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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 19, 2012

President Obama today is again in Los Cabos, Mexico attending the G-20 Summit.

9:00 am || Attends the second G-20 plenary session
11:30 am || Attends the third G-20 plenary session
1:45 pm || Attends a working lunch
3:20 pm || Attends G-20 closing ceremony
3:45 pm || Bilateral meeting with Chinese President Hu
5:30 pm || Holds a press conference
6:40 pm || Departs Los Cabos, Mexico
1:20 am ET || Arrives White House

All times Mountain except as noted

14 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 19, 2012

  1. Poor Barack, stuck in Mexico with a bunch of guys who don’t like him while Mitt is waving at crowds, raking in the money and smiling on TV.

    When he comes home, the Supremes are going to lower the lid on the coffin and give the Repubs the nails to finish the job. They’ll probably give Arizona the go-ahead to rein in the illegal aliens, too. By now, the Hispanic community has figured out that his great plan for youthful aliens is just a helium balloon that’s running out of gas and will make things worse in the long run for any hope of amnesty.
    Not good times for the Prez.

    • I hope you are right, srdem65. By the way , I agree with you on your comment on the Romney interview. I think Romney has to choose his battles and he was right not to fall into this Democratic trap ( but of course I agree with you here that Obamas immigrationpolicy is disastrous ). I think Romney parried the questions quite well. But then, I appreciate Romney more and more. He is the right leader for these times, I think. Self-controlled, well balanced, sensible, well spoken, he can make people cooperate on difficult issues.

  2. A press conference? Maybe one of the WH correspondents will ask that question Neil Munro never got an answer to. Nah…no guts no glory in the gaggle of wimps. Although on Hannity this afternoon Neil Munro singled out Ed Henry and Jake Tapper as two reporters who weren’t afraid to ask tough questions, so maybe…

    • After the “Munro incident” I wonder if the WH ‘press corps’ got a stern talking to about asking Obama questions…? (re: Dont Do It)
      I know the WH ‘press corps’ dosent really ask any REAL questions/follow-up at the ‘daily propaganda brief’ with that dope Carney.

    • Two “gentlemen from Chicago”, neither of whom have visible necks, will now be attending Carney’s briefings and any pressers Obama graciously decides to hold. They will deal with any media member who asks unappreciated questions……

  3. Poor baby, can’t fund raise, can’t campaign, can’t play golf, has to put up with people he doesn’t like and that have NO respect for him & don’t swoon and fall at his feet. I hope he gets Montezuma’s revenge, he deserves it!!!

  4. Pathetic! Nevada is one of the 4 reasons her smarmy Napoleonic husband violated the U.S. Constitution to give amnesty to 2M illegals – the other three being Colorado, Virginia and No. Carolina. He will not need Florida or Ohio if he get’s these heavily hispanic states. I predicted ‘amnesty’ would be his October surprise – it just came a little early.

    Fortunately, there are lots of Mormons in Nevada who are organizing in droves. Unfortunately, ACORN and it’s subsidiaries are also organizing. It doesn’t look good for Romney.

    In the meantime, ole’ Granny gets to gamble her brains out at the slots – courtesy of U.S. taxpayers! These people are such low-lifes!

  5. Obozo does nothing but knock people downand isalways doing the wrong thing he is a destroyer of america and needs to be out of office 4 more years and we will be a 3 third world nation