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Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 21, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || Meets with senior advisors
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
1:40 pm ET || Remarks on student loan rates

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at noon

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 21, 2012”

    1. Considering he’s in full campaign mode, I’m sure the only Presidential thing he’s doing is setting up the next demo group to pander to with executive orders.

      Like discussing student loan rates ? More free money to that youth demo! You see, he cares about them………. ;)

  1. Remarks on student loan rates aka blaming congress for not passing it ‘right away’. With taxmagedon looming, he concentrates on this? Oh, that’s right, pandering for the student votes…almost forgot.

  2. A day in which, based on the poeple he meets with, Obumer gets progressively dumber, but is made to feel progressively smarter.

    Did I hear somewhere that SCOTUS rulings typically come out on Mondays or Thursdays? Maybe this is a bunker mode where the student loans remarks get canned if the ruling goes in such a way that the republic has a chance of survival, or if not, then its “party time” for the admin and the student loans comments still get canned.

  3. The way I look at student loans is it is a subsidy to the universities. The universities know there is a flood of government student loan money. They continue to raise their tuition rates in order to capture it.

    1. And you would be absolutely correct. If kids (and parents) had to pay full rate, prices would come down overnight. Just like drug prices if we got rid of government regulations.

    2. Abolutely correct. And look at the salaries of university president’s. These guys make as much money as many CEOs. Plus taxpayers are funding a significant portion of university expenses through NSF, NIHS, etc grants..

  4. It would be a bit more productive if he met with congressional leaders rather than lecturing them from his podium. But then he might actually have to say something that wasn’t prepared in advance, so I guess that does rule it out…

  5. Must be nice not to have a care in the world. The country is crashing down around us, yet he has no problem getting a good night’s sleep and spending his day pandering to special interest groups. Here I am tossing and turning all night, worried for my children’s future, and praying the Supreme Court overturns his monstrous health care bill.

        1. just read that the poverty level is up 6.7 % since this Idiot took office and now 49 million without ins u0 4.5 million and 6.7 million more on food stampes change oh obozos dream land destroy america you are history on november useless as the tits on a BULL

  6. Senior Advisors? Is that “code” for Valdemort Jarrett having to hold Dear Leader’s hand (while Axelrod and Poofy apply the dozens of needed Nicorette patches) if the Supremes drop their rulings on Arizona and/or ObamaCare today?

    My guess, Kagen has “alerted” her fellow Obots trouble lies ahead.

    Today maybe epic!

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  8. Maybe he’s meeting with advisors & lunching with Biden so they can go over what Biden’s duties will be after “Ocoverup” gets impeached & removed from office.

  9. FYI per the live blog of SCOTUS, no Obamacare ruling today. Maybe he and Biden can knock down a few beers and put their feet up at lunch.

  10. Glad to see good old Jay on the schedule today. Think dopey Jay is getting geared up to take on an avalanche of questions regarding Fast and Furious now that his boss man has officially taken ownership of the issue?

  11. Have the “Obama’s” ever done a TV documentary about a ‘Day in Their Life’ in the White House?
    Just curious, because I seem to remember a few “First Families” doing that… (and it showed they were a Real American family-type…)

    1. You don’t honestly believe they’d tell the truth about their day, do you?

      The truth about Barry-O’s day is plain from Keith’s posts.

  12. So, after taking yesterday off he rolls in at 10am, puts in a whole hour, has lunch, and then makes a statement for a few minutes this afternoon. Wow, how exhausting.

    I’m surprised that he isn’t sneaking out to a couple of fundraisers in DC this afternoon or evening. He spent the first two weeks of June fundraising like crazy, but this past week he hasn’t been able to between going to Chicago last Friday for the weekend wedding of ValJar’s daughter, and then off to Mexico for the G20. He’ll pick up the pace again soon because they’re desperate for good fundraising numbers for the month of June and for the second quarter.

      1. Better yet, what if they had an election and no one came? That’s all I care about. I hope he does raise a billion dollars. I love seeing liberals part with their cash and have it all go to waste. All I care about is that not enough idiots show up this time to elect this guy. Hopefully, they won’t have enough dead people, illegals, and multiple voters voting to seal his reelection.

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