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Report: Mubarak is Clinically Dead

UPDATE: Well, now he’s back. Apparently Reuters jumped the gun. Seems he’s in critical condition. Maybe it depends on whatever “clinically dead” means. Maybe being “clinically dead” is a little healthier than being “dead.” I don’t know. This is a White House blog, not sure why I reported this to begin with. Now I gotta update continually and watch over Hosni’s health like an intensive care unit nurse.


Reuters is reporting that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is “clinically: dead. Mubarak, who was 84, was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month.

Reuters says the report is emanating from the Egyptian state news agency, and that Reuters has confirmed the report with a source at the hospital where Mubarak has died.

Mubarak’s heart had reportedly stopped earlier today at his prison hospital, but paramedics there resuscitated him. There are also reports he suffered a stroke.

He was then transferred to a military hospital in an upscale Cairo neighborhood, where he apparently has died.

President Obama, after backing Mubarak, switched course and abandoned him last year as the winds shifted in Tahrir Square and the protestors appeared to have the upper hand.

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      1. I very much doubt that Hillary Clinton — or her boss — has any interest in helping Israel. Remember her pro-PLO comments when her husband was President.

    1. *like, agree.

      I like to think that I’m sorta intelligent and can understand the English language, but that “press conference” had me muttering “what?” “what did he say?””. It was like his speechwriters put together a string of words that sounded important but made no sense. All I got out of the whole thing was that the G20 was a waste of time, nothing was accomplished, and some trade agreement might be signed at some later date.

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