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Issa Panel Cites Holder for Contempt

Led by Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the House Oversight Committee this afternoon voted Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun running operation.

After Republicans defeated several Democratic amendments seeking to water down the contempt resolution, the panel moved through a resolution of contempt on 23-17 Party line vote.

If a deal is not worked out to provide the documents – which President Obama has sealed through a claim of executive privilege – the next step will be a vote of the entire House on the contempt citation.

15 thoughts on “Issa Panel Cites Holder for Contempt”

    1. can’t they just vote tomorrow?

      all that in between time is not good-who knows what ‘they’ will come up with
      Eh the Hell with it!-

      keep slurping those slurpies, and eating those hot dogs while you can, and oh ya better use up that freedom of speech while you still have it.

      btw when Is Real Housewives on?


  1. They know. The Repubs know that the project of Fast and Furious was not “botched”, it didn’t “go off the rails”, in fact if worked up until the point that Agent Terry was killed by a Mexican with one of the assault guns.
    Even then, it was hoped that the message could be spun to give them the result they hoped for; an outrage against the Arizona gun dealer who illegally sold the firearm to a Mexican national that would put the sale of assault weapons in the public eye.

    They know the firearms were never to go to Mexico, but to be used by illegal Mexican drug cartels in firefights on American soil. The stooge they used to purchase the firearms has since been killed.
    Nothing else makes sense; the ATF or the DEA had no need to track drug cartels in Mexico and even if they did, how would arming them with American firearms hinder the drug trade or allow them to intervene in Mexico.

    The President has lit a stick of dynamite with his Executive Privilege cover for MrHolder; the only question left is to determine if the fuse is long enough to burn past November.

  2. God bless California’s Rep. Darrell Issa for having the courage to finally take Attorney General Holder to task regarding “Fast and Furious”. Holder and Obama have a long record of looking the other way on many issues. The next presidential election will give us a choice. Approve of Obama doing everything he can to destroy America economically or elect someone else whose parents did not hate America. The choice is simple. Please name one thing which Obama has done to help our economy? Don’t include those things that have backfired and set back even further! Isn’t strange how Obama and Hillary are trying to take away our guns but arm the drug dealers? Yes?

  3. This is from the Ulsterman White House Insider.

    Another interesting tidbit I heard today on some talk show. For the longest time Issa was asking for all documents,suddenly it got narrowed to something like 1300,very specific documents. I heard today that whoever Issa’s informant is told him exactly whats in the documents and thats why he all of a sudden has gotten really agressive and why the White House is spooked. Don’t know how true it all is but something happened that brough this to a new level.

    Keith, tomorrows press briefing is going to be a real doozy! Can’t wait to see Carney spin this!

    1. Carney won’t have to spin anything because he won’t answer them. He’ll either say he can’t say anything because it’s an “ongoing investigation”, it classified, or he’ll point the reporters to the Justice Department. Has Carney ever actually answered a question?

    1. They are related but not the same. Fast and Furious was the Obama administration’s perversion of Project Gunrunner, an international firearms tracking program between the US and Mexico developed during the Bush administration. Sharyl Attkisson didn’t use the term “Fast and Furious” in her first report on February 23, 2011.

      1. I guess my point is,it may not have been called “Fast and Furious”,but Holder was fully aware of gunrunning going on and according to that March 2009 clip,was giving more funding to it.

      2. The big difference is that Mexico did not know about Fast & Furious and never kept advised about it. With Project Gunrunner they were a part of it and kept informed every step of the way.

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