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Obama Plays Golf for the 100th Time of his Presidency

Updated 5:40 pm

President Obama rolled out of his Kenwood, Chicago home Sunday morning and headed to out to play his 100th round of golf since becoming president.

Obama played at the Beverly Country Club with two old pals, Eric Whitaker and Marty Nesbitt, as well as regular golf companion Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director.

Obama has already played golf eight times this year. He actually is a little off his normal pace – perhaps campaigning is intruding on golf. The president golfed 28 times in 2009, 30 times in 2010, and an incredible 34 times in 2011.

Obama’s golfing takes about five hours, including the motorcades back and forth from the fairways. If one thinks of this as taking up  much of the day – include getting ready to go and cooling off afterward – it’s fair to say that Obama has spent more than three months of his presidency golfing.

While golf is played by millions of Americans and extends its reach well into the middle class, it is also perceived as a game of the idle rich and is generally unavailable to the poor, putting Obama’s frequent outings at odds with his image as a man of “hope” for the dispossessed.

The White House carefully downplays Obama’s golfing, rarely talking about it and releasing few pictures of the president swinging away. A search of the White House uploads on the Flickr photo-sharing website finds only a handful of shots of the president playing golf, compared to nearly two dozen of him playing basketball, which he spends far less time at.

Many argue that golf provides a badly needed source of relaxation for Obama, a refuge and a respite from extraordinary demands of the presidency. And most or all of Obama’s golf days have been on weekends or during scheduled vacations.

But others say the president could find another way to relax, and that golfing sends the wrong message to the poor and to the troops during a time of economic struggle and war.

George W. Bush gave up golfing in 2003, explaining his rationale five years later in an interview with POLITICO, saying it was wrong to play during wartime:

I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.

Obama clearly disagrees and has been unperturbed by criticism of his golf, maintaining a steady pace even during an election year.

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    1. No more Donks in 2012

      I’m sure president Jarrett doesn’t mind him being on the golf course so much. The WH is more quiet without ESPN playing in the background or his giggling while picking out who to kill in the latest drone strike. Sort of what it’s like for parents when summer vacation ends and the kids go back to school.

  1. MO, Granny and the girls must be on their way to Oregon by now, or left last night ?

    Can’t wait to see where she goes after…….

      1. Thinking a Villa in Mexico. Isn’t BO down there this week ? She can hitch a ride back on AF1, since he’s on “official business”. As they’re already on the West Coast, wouldn’t cost that much to zip down.

        Also, her Hollywood BFF’s probably have oodles of mansions (Oprah’s Palace?) she can mooch off, but girlfriend does like her 5 Star privacy hotels.

        Of course it’s campaign season …. so I may be wrong ;)

        1. Date: Mon, 2012-06-18
          Location: Los Cabos, Mexico

          I think the O girls did Mexico already, but that was waaayyy back in 2010. Hard to keep track of her travels and his travails (((cough-cough-choke-gag))).

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if MO has some Official Hula Hoop Let’s Move events this week. If they pay, she will come :)

            Interesting summer ahead, hold on to your hats. :D

          2. Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal are struggling because Barry is out banging away at little white balls in America, and not having a proper vacay with enterage in tow to Europe, where they desperately need his business. How thoughtless and insensitive.

  2. Mark Knoller, keeper of King Putt Putt golf trivia, tweeted the following… “Pres Obama has played golf 47 times at Joint Base Andrews, 21 at Ft Belvoir, once at Army-Navy, 17 on Martha’s Vineyard & 13 in Hawaii.”

    Historic #100 happens in Chicago on Father’s Day 2012. What an exemplary father figure…six hours of golfing with his buddies on the one day out of the year he should be spending with his children.


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    1. 11. Life is good when you are the POTUS or an illegal mexican 30 year old! (Not so much for the average middle-class unemployed American.) Fore more years! ABO 2012

        1. Mrs. Obama is much more attractive than that wash-uppped looking FRUMP, Ann Romney. Ann looks like one of her million dollar “ballet” dressage horses who fly around the world competing in dance contests. That is a HOOT!

          1. Are you kidding me? The Romneys are MORE Then 10 years older then the OOHHH Bummers!!

            Ann Romney was gorgeous in her day. Michelle should STILL BE IN HER DAY and looks like a babs.

  4. Past Presidents had somewhere to go on weekends or when Congress was in recess; Johnson went back to his ranch, Carter to the farm, Bushs’ to their ranches, Reagan to his ranch, Kennedy to the compound, but the Obamas only seem to have their inner-city mansion as their “home”. None of us expect our President to stay within the confines of the WhiteHouse, but we expect them to go home for the weekend or vacations.

    Watching the Obamas on their grandiose vacations and MrO’s obsession with the golf course makes for terrible optics when so many are unemployed or planning staycations for the summer. He seems to think that no one is watching or paying attention, he indicated as such in his last speech, but we know different. From the idle retired, the unemployed, the sneaky employee to the politicallly involved, we’re all on line and we’re all aware.

    1. That’s what Camp David is for – a get-a-way for the first family. Of course, he has no intentions of using it – no golf course and most importantly it’s secluded, which means he’s not the COA (center of attention).

    2. he is happy so many white Americans are out of work. He’s celebrating that fact that he created because that is one of his goals: Destroy the white man and destroy America.

    3. I can’t get too worked up over Obama’s golfing. Few here remember Eisenhower, but Ike played nearly 900 times during his eight years as president. Obama needs to play more. It will keep him from doing what he does to the ecenomy for a few hours.

        1. Sorry April but it is a well know fact that the father being absent in a black child’s life is a social epidemic for them.

          I am sure if you pull off your everyone is a racist glasses and do some searches on internet you will find multiple studies stating this as fact.

          Grow up.

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  6. “… Golf is … generally unavailable to unavailable to the poor, putting Obama’s frequent outings at odds with his image as a man of “hope” for the dispossessed.”

    Oh, Keith, Obama is the living symbol of hope that someday poor people will golf among the 1% and all those middle-classers. When we see The One golfing, we know that he’s golfing for us, representing us with every swing. He is the beach-head of poverty golfers. He is Occupy Golf Courses. He is the Golf Stamp President and I firmly believe that I will get my life pass to my town’s nearby upscale resort’s golf course, my EBT card for food in its restaurant, a golf shirt or two with the Obama family pictured front and back with a donation-email address printed underneath, and a free embedded cell-phone in a club-filled golf bag any day now.

    1. From everything I’ve read about Islam, holidays like Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are haram.

  7. O/T but given the President’s new found freedom to rule by executive order, I have been forwarded a copy of his speech that is to be given on Friday, November 9, 2012, after the results of the 2012 Presidential election are finalized. Here is the proposed text:

    Text of President Obama’s Speech to the nation on Friday, November 9, 2012

    President Obama:
    Greetings my fellow Americans.

    As you all know this past Tuesday, November 6, 2012, was the Presidential election. After a close and bitter campaign the election results were finalized early Thursday morning, and I received 47.2 percent of the vote. The Libertarian candidate, what’s his name, received 2.5 percent of the votes, and the Republican candidate received 50.3 percent.

    My staff and I have reviewed the election results from various states, and have determined that there were many irregularities in the voting, and how the votes were counted. I have order Attorney General Holder to investigate these irregularities to determine if vote fraud has occurred in these states.
    My job as President of the United States is to insure the veracity and honesty of the election process, and as such I have determined that the true voice of the American people was not heard on Tuesday.

    As President I am required to protect those that may have been disenfranchised by improper or illegal voting procedures. Due to the gravity of the situation involved in possible voter fraud or abuse, I am today issuing an Executive Order to invalidate all the results for the national election held this past Tuesday. This is not an easy decision, but I am fairly confident that, after the Department of Justice has had time to review the results, Attorney General Holder and his investigators will agree with me and my staff that the results were improperly counted.

    A new election will be scheduled at a later date so that the true voice of the American people will be heard and counted. The Federal Election Commission along with all of the 57 states will work closely to determine a new election date at the completion of the Justice Department’s investigation.

    For this investigation to be done in a proper manner and to ensure the honesty of the election process I will continue as your President until such a time as a new election date can be set. Further, since I have invalidated the results of the national election, I am today issuing an Executive Order that will vacate the results of the Senatorial and Congressional elections. I have ordered the US Marshal’s Service to take control of the Capital Building, and to protect the dignity of the Congress and its members, access to the building will be restricted to maintenance personnel only.

    Additionally, I have also issued an Executive Order suspending all actions of the US Supreme Court until such a time as Justice has completed its investigation, and a new election is held. This action is again being done to preserve the dignity and honesty of the election process.

    I know that there are fringe elements of the right wing that will attempt to disrupt this investigation, and therefore I am today ordering all National Guard and reserve units of the US military to come under the direct authority of the Department of Defense. I will leave to the discretion of the Defense Secretary the need to impose any curfew in cities and areas that might become hot beds of domestic terrorism. If the Secretary deems it necessary, I have authorized him and his commanders to confiscate any and all weapons and items that could be used against the peoples of the United States.

    As a Constitutional Republic, it is unfortunate that I must take these actions in order to preserve the Constitution. However, I see no recourse, and I have been assured by Attorney General Holder that the investigation should take no longer than 18 to 24 months to complete. Again, after the completion of the investigation, American will again have a free and honest election.

    Thank you, good night, and God bless America.
    Note from my attorney, this is satire – I hope.

    1. You have voiced what many of us pray is only satire. Unfortunately, many believe him capable of doing exactly what you have described. Scary stuff.

      1. I’m telling you this is getting not to be so satirical and more foreboding.
        Look a what Holder ignored last time dangerous days ahead and he is
        now acting like a man who ignores the Constitution at will.

    2. That is downright scary Shofar. The truth of the matter is he might just attempt to do something like that. He will not succeed. Thanks to the brilliant foresight of America’s founders, our presidential elections are not decided by popular vote. The Electoral College will save the day.

      1. Dear God willing we should all pray for our Constitution to will out and
        true American’s to stand up for ourselves cause we cannot depend on the Washinton cabal.

    3. *shudders*

      What’s even scarier is that you pretty much nailed his tone and mannerisms, as well. That really does sound exactly like a speech the man is capable of giving.

      My hope is that if it DOES (God forbid!) come to that–and I wish to heavily emphasize that I hope and pray, by Heaven and Earth, that it does not–that 1) the military figures out that it’s not a lawful order, and follows through on its oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;” and 2) they get the arrest on video as an eternal object lesson to any future tyrant who would dare usurp the Constitution of the United States of America.

      Wow, 94 words. :O My apologies for writing such a hideous run-on sentence, but I hope I’ve made my point.

      1. Don’t worry, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the dangers posed by this poser!!!! Your 94 are highly economical!!! And I share the sentiment!!!

    4. I think you have just put into words what so many of us are afraid of. This sounds just like something “the president” would do and say in the event of his losing the upcoming election. Would our military remember their oath is to the US Constitution and NOT to the individual occupying the Oval Office? I hope and pray so.

    5. Sorry, but I do not think the term “Constitutional Republic” could ever come from Obama’s mouth, in much the same way the words “Jesus is Lord” would ever roll off the tongue of Satan.

    6. Shofar,
      The tone is of the Coward-In-Chief. If It should come to pass remember the words of Pat Buchanan. ” Don’t wait for orders from headquarters. Mount up and ride to the sound of the guns!!!”
      Cheers here on Election Day,

  8. Did you see the dress MO had on for the wedding? More appropriate for a
    cocktail party than an afternoon wedding. It just screamed ‘LOOK AT ME’ I
    mean I’m more important than the bride. Really sad I bet we paid for a lot of
    the wedding too had to check caterer and all vendors bet we bought a gift
    and the cake with a ‘FORWARD’ on the top!

    1. I caught a glimpse, the bodice was all sparkly and shiny. She never disappoints … must.outshine.the.bride …. That’s our First Lady Who Must Not Be Ignored. :D

      1. I truly have never seen a more narcissistic woman before she’s so vain
        and I think more evil and dangerous than her faux husband. And if that’s a happy family I’m the Queen of England!

    1. Good job, Granny.

      Can’t be beat that he schedules the historic 100th for Father’s Day when the media is busy chattering about the holiday.

    1. Good one, but I thought he’d hop on a plane this morning and go back to DC and be pretend to work after taking a weekend off but then I can never get into his head. It’s too swollen for me to enter.

  9. “Many argue that golf provides a badly needed source of relaxation for Obama, a refuge and a respite from extraordinary demands of the presidency.”

    More realistically: “Many argue he is the laziest president in the nation’s history and should be spending more time working than goofing off, glad-handing celebrities, and endless fund-raising. Through June 12, ‘Obama has attended 163 re-election fundraisers for his campaign and the DNC – almost double the number George W. Bush attended in his entire first term (86) and more than any other president in history.'”

  10. You know, one could almost forgive him the playing time if he tried to even appear like it was work. Maybe take along a republican congressman, or a cabinet member, or someone who might be able to talk business with him. But he won’t. He takes the same 3 flunkies with him every time. Are they the only ones who are worse at the game than he is? Or are they the only ones who have enough free time?

    1. He doesn’t care what we think. We are rubes and unimportant. He will ignore us and shove his agenda down our throats while he parties. He is loved by the beautiful elite though, and that is all that really matters.

    2. They are three people who depend on him for a liveliehood and a sense of importance. They will not tell him the emproer has no clothes.

  11. As the balmy breeze blows and the hot air escapes his lips, he waves eagerly to his hangers on, “It is GOOD to be King.”

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  13. Obama didn’t spend anytime with his daughter’s on Father’s day. The AP said that after golf he flew to Mexico for the G20. Some dad. He loves these photo-ops with big shots..

    I did a video yesterday with an artsy adaption of the arrogant Obama chin up in the air photos with some old soundbtyes. The music is Vivaldi’s Summer. Maybe Obama could use it as a campaign commercial.

  14. Another way to look at it: (unless I’ve missed something with my math) 3 and 1/2 years equals 1,280 days (about), 100 golf games means he plays golf every 12.8 days! That’s a lot of relaxing! Add that to his campaigning and when does he ‘president’? Maybe better he plays more golf!

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    1. I think I heard he has played with 1 woman. Remember, under Sharia Law women can’t drive, vote, play golf and a whole bunch stuff!!

  16. To be fair we don’t know how many times Slick Willy (Pres. Clinton) had rendezvous with various women during his 8 years as President. No matter Bill and Barack live(d) like playboy(s) in the White House mansion.

  17. Oh joy, the president is playing again with his balls out in public for all to see. What else is there in the news today? And no, I don’t like the current president and hope to see him replaced. Just tired of more stupid news that detracts from the more important things going wrong in this nation.

    1. You’re wrong about that. Obama is still personally liked because few in the media report like Keith. It’s is important because it shows how little he cares about the country’s problems.

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  19. Video from 1994 has surfaced of David Axelrod, President Obama’s chief campaign strategist, calling former President George H.W. Bush “out of touch” for “tastelessly” playing golf while trying to convince voters that the economy is improving.

    “Bush tastelessly did it, often from the ninth hole, and from the cigar boat and other places,” Axelrod said.

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  21. “Oh joy, the president is playing again with his balls out in public for all to see. What else is there in the news today?”

    You have to understand, Dave, Obama IS the news – everything else is secondary and tertiary. This is the world ‘According to Obama’!

    Great videos, Granny Jan! Did you know that Obama has his own personalized Titleist golf balls with the number 44 and the U.S. seal? Pretty funny when you think that his regular golf partner is an ex-bartender and caddy. I wonder if things would be different if this fraud had used his legal name, ‘Soetoro’, when he started his illustrious career as a community organizer.

  22. What is new about that? He has not done anything since he took office except, spin, lie, violate the Constitution, fail to uphold our laws, promote class warfare, funnel wasted money to his “green energy”, corporate, and union contributors, promote racism/Marxism/Alinskyism/socialism, play golf and basketball, vacation, and campaign since he took office.

  23. Look at it this way, as long as he’s on the golf course he isn’t causing trouble for our country! So, it would seem the best thing for the US is to keep him on the course! But then if we do keep him there, that idiot Biden will be in charge. Biden in charge, now that’s a scary image! That’s even worse than Obama in charge!

        1. I wonder if Supreme Allied Commander and D-Day and taking
          responsibility or for one’s actions mean anything. Eisenhower was
          golfing after helping Europe remain free he wasn’t golfing in England!

  24. I love golf, but I cannot seem to get a round or two in a year. How does he run a country, have a family, AND play 100 rounds of golf? By the looks of things, he neglects his family and country!

  25. And Obama is over 50 he obviously shouldn’t be playing basketball a lot and nice way of making Obama sound like an elite while golf is not a upper class sport that older People can play I grew up playing golf and I’m broke college student

  26. Leave the man alone on the golf course. Each game takes five hours he can’t be signing anti-American and anti-Constitution dictatorial “orders.” The only thing better would be if he flew to Kenya to play on golf courses in the country where he was born.

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  29. I am so disgusted by this sack of $hit, half A$$ed, limp wristed golf wanna be. He is such a disgusting hypocrite who cares only about himself and to the Morons who plan to vote this Fascist sissy another term you had better WTFU and see him for the lying, pandering, criminal that he is before you destroy any chance of this country being turned around for you and your families. Hopefully he will manage to find a sink hole in a sand trap soon!

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  31. So, in approximately 1235 days of his presidency, he’s played golf on 100 occasions? And the problem is what, exactly?

    By the way, Bush 43 played golf on at least a couple occasions after making that “sacrifice” for the troops.

    1. You fail to acknowledge that this President has done anything but lead the country……but over an economic cliff.

      We have had enough of this loser as he spends our tax money on failing green energy programs, campaigns non stop, vacations every eight weeks or so, and still manages to screw up the economy, won’t allow for more domestic drilling, tells US to SACRIFICE, and with his vitriol and bitter attitude to stir up class warfare and well as race baiting.

      He, by far, will be known as the WORST most INEXPERIENCED piece of debris to ever occupy the People’s White House. His days on the taxpayer dime are numbered. One and done come Nov. 2012.

      1. I failed to acknowledge anything you wrote because, excepting the fact you obviously do not like him, everything else you wrote is nonsense. And of all your nonsense, there was none as funny as calling the man who has served as President of the United States for the past three and a half years “inexperienced”. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

        1. Littleleers is spot on. You fail to acknowledge the truth because you are so invested in the cult of personality that is Barack Hussein Kardashian. I liken him to the fraudulent pop music duo Milli Vanilli – nice looking, well groomed, and articulate, yet nothing more than empty suits. Unlike Milli Vanilli, the fraud in the White House has not come to entertain us but to destroy us. He is dismantling America as we know it…just sad to see my fellow Americans defend and aid him in accomplishing his goals.

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