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Romney May Not be Considering Rubio

UPDATE: Romney says Rubio is being fully vetted.

Jonathan Karl of ABC News is reporting that “Republican sources” are telling him that Mitt Romney is not even vetting Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), revealing that Rubio has not been asked to provide background information or told to complete financial disclosure forms.

If this is true, then Rubio is out. It’s not conceivable that someone as organized and methodical as Romney would not have started vetting Rubio already.

Though he would generate reams of excitement among conservatives, Rubio probably would present problems for Romney personally. Mitt is not the most exciting candidate, and the Romney campaign is probably concerned about the warm up act upstaging the star of the show.

But at a more basic level, Rubio is a Tea Party conservative, and Romney is not. His presence on the ticket might interfere with Romney’s message, and probably just makes Mitt uncomfortable.

Not saying Rubio isn’t the best choice. Just saying Romney may not want to deal with someone over on his right, both during the campaign and his presidency.

42 thoughts on “Romney May Not be Considering Rubio”

  1. I hope the story is not true and that its merely a plant to further strengthen last week’s immigration announcement among Hispanics. Keith, your points are well taken about the possible friction but to virtually exclude Rubio this early would be a mistake.

  2. Rubio is not a Natural Born Citizen, thereby Constitutionally ineligible for The United States Presidency – he was not born of two citizen parents, on U.S. soil.

    1. This seems to be value that is not rooted in anything.
      Obama, was not born of two native American citizens and possibly not in the US, and yet, look where he sits.
      My ex was born of two native born American citizens and yet the birth took place in a foreign country and naturalization had to occur upon returning to the US, which created ineligibility.
      I wish we could get this straight.

    2. Martha, I thought it was naturally born citizen = born on US soil. If Romney were to choose him, Dear God I hope they have the birth certificate issue covered!!!!!

      1. ‘the birth certificate … covered”. What irony.

        Though I sense you know as well as I that there is no authentic HI bc for “Obama”. So it’s really a matter of covering up a fantasy document, isn’t it?

        As for the definition of Natural Born Citizen, please visit Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s website for years of thoughtful analysis / discussion:

        1. I’ve researched this, looking at original documents. Can’t say I’m the final word, but my conclusion was that there is insufficient evidence for this and that based on English law, which was the foundation of our Constitution, Natural Born Citizen does refer to people born on this soil.

  3. How can Rubio be a contender when he is not a ‘natural-born’ citizen? He was 4 years old when his parents became U.S. citizens. He also lied about his parent’s fleeing Castro – Castro had not even been elected when they emigrated to the U.S.

    1. I beleive you are a natural born citizen if you are born here, regardless of where your parents are from. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure i am correct.

  4. Which just goes to show that there are way too many GOP’ers in DC who are more interested in their agenda and legacy and re-election chances than are willing to make the tough choices that we need as a country to bring us back from the brink. So more of the same, which means we could once again be vulnerable in 2016, assuming Romney wins this year. Just like the dopes did in 2006 when they squandered their majority. Its a case of the vainglorious believing their own propaganda and history just keeps repeating itself. The other thing these jackasses need to consider is succession planning. If Romney chooses someone who has been around for centuries and is in his age range, how the heck are they going to be viable in 2020, assuming Romeny wins this year and again in 2016? DISgusting conceit.

  5. Romney could pick a potted plant as a running mate and I’ll still vote ABO !

    I think a lot of undecideds will shift to Romney based on his VP selection as it will speak volumes about his self-confidence and a peek into his future administration. There’s several young, popular governors out there who would serve well and get much needed foreign policy experience the next 8 years. The right choice could possibly put the GOP in charge the next 16 years :) Which is fine by me since I could never see myself as a Democrat ever again.

  6. I’m happy about it. I’m tired of hearing about the Dream Act and it would look like pandering to Hispanics. I’m sure he’ll pick a good VP.

    1. That Dream Act talk is a real turn off to me too. Rubio uses the high school valedictorian who was brought over as an infant to tout his bill. Wish he could spend a few days on the Texas border and see all the young children being used as drug mules or sex slaves by coyotes who are paid a hefty price to bring them to America. How about sealing the border before deciding what to do with the illegals who are still here? Reagan fell for the ruse of granting amnesty on the promise of building a border fence. That fence still hasn’t been built.

      If Romney wants to win over the young constitutional conservatives who were drawn to Ron Paul, he will pick someone who identifies with the Tea Party. My choice is is Allen West, but know Romney could care less about the Tea Party.

      1. Although I like Rubio, I’m not in favor of the Dream Act either. The pro-amnesty people never seem to acknowledge or put forth solutions to end the problems of the drug mules or sex slaves you mentioned, in addition to those held for ransom. A few days ago in AZ, 15 illegal aliens were arrested. They had a 6 yr old girl from El Salvador traveling with them. None of them claimed to be caretakers or parents of the girl. It’s scary to think what may have become of that child!

        1. @Susan and AZGranny.
          Most Americans don’t see what we do, don’t have to deal with the coyotes or the criminal element that crosses our borders. By the time illegal aliens reach their destination State, they become like cockroaches that hide and don’t show themselves.

          Other States don’t have to deal with the massive drug trade out of Mexico and the inevitable dead Mexicans who didn’t pay enough or were just killed for personal reasons.
          The child arrested in Phoenix was probably sent for by her parents who found enough money to pay her passage to America.

          PrezObama was right in one thing; we want a 20ft fence and a moat filled with alligators on our Mexican borders if that’s what it takes to stop South Americans from entering our country.

          1. I am so angry at Obama’s actions that it’s beginning to affect my health and keeping me up nights. There should be NO discussion of amnesty for anyone until the borders are secured, birthright citizenship and chain migration abolished and our immigration laws fully and consistently enforced from this point on in perpetuity. Why should we continue to allow our compassion and generosity to be exploited and our sovereignty rendered impotent? We are the only country on the planet who is condemned for insisting on respect for the rule of law. What are we-chumps?!

    2. Good–we do not support Sen. Rubio–his version of “Dream Act” is a slap in the face of folks like us who came here legally; waited years to become legal citizens. Anyone who thinks they can wave a magic wand and suddenly make “illegals” legal is not someone we can support. These laws have worked for a reason for years–if you can’t follow the laws of the country you have entered “illegally” then get out–JMHO!

  7. As much as I admire Sen Rubio, I’m begining to think that Gov Romney may be leaning toward Gov Chris Christie. That would make Ann Coulter very happy…Gov Romney wants someone with executive experience who could actually function as our president. The antithesis of our current VP.

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  9. In the words of Thomas Sowell:

    “No nation can absorb unlimited numbers of people from another culture without jeopardizing its own culture. In the 19th and early 20th century, America could absorb millions of immigrants who came here to become Americans. But the situation is entirely different today, when group separatism, resentment and polarization are being promoted by both the education system and politicians.”

  10. I still think Mitch Daniels is a possibility. He required all state agencies in Indiana to return a percentage of their budget each year to the state treasury, and Indiana is sitting on a surplus after 8 years in office. He knows the ins and outs of DC, and has the business background that would compliment Romney.

    He is not an in your face kind of guy that Christy is, nor would he upstage the number one on the ticket. Add to this that fact that he is not able to run for reelection this year, so he is wide open for the number 2 spot. Plus, he is intelligent and would clean Biden’s clock.

  11. While Rubio could pull in some Latino votes I just don’t think he’s the best for the job. I’ve liked him from the first but Florida really needs to keep him right now, plus he’s a brandie new Senator, do we really want someone that fresh being a vp? We’ve got the -resident who was inexperienced and rode the race card to office. I don’t want to see another one and I really do like Rubio for the most part.

    And someone said Christie? Geeze, do we want that Rino in there? We need someone a tad more conservative. But the mouth, yeah, that would be a dynamite debate!!

  12. There is no evidence that Marco Rubio meets the definition of “natural born Citizen” found in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution. While today’s politicians and public officials have tried to convince those questioning Obama’s eligibility that simply being born on U.S. soil is enough to qualify, there are many historical examples, “The Law of Nations” by Emerich de Vattel being one, which indicate that the citizenship of the father or perhaps both parents is a determining factor. In fact, birth on U.S. soil may be irrelevant to determining whether or not a person is “natural born.” There are even doubts about Romney’s eligibility, although the latest information I have found is that his father, although born in Mexico, was a U.S. citizen. If Mitt was born to a U.S. citizen father, he most likely qualifies. We do not need people with divided loyalties in the White House commanding our military, and there has been much discussion that Obama’s admission of dual citizenship at birth disqualified him from the start.

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