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Obama Schedule || Monday, June 18, 2012

President Obama today is in Los Cabos, Mexico attending the G-20 Summit.

9:50 am || Meets with Mexican President Calderon
10:15 am || Meets with Russian President Putin
3:00 pm || Attends the first G-20 plenary session
6:15 pm || Participates in the official photo with leaders
6:45 pm || Participates in a working dinner with G-20 leaders

All times Mountain

26 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, June 18, 2012”

  1. Can he please STAY there?

    Poor BHO, these two days in Mexico are really going to put a dent in his fundraising. I’m sure he’ll make up for it when he gets back. His schedule for the week looks light:

    Schedule for the Week of June 18, 2012

    On Monday and Tuesday, the President will be at the G-20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. The President will return to Washington, DC on Tuesday evening.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    On Friday, the President will travel to Orlando, Florida to deliver remarks at The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ Annual Conference. The President will return to Washington, DC in the evening.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard that speech before too. Me, Me, I, I, I …. ho, hum.

      I see campaign events for her in the west this week. Never let a free trip to the west coast go to waste :)

  2. Breaking news: When Fast Eddy meets with Senor Calderon tomorrow, he is expected to serenade him with a little ditty from Chorus Line – “What I Did For Love’….mariachis will be playing softly in the background.

  3. Keith,I really appreciated your Obama-golf article ( made it to Drudge again ) . Thank you and keep on, keep on, ought to be used in the Republican campaign. And then all the smart comments. So this is the way Obama spent Fathers Day ? Well, well, so all the nice things I read about him as a father was just… hype ? I am sooo surprised ! I also read something confusing in Politico about Michelle Obama “discovering her white roots.” Something about a plantation owner and a very distant grandmother. She certainly doesn´t look white at all to me but I immediately started thinking, why this and why now ? Well, she probably wants to say to white voters, I am one of you too, and also, please feel guilty about that white slave owner. One of the Obamas strategies seem to be to show that they somehow are related to as many useful groups as possible. Black, white, Indonesian, Kenyan, Irish, Christian, Muslim, gays, maybe they will come up with a Chinese link soon.
    The show continues in Greece. The result of the election is somewhat unclear. All the Greek parties are against austerity more or less but the winning party, New Democracy, somewhat less. New Democracy didn´t get a real majority so the struggle will continue but the total chaos is avoided for the moment. Daniel Hannan in Daily Telegraph wrote that the Greeks want the Euro but not the austerity. Someone commented that it´s like going to the bank and state that you don´t want to pay any mortgages anymore but still wants to live in your house.

    1. Thanks, nice coverage of events in Greece and a very thought provoking analysis of the “O’s” trying to ride the ethnic wagon. My favorite was Obama claiming recently that he knows more about Judaism than all previous presidents. Michelle is as white as Elizabeth Warren is an American Indian (or do they call it Native American now). I can’t keep up with the progressive lexicon.

    2. It’s amazing to me that there have been no official comments about Greece from the WH. It’s probably one of the most important votes that will be cast in Europe and not a word. He had tons of words during the “Arab Spring.”

      If someone who considers themselves totally black and oppressed has a white family tree limb than that should mean the end of affirmative action altogether. If we are so mixed up racially than there is no true black or white anymore. Are they going to start the “one drop rule” that was so popular in Germany? If a black can prove they have no white ancestors do they get first pick of the handouts? The whole thing is ridiculous.

        1. At the risk of being crude, it seems Obama has a history of offering “Greek style” but not with respect to economics or politics.

    3. Most AfAms have some white blood in their background. Big deal.

      I don’t have a clue what Michelle Antoinette is trying to do here. Perhaps she was unaware of of the mixed blood of AfAms — wonder how she explained that they come in all shades of brown? Now that she’s going to be the big intellectual who enlightens the rest of the nation. Remember how she assumed that because she was unaware of the challenges faced by military families the rest of us must be ignorant, too, and just waiting for her to educate us?

  4. Hmm. He’s conveniently in Mexico today, following his latest executive order. Maybe he’s picking up his bribe money from Calderon or the Coyotes. Hmm.

  5. About that political gift to illegal aliens…I read that while Obama as Chief Executive has prosecutorial discretion he cannot just issue a blank statement saying he will not enforce a law at all for certain groups of people. And as for this applying to all those unfortunate people who were brought here illegally by their illegal parents and now attend college(at reduced tuition rates in some cases) or serve or have served in the military. The US military does not accept illegal aliens. So, how did those people get in the military in the first place? This Administration skates on the thin ice of the law frequently and is rarely called out for it. If Nixon was a “crook” what is this? Perhaps Putin will give Obama some tips.

    1. These kids’ issues are with their parents, who did them a wrong by bringing them here (though they certainly will be able to return to their legal nations with the benefit of speaking English and haivng had a free education).

      The U.S. owes them nothing. If a parent boosts their kid into my home through my back window — am I obliged to adopt the kid just because he hid in the attic for a number of years and “knows no other home?”

      1. I do not feel obligated to people who enter the country illegally or their offspring. I am very concerned about the legality of Obama’s stance and the fact that the issue of immigration is overtaking this fact.

  6. Is there a 5 star golf course nearby the G20 summit? On another not, I bet there is a wad of reporters following every move those secret service & fbi folks make.

  7. I wish someone could explain why these meetings of the top executives in each country are necessary so frequently. I cannot see Calderone, Putin, Cameron and Obama actually negotiating or deriving a plan. Maybe Merkel, but she is the only one. So all of the work must be done beforehand by subordinates. With such a large group, it a deal has not already been agreed on, it is unlikely that one will be reached by the so-called leaders. And in 25-30 minute meetings of two leaders it is unlikely anyone can reach an agreement when the subordinates have not. So why are these people meeting?

    The only reason can be for Obama to look like he is consulting and listening to other countries or to lecture them when they do not agree with him. Some of the other less important leaders get to look like players on the world stage. is there any other reason for these meetings?

    Given the huge security costs, they seem like junkets for leaders and nothing more..

    1. From the G20 summit web page:
      The G20 is an informal forum for discussion between advanced and emerging countries that seeks to strengthen international cooperation and ensure global economic stability. The G20 has its origin in the 1998 Asian economic crisis. One year later, the finance ministers and central bankers of the most important global economies convened in Berlin, Germany, at a meeting co-sponsored by the finance minister of Canada and the finance minister of Germany.
      In the wake of the international financial crisis that erupted in 2008, the most serious since the Great Depression (1929), the G20 began to meet at a Leaders’ level and has since become the most important forum for global economic and financial cooperation and discussion. The economies that make up the G20 represent almost 90% of global GDP and two thirds of the world’s population. Its main goals are to coordinate macroeconomic policies to strengthen the global economic recovery; to reshape the international financial architecture; and to promote financial regulations to help prevent another crisis, such as the one in 2008, from occurring again.

      Which all equals B.S.!

  8. Oh, the irony! While the Euro crisis will undoubtedly dominate the discussion at the Los Cabos summit, Mexico appears to be swimming in pesos. Calderon spent $180M on the construction of a convention center and a four lane highway from the airport to Cabo! Life is good in Mexico now that Obama has eliminated all borders! American workers might have to start hiring coyotes to get to Mexico to look for work!

    The next summit in November will be held in Cannes! You can bet your sweet patuti MOOchelle will be there!

    1. I think Cannes was last November, not this year. This one was the only G20 scheduled for this year. The next one is in June 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  9. Can we close the border; scuttle some military planes to keep our airspace secure so that he can’t get back in the country–since he’s so found of “illegals” (maybe that’s because he is one himself), let him stay in Mexico. Actually, just had a thought–he’s probably meeting with Calderon to work out a deal whereby he gives Mexico back parts of the SW USA in an effort to appease his La Raza supporters!!!

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