could at least chew like a gentleman instead of a cow chewing cud. Or switch to the patches. Geezy Peezy Preezy :D

  4. I can’t watch the video because…well, I just hate watching Dear Leader. but you are telling me he was chewing gum when he met with Putin? that really is tacky.

    Keith, love the comparison to alcoholics saying they only drink wine now! say… perhaps BO is chewing so actively to PROVE that he’s kicked the habit. maybe just to convince Michelle. between her and Putin, I’m not sure who would be the meanest.

  5. I would never hire someone would chewed gum during an interview. I would reprimand an employee who chewed gum during a formal event. Why can’t our president have a sense of basic gentility?

  6. I’ve always been convinced that he still smokes cigarettes when he can. That’s probably one of the reasons he likes to spend five hours on the golf course as often as possible. No one can snap photos of him puffing away there.

    He’s still a smoker and that’s why he needs the Nicorette gum when he’s in public. He needs his fix.

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