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Iraq Ambassador Nominee McGurk Withdraws

As predicted here last week, the nomination of Brett McGurk to be ambassador to Iraq has gone down the tubes, sunk by a series of racy emails exchanged four years ago between him and former Wall Street reporter Gina Chon, who eventually became his wife.

The White House signalled last Wednesday that its support for McGurk was evaporating, with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney offering lukewarm statements in his defense. Carney said noted passively that Obama had made the nomination and opined that McGurk would serve ably as ambassador, but Carney failed to demand that Congress to approve the nomination. White House senior adviser David Plouffe made similar comments on CNN Sunday.

A group of Republican senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week wrote Obama saying they couldn’t support the nomination, and it wasn’t clear that Democrats would wage a fight for it.

9 Responses to Iraq Ambassador Nominee McGurk Withdraws

  1. He should thank his lucky stars that the “racy” e-mails came to light so that he doesn’t have to go to Iraq (!) and hide in the American embassy for 6 months dodging bullets and suicide bombers.


  2. Guess he was too much of a liability to the Obama campaign. He was probably given an offer he couldn’t refuse so tossed himself under the bus.

    Another DOJ witch hunt finally ended today too. Roger Clemens was found not guilty of all 6 charges related to lying to Congress. Interesting how the political class can lie to the American people 24/7, yet we can’t turn the tables and outfit them in orange jumpsuits. Yep, our DOJ is nose to the grindstone when it comes to prosecuting baseball players for using or lying about using steroids, yet they stonewall and obfuscate congressional investigations into national security leaks from the Executive Branch and Fast and Furious.

    • That Clemens thing was such a waste of time and money. and HIS money. Talk about power gone mad! Those gov’t losers need to tear down true talent to make their pompous asses feel better.
      This DOJ couldn’t win a case if their life depended on it.
      And they will not prosecute the ones that they COULD win, where true injustice occurred.

      I like how Lib administrations run out of people to nominate that are confirmable.