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Romney Puts Politics Over Principle! Like Obama!

When will any of these politicians ever realize that principle and politics coincide? People respect and will vote for someone with a backbone, particularly in these difficult times.

All these Republican leaders, like Mitt Romney, supposedly worship at the foot of Reagan. But none will walk in his shoes.

Romney Sunday refused to answer whether he would rescind President Obama’s new policy allowing the children of illegal aliens to avoid deportation, using every tactic in The Book of Political Sophistry to try to avoid answering the question.

Have a look-see.

Face the Nation host Bob Scheiffer, who knows how to ask a question, unlike many modern journalists, refused to go away, eliciting pathetic responses like, “It would be overtaken by events, if you will, by virture of my putting into place a longterm solution” and “We’ll look at that setting as we reach that.”

Well, that “setting,” Romney surely knows, includes an new immigration policy that completely ignores the will of Congress and amounts to legislating from the West Wing. If he’s not outraged about the principle of a president hijacking the Constitution, then there really aren’t a lot of principles Mr. Romney would stand up for.

Without any apparent irony, Romney accuses Obama of being animated by politics, while he sits there and ducks a question to avoid upsetting Latino voters.

“I think that the timing is pretty clear,” Romney says of Obama’s election-year move. Politics is “certainly a big part of the equation.” It’s certainly a part of Romney’s equation too.

As if to underline his similarity with Obama on this, Romney refused to take questions during his own statement Friday on the immigration matter.

God noticed, and locked Romney out his bus.

Somebody, please interrupt this man next time!

37 Responses to Romney Puts Politics Over Principle! Like Obama!

    • DITTO!

      Please tell me this is NOT another 2008 Election and we have to vote for the lesser of two evils again!

      That old saying is proof that the Dem’s are the CROOKED party and the Repub’s are the STUPID party! This 70 + y/o Grandmother has no choice but scream out to our Rino’s “GROW A PAIR”

      God Bless the USA.

  1. Not a good move Mitt. Here’s the response most of the American people would like to hear:

    “The Constitution provides that Congress is to make the laws. Congress has spoken on the issue. As President I would follow the will of the people, as expressed through their Congress, and I would enforce the laws Congress has passed.”

    Simple. Say that you support Constitution and the rule of law. Set yourself apart from Obama. Then let the people decide which kind of President they would prefer.

  2. I fear this election is lost…especially if Barry has any more tricks like these up his sleeve in the next few months…which he no doubt will.

    This kind of “response” from Mr. Romney doesn’t cut it.

  3. Not much of a leap from McCain to McRomney. The last thing we need is another McRhino. Romney needs to wake up and smell The Tea Party.

  4. Establishment Republicans despised Reagan as much as the liberals did, and Romney is an establishment Republican. When he was running against Teddy Kennedy in 1994, Romney said, “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.”

    I think Romney is trying to please everyone, and in the process is alienating everyone. He needs to fish or cut bait – we need a principled leader. Lead or get out of the way, Mr. Romney.

  5. Ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. We’ve seen that Romney has shown that he’s capable of hitting hard, but he often seems afraid to do it.

    • That’s why it is crucial to fix the congress this time around.
      We need to elect people to congress that will keep his feet to the fire.
      If we do not accomplish that, we are looking at another 4 years of a bunch of overpaid parasites feeding off the public teat.
      It is going to take some time to turn this ship around.
      Romney has the talent to do it on the economic level but he is going to have to have the support of congress.
      It will be interesting to see who he picks for his VP,
      Treasury Secretary, Secretary of State, etc.

  6. The Republicans know they own our votes – if we don’t vote for Romney, Obama may win. So they want to create as big a bite into the Obama voters as they can get — it might help Republican candidates in the future if Romney can cultivate a “not so mad at latino illegal aliens” reputation.

    He is right to say that legislation is what is required, not Presidential orders, but he does not explain why any illegal alien should receive a reward for breaking our laws — whether they came across the border on their own feet or were carried in someone’s arms.

  7. I don’t care what MrRomney says or doesn’t say about any issue. I don’t care that he mis-speaks, or gaffes a simple sentence. I don’t care. We know what kind of man he is, where he’s from and what he stands for. We know that we can trust his stewardship of our beloved country. We know he’s a sensible, articulate, honest, and thoroughly dull man, just like our trusted attorney or accountant. We don’t want “cool” or “hip” or “young” or to fundamentally transform our country into something that resembles the worst of European society.

    I’m voting “anyone but Obama”.

  8. Uh Keith,Bob Schieffer is a shill for Obama and the democrats.Why should Romney be allowed to fall for the coordinated trap of Obama dictating the issues to be discussed with the majority of the media being his useful idiots.Romney can answer the immigration question when he chooses to without being manipulated by Schieffer and his fellow “jounalists.” We’ve gone four years without the media vetting Obama.When they start doing their job we can all hold Romney to the same standard.Romney’s biggest mistake was going on Schieffer’s show in the first place.

  9. You know, I can agree with all of you re whether the o has put Romney on the spot, and that’s a political take. BUT I had hoped – and still do – that Romney will remember that a great many of us see this as a Constitutional issue.
    I’d sure like to think that the Constitution trumps politics
    Keith is right. Where are you, Romney?

  10. McCain lost in part because he was always in defense mode. The last thing Romney needs to do is defend. It is four years PAST the time that Obama must step up and defend his own lack of credentials.
    When the Republicans first began this election process Obama began using the ideas, goals, and plans that it was noted people approved.. This is because this administration has NO idea, has NO plan, has the worst track record.
    Let us just wait until the two are debating. Let us not be too quick to condemn Romney because he did not respond the way all were hoping.
    The most important goal is ABO in 2012. The next president pulls an Obama, we can fire them too.
    Obama wants Romney to show all his cards. The Democratic Convention has not yet been held. Romney has NO need to defend himself or his values yet. November is a long way away. Absolutely foolhardy to give Obama and his minions any ammo.

  11. Lol, even Charles Krauthammer agrees it is a ploy to get Romney off the economy.
    It is time for this administration to start answering for all of their actions since Obama was elected.

  12. I think Romney’s handlers are the ones straddling the fence. Apparently he needs more new Republicans and less of the “old line” advising him. jmo

    • Denise VB you are so correct and when will the Repub’s FINALLY wake up and NEVER appear on the MSNBC’s or the CNN’s? It sure was interesting and rewarding when Gingrich would chew them out and make them look like the idiot’s that they are. We need someone to do this again for the next 5 month’s + + +


  13. I am sitting here watching the America I love taken away by a bunch of ARROGANT HALF-WITTED IDIOTS. Obama and his bunch have to be exiled to HELL. Today not in November.

  14. I’m still not convinced Romney wants to be President. Never before has anyone been as ‘beatable’ as Obama! After Friday’s backdoor ‘amnesty’ bombshell, he should have had a raft of ads with Obama’s own words echoing the fact that he could not over-ride Congress. He needs to emphasize that we are a nation of laws…PERIOD! He needs to ditch to hoagie dogs and Wa-Wa! No one wants to be reminded of GHW Bush and the scanner machine.

    At this point Obama is doing a herculean job of self-destructing but it would be encouraging to see Romney land a few blows to his solar plexus!

    • There is still the possibility that Romney is holding his cards close to his chest.
      The Obama machine is notorious for destroying their opponents.
      Romney is not an easy target, on the contrary, he is squeaky clean when it comes to politicians.

  15. I believe that Romney’s political response emphasises the total political pandering and lack of respect for the Latino voter by the Obama administration. The lack of substance on behalf of Obama’s desperate ploy doesn’t even merit a serious response. The truth of Obama’s lawlessness and political pandering will become more and evident as the smoke clears.

    Fight fire with fire.

  16. I disagree. This was obviously a political trap from Obama, one that easily scored him points with the Hispanic Community. Had Romney endorsed the idea, which he might very well have done, he would have looked weak against Obama. Not only that, but Obama’s actions are an extreme stretch of the power of the executive branch. He is in effect saying that he gets to choose which laws to enforce. Romney was also no doubt aware of Marco Rubio’s coming bill and how this damaged THAT effort. So what was Romney to do? Point out how a legislative action would have been preferred and that what the president was doing was illegal. Way to go, Mitt. They tried to sneak one past you and you hit it fair and square.