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Composite Characters Composed Out of Whole Cloth

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson draws attention to a little problem with President Obama elucidated by David Mariness’s mostly loving biography, Barack Obama: The Story, which was released today: The president is a committed fabulist.

Ferguson focuses on a section of the book in which Mariness describes some irregularities concerning Obama’s taking of literary license in his book, Dreams From My Father.

As Ferguson notes, Obama acknowledges in the book that “for the sake of compression,” some of the characters therein are “composites.” But this, Maraniss reveals, is an even more damning fiction. Because some of the characters are little more than Dreams from Obama.

Ferguson writes:

The book derives its power from the reader’s understanding that the events described were factual at least in the essentials. Maraniss demonstrates something else: The writer who would later use the power of his life story to become a plausible public man was making it up, to an alarming extent.

That is, some of the pivotal characters in Obama’s book who supposedly had a profound influence on his life don’t exist. Not real. Not a combination of anything, except falsehoods.

Reminds me of how Ronald Reagan used to draw derisive chuckles from liberals because he seemed to be confusing real events with those he saw in the movies. At least Reagan’s anecdotes had a basis in celluloid.

In Dreams, we find Ray, Obama’s black radical friend from his Hawaiian high school who couldn’t get dates with white chicks. That Obama had found a radicalized black friend at an exclusive private school in Hawaii should have been a tipoff that something wasn’t right.

In fact, Maraniss finds, Ray was someone named Keith Kakugawa, who was but a quarter African American and, it turns out, was busy dating the base admiral’s white daughter.

And then there was Regina, the black gal from Chicago Obama says he met at Occidental College who made him start feeling comfortable, literally, in his own skin. Wrote Obama:

Her voice evoked a vision of black life in all its possibility, a vision that filled me with longing—a longing for place, and a fixed and definite history.

Nope. No Regina. Doesn’t seem there was anyone like her at Occidental, which apparently was brimming instead with privileged white girls.

The role of Regina in Obama’s life, Maraniss thinks, may have been played much later by a woman named Michelle Robinson, who of course became Michelle Obama.

Ferguson neatly summarizes the book’s impact:

He did in effect what so many of us have done with him. He created a fable about an Obama far bigger and more consequential than the unremarkable man at its center.

Many, even those who voted against him, thought the Obama they were presented with was real. And even those who voted for him and thought he walked on water – even though nothing ever showed up on YouTube – are by now at least a little disappointed. Which is why Jim Messina over at campaign headquarters is analyzing every block of Cleveland to get out the vote.

The mainstream media, which surely would have been all over any lies contained in Dreams from Dick Cheney’s Father, is sure to sidestep all of this.

But perhaps it doesn’t matter. Obama in 2012 has shed all the deceptions of 2008. He’s running as committed liberal and an unabashed politician. Americans who vote for him this time should know precisely what they’re getting.

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    1. If it were not for the word “precisely” I would be in full agreement with Keith’s final sentence. While I agree that gone is the pretense of being a “uniter” and “post-political” or “post-partisan” and all the other BS he was trying to convince the world of four years ago, there seems to still be MUCH that we do not know about the Bamster. And with the efforts that he and his adoring facilitators have expended to conceal some of it, I can’t help but suspect that some of it might very well be of considerable substance.

  1. In the June, 1990 issue of “Vanity Fair” magazine, there was an article about BHO being the “First Black” with regards to Harvard Law Review.

    We found this article very interesting for several reasons:

    1–“He saw brutal poverty while growing up in Singapore [Editor’s note: We should have said Indonesia.] with his mother, an anthropologist, and his half-brothers and -sisters in Kenya still live hand to mouth at times.”

    Singapore. . .was this a typo or a slip?

    2–The article also quoted him as saying. . .”I don’t get dates anymore.”
    . . .were those “composite” dates?

    3–What really caught our attention were the following lines from the story:
    “If I go into politics it should grow out of work I’ve done on the local level, not because I’m some media creation.” Though, as media creations go, he’d be a pretty good one.”

    Even back in 1990–they were alluding to the fact that BHO is a “media creation” which is still true today!

    One thing we learned over the past few years is that BHO/Dems/the left have a tendency to say exactly what they mean (even if it is in a distorted/indirect manner)–if we continue to pay close attention to what they have/do/will say, 9 times out of 10, they tell us exactly what they think/mean/are all about. When BHO said that he was going to “fundamentally transform America”–folks took that to mean something good. Time has shown us exactly what he really meant by those words (and it wasn’t good).

    So, back to Mr. Ferguson’s statement: “He did in effect what so many of us have done with him. He created a fable about an Obama far bigger and more consequential than the unremarkable man at its center”–seems that the fable of Barack Hussein Obama has been going on a lot longer than any of us realized (as evidenced by the statements in the 1990 VF article; maybe even for his entire life as well).

    “Fables” usually are used to teach a lesson–well we believe that the United States has definitely learned a very big/valuable lesson from the fable that is Barack Hussein Obama! Here’s hoping that America doesn’t make the same mistake ever again–NObama 2012!

  2. JackCashill has torn apart the con that is BarrySoretoBarackHusseinObama from beginning to end in his research and blogs.

    Unlike most Americans, MrObama has huge dark holes in his background that he’s taken great steps to keep from the light of day. Until we can see the whole picture, we won’t know what is true and what is manufactured to create an international aura.

    It’s been suggested that his victory that put him in the WhiteHouse was the result of a perfect political storm, the active endorsement of the MSM, and the lack of a political record that could be used against him.

    We don’t see any mention here or on any MSM sites of the contradictory lies told by both Obamas on their pasts; they tell different tales of how and where they met, they don’t give Christmas or birthday gifts, but they do, and the scrubbing of the high-paying patronage jobs held by both of them remade into some form of “community service”. No one is looking into why MrsObama gave up her law license the same year that her brother gave up his stock broker’s license.
    There’s a lot we don’t know, a lot we suspect, but in the end it doesn’t matter much anymore..we know who he is now and we don’t like what that is.

    1. A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. The layers sometimes seem endless.

      We need to keep peeling anyway. The infection of our society brought by the current occupant of our White House will continue to fester long after he has moved out. Only the bright light of truth will heal it.

  3. I can just visualize Barry holed up in some seedy, rat-infested flat (as it has been described) with his opium pipe. Should have called it “Opium Dreams”! He knew he had to make everything up in order to have a ‘best seller’ – his ‘real life’ was less than extraordinary, to say the least. No one remembers him at Occidental or Columbia. He was invented by Val Jar and Michelle LaVaughn,

    1. thats what I never understood…
      why hundreds of classmates have NEVER come out bragging they ‘knew’ Barack Hussein Obama in college or at law school?

      and has ANYONE ever asked why Obama “sealed” his ‘college records’?

  4. What a BS artist. A hoax and a fraud perpetrated on the country by the democrat party, msm, celebrities and marxist/socialists.

  5. Yep, he’s a fabulist. His whole life has been one big fat lie. Srdem is spot on….we know who and what he is now. All that matters is defeating him and his fellow travelers in November. If we are unsuccessful, America as we know it will be finished.

  6. Alas, Mariniss has made the ultimate faux pax in his attempt to give a “real face” to Obama in his biography:: he obviously has “fallen in love” with his subject and attempts to pycho-analyse his way out of it. Even in his book tour gigs, mariness .came up with constant excuses for Obama’s fantasy people, calling them understandable “composites ” due to “literary constraints”. Oh please!!! I have enjoyed Mariniss’ books in the past, but this one gives me pause as to the veracity of the others. Too much is known about Obama now….and more is to come, Perhaps the book is just premature.

  7. Call me crazy, but Obama is a Russian agent. He traveled through Pakistan in 1981 enroute to the Soviet Union for initial training. He probably went back to the USSR for more training when he supposedly was attending Columbia. It’s past time to think he’s some sort of incompetent dolt; he’s doing his master’s work of destroying the USA from within.

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