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Portman, Pawlenty May Top Romney VP List

UPDATE: Romney says Rubio is being fully vetted.

Then again, they may not. I wouldn’t believe everything you’re reading about this now. Who at this point in 2008 was talking about Sarah Palin?

But this is the gist of a Washington Post article following up on news broken by ABC that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), beloved by conservatives, didn’t make the short list.

Some Post editor clearly went ballistic this morning after seeing the ABC story, tore over to his reporter’s desk and demanded: “Get me something to move this story forward, NOW!!”

Non-threatening white male by the name of Portman seeks position as vice president. Guaranteed not to commit gaffes and to be ready on day one Just In Case.

And so we have a piece that says Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.) are getting the Full Vetting Monte, and probably Reps. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) are too.

Rubio is viewed by Romney, apparently, as not quite ready to take over “On Day One,” which Romney says is his top priority. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is also apparently not being vetted. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez also apparently fails the Romney gravitas test, according to the Post.

But as Allahpundit notes over at Hot Air, Ryan is just a year older than Rubio and probably also comes up short on gravitas.

And Jindal bet on the wrong horse in the primaries – endorsing Texas Gov. Rick Perry – and he’s pretty young too.

So that leaves Pawlenty and Portman, as well as whoever else we don’t know about.

Pawlenty really impressed me during the primaries when he starting strutting around crowing about “Obamneycare” and then was too chicken to repeat the term to Romney’s face.

Then, after withdrawing from the primary and watching every nudnik in the race get his chance as the frontrunner, Pawlenty wondered aloud whether he’d quit too soon.

A real profile in courage.

I honestly think Romney will choose Portman. Just my guess.

Portman, whom I got to know fairly well during his years in Washington on Capitol Hill and as Bush OMB director and U.S. Trade Representative, is a very capable and smart individual. He can do the job, and – don’t listen to anything he says about his important work as a senator – he wants it.

But, you know, Romney and Portman would be a little bit like ordering a cheeseburger at a Thai restaurant.

What kind of ads would they have?


On the other hand, maybe after four years of Obama’s incompetence and Biden’s goofiness, bland competence may be looking nice and tasty to voters, who may be thinking:


26 thoughts on “Portman, Pawlenty May Top Romney VP List”

  1. “Toast and butter, together again.” That’s gotta’ be the quote of the day, Keith.

    But hey, maybe it’s time for “Breakfast in America”

    1. I am morethan ready for bland and blander after the showbiz infested glitterati of Boo Boo and Moo Moo.

      Or maybe smart and smarter or class and classier?

  2. Don’t matter who he picks, I’m still voting for him to save my country.

    Keith, Have you heard how the meeting between Holder and Issa worked out? Leaky Leahy was invited to attend so I betcha most of Washington knows what transpired by now…

  3. There are only so many times a chef can shove supposedly “tasty” food down your throat, which you continuously regurgitate, before you’re so fed up you punch him in the face and run down the street to Waffle House or IHoP. Ultimately, what you need to survive are the good basics. I’m already sitting at the counter begging for toast and butter.

    1. ditto here.
      Two “old, White guys” or any combination that will give us serious, nose to the grindstone people who will right our ship, attack our huge deficit, and make some tough decisions are what we need.

      If they’re both sporting pocket protecters and part their hair down the middle, that’s OK by me.

  4. With everything we’ve had to endure the past 3 1/2 years, toast and butter sounds absolutely scrumptious right about now…I will certainly place my order on November 6th.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Rob Portman? two vanilla white guys? I’m already bored and I’m a GOP precinct delegate.the pres and VP should complement each other, not be a mirror image of each other.

    Jindal’s a possibility, but I’d still like to see Rubio (or Condoleeza Rice). are we sure Rubio’s really out, or is that just Romney spin to show he’s not going to pander to Hispanics like Obama did?

  6. I agree with some of the posts – boring sounds very good right now. I still don’t know why we need a “cool” President or a charismatic one for that matter. I think it is important to have adults. Mr. Romney has an incredible family story – that should be enough “cool” for me. I don’t know who is the best VP candidate right now – but even though Paul Ryan is just a bit older than Rubio – I do think he has the credentials budget wise. Bobby Jindal is impressive – young but has quite a story himself. As for Portman I find him to be articulate and a grown up. I’ve seen Sen. Thune interviewed – and he too is impressive. Honestly – you are right – after the circus and hollywood influence we really need some adults in the White House. Don’t have to agree with everything they say and do – but boy – wouldn’t it be nice not to have to read constantly about the “hollywood types” and being the ultimate arbiters of this race. Go Romney!

  7. My husband thinks this is a campaign strategy,by Romney’s camp. Just keep them talking. Certainly has gotten alot of attention hasn’t it?
    The one thing I want out of the VP candidate is to get more votes by delivering a swing state or a minority group.I really don’t care if they are bring as heck or have lots of pizazz,just get Obama out of there.!!!

  8. OT I know, but Romney should do something with that hair!

    It is an old republican hack style, but then again that is who he is.

    btw how many taking bets that tomorrow is a day off for big O?

  9. Hey, I am ready for “toast and butter” if it is competent “toast and butter”. What we have had for the last 3.5 years has been anything but competent.

    However, I did hear that Romney has said that Rubio is being vetted. I bet that no one outside of a small group really knows who is on his list.

    I have an idea that Romney will do a good job with this task. At least, better than Obama did with Biden.

  10. Just saw Rubio on Gretta and Fox is reporting that Rubio is being “thoroughly vetted”.

    If you want to let the Romney campaign know how you feel about Rubio/Portman/Pawlenty or any issue regarding their campaign, please go to the following links to send his campaign a message:

    To offer the campaign suggestions:

    To Make a comment or ask a question about all other matters:

    This VP decision is too important to be left to the establishment GOP–we must make our voices/choices heard–please contact Romney’s campaign and let them know who you would support for VP (or any other issue you have regarding how they can/must beat BHO in November)–Thanks!

    1. I would be happy with Pawlenty. He is one very smart and competent person. He would be a good President as well if necessary. He was my first choice for President.

      Rubio needs more experience, but then again . . . he has about as much experience as Palin had.

      Portman? Don’t know enough about him.

  11. ANYBODY, ANYBODY but Bush.

    Bush Sr, and Jr nearly destroyed the GOP and gave us b.o. and super dem. majority foe 2 yrs to boot.

    don’t let jeb ‘finish the job.’

    Craig Fugate

    p.s. guess who dems want on the ticket – jeb, oh please let it be jeb; jeb, jeb, oh please give us another bush!

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