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Reporter Interrupts Obama; Earth Continues to Rotate

The Daily Caller White House reporter Neil Munro interrupted President Obama today in the Rose Garden as Obama was describing his new immigration policy.

This is a pretty big breach of protocol. I’ve actually never seen anyone do this. But Munro, who asked about the effect of Obama’s policy on American workers, says he thought Obama was finishing and did not mean to interrupt him.

Neil’s explanation makes sense. Obama almost never takes questions after making statements, and the only conceivable chance you have to get one answered is to ask it at the moment he has finished, just before he starts to walk away. As you’ll notice below, Munro can be heard jumping in just after Obama completes a sentence. The president has a hint of finality in his tone.

Here’s the exchange from a couple of other angles.

The Daily Caller, a conservative news website, issued some statements after the exchange.

Neil Munro, White House Correspondent: “I always go to the White House prepared with questions for our president. I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States. I know he rarely takes questions before walking away from the podium. When I asked the question as he finished his speech, he turned his back on the many reporters, and walked away while I and at least one other reporter asked questions.”

Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief: “I don’t remember Diane Sawyer scolding her colleague Sam Donaldson for heckling President Reagan. And she shouldn’t have. A reporter’s job is to ask questions and get answers. Our job is to find out what the federal government is up to. Politicians often don’t want to tell us. A good reporter gets the story. We’re proud of Neil Munro.”

Neil Patel, Publisher: “The President today announced a very controversial policy and does not want to answer tough questions about it.  Neil Munro is a veteran Washington reporter who today tried his best to time his question to be first as the President was wrapping up his remarks.  He in no way meant to heckle the President of the United States.”

Patel makes an excellent point. This policy was announced on Friday morning, on a day when White House Press Secretary Jay Carney chose not to brief. And Obama wasn’t taking any questions. Instead, the White House staged a briefing about next week’s meeting of the G20.  So there was no chance to ask anyone to explain a controversial policy in a public forum, and there won’t be until next week.

This was by design. Munro’s idea was to breach the contrived silence and allow Americans to see the policy explained.

Notice how poorly Obama handled the whole thing. Just the kind of peevishness George W. Bush used to get zinged for.

Really, this is hardly the end of the world.

I can remember once waiting for Bush to appear alongside the prime minister of India to make some statements. As they came to their lecterns, the Indian press immediately erupted in a cacophony of uninvited questions for the Indian leader, like flock of hysterical geese. Our uptight press corps stood stone faced.

At first I was appalled by the Indians’ behavior. And then it occurred to me: they get democracy better than we do.

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  1. “Neil…..check under your car tonight for odd looking wires, brake fluid dripping, cordite like odors. Oh and BTW, don’t plan on ever getting near the WH again” – Love, Barack

  2. Protocol. How about the rule of law? The President announces that he, and only he, has instructed HHS to ignore the federal law on illegal immigration and we’re supposed to just say, OK. Well, that’s not how our country works, that’s not how our elected officials can act on their own and we demand compliance with the very laws that they enacted.

    As a resident of Arizona, the gateway for 10 million illegal aliens, I demand that our government seal up our southern border and deport any and all illegal aliens from our country.

    Answer the questions, MrObama. Don’t run away from the people.

      1. Good point. Perhaps this President was emboldened to make an end run around the rule of law is because he gambled that no one would challenge him.

        1. Well you know the WH press wont challenge..and the “little goebbels” will be out in full force next week.. our dictator -in- chief speaks and there is law and he cowardly walks away unaccountable to anyone. Without question we are under a repressive regime in our Country.
          …baraka hussein’s way or the highway.. Oh God, please deliver us from this wretched evil man..

    1. srdem65 I am still trying to figure out why Arizona enforcing the law by closing their border is breaking the law according to the feds. As a NM resident we have the same issues butt nobody with the courage to do anything about it.

        1. “I’m grooming my dog — that a peace prize! He seems to like it — Peace Prize!”

          I laugh every time I see this vid — a precious experience in these latter days of the Obama Presidency that may possibly be the early days of the Obama dictatorship.

  3. Barry the dictator just wants to make unchallenged statements and issue decrees. Even when he has a “press conference,” the situation is so controlled, it is a joke.

    Kudos to Munro.

    Barry’s lace panties are in a twist.

  4. There just seems to be no limit to what the Panderer-in-Chief will do in an attempt to garner some votes. He’s had nearly four years to do something, but waits until the close of the election cycle to perform another disgusting act. Latinos should not vote for him based on this principle alone.

  5. Granny Jan HAS to do a video of this to the tune of ‘I never promised you a rose garden’, putting a clip of this and the war room pic against the golf and vacation pictures :)

    “I beg your pardon,
    I never promised you a rose garden.
    Along with the sunshine,
    There’s gotta be a little rain sometimes.

    I could sing you a tune or promise you the moon,
    But if that’s what it takes to hold you,
    I’d just as soon let you go, but there’s one thing I want you to know.
    You better look before you leap, still waters run deep,
    And there won’t always be someone there to pull you out,
    And you know what I’m talkin’ about.”

  6. I just watched the video – that is what all the hub bub is about? that’s nothing!

    and what is this deserve stuff? why do they deserve to be able to plan their lives?

    this you deserve stuff is all over the place-no one deserves anything just because they exist!

  7. As the press conference was forty-five minutes late, I thought of the poor reporters in the afternoon sun. “Perhaps that was planned to be so?” came to mind. When Obama was interrupted, my immediate thought was “The interruption was a planned “diversion.” (Seems it has garnered more attention than the subject of the speech.)

    1. The “poor reporters” could have left or spoken up.

      I am tired of the puppy way that they accept their van being shunted off to a different destination or their questions ignored or their questions treated like the babbling of imbeciles.

      Are their no more than two testicles and ovaries in the WH Press Corps (and those belonging to Keith)?

  8. Our President now has realized that his re-election will not happen, he needs to “executive order” all of those policies that he wants to be embedded in our government before he is voited out of the White House in abject defeat. This going to be mean and ugly.

    1. And he’ll drib and drab them out to collect the maximum vote.

      “Got the money from those ambivalent about the DREAM ACT, so now must enforce the DREAM And get money from those who support it.”

      This has been going on for a while, e.g., homosexual marriage.

      1. You know he was proven correct. There was a little present in the 2000
        pages of Obamacare for illegal’s. Someone better do something heaven
        only knows what else he’ll do an executive order for scary times ahead.

  9. I was wondering what your reaction would be. I’m proud of you and Neil Munro and you even spelled his name correctly unlike the AP.

    1. Really had very little doubt what Keith’s reaction would be.

      Thing is, there are more adverse reactions to Munro’ s asking a pertinent question without permission than O once again setting new law without permission.

  10. Remember when reporters asked hard questions and didn’t stop until they got answers? Remember when investigative reporting was the Holy Grail of all reporters? Remember when America was actually free?

  11. If Congress sits back and allows this hack to usurp their authority with these edicts then both houses have been severely marginalized. Castrated might be a more accurate term. If the current WH hack gets another term (God help us all) it will never end. They have got to put a stop to this NOW.

  12. I’m just going to rant here about the illegal aliens from Mexico and what they did to the state of Arizona and it’s people.

    10 million illegals passed through our state before they headed out to ‘you’ state. They had to cross an unholy desert where temperatures could kill a healthy man in two days without water or shelter. Or, they were literally jammed into tractor trailers, pickup trucks, trunks of cars and vans without any concern for their safety. The ones that didn’t make it, who died on the way, were left behind for us; we had to identify them and make family notifications and in most cases, no IDs were found.
    At one time, there were so many dead Mexicans found in the desert that the coroner in the Tucson sector had to rent refrigerated trucks to store the corpses.

    Citizen’s groups formed to leave precious water bottles and directions to safety for the illegals. We were stuck between a humanitarian response and a call to end the border crossings.

    If the illegals were lucky enough to reach the cities, they were stored (yes, stored) in rental homes, usually 100 people in each home waiting for transportation to other states. If they got sick or were injured, our hospitals cared for them. There was a time when every hospital in the Phoenix area had so many people waiting to be treated in the emergency room that the lines formed out to the parking lots.
    The illegal aliens that stayed in our cities had to take whatever work came their way; it was not unusual for 50 men to be waiting in front of a 7-11 for a chance to work. They were cheated of their pay, abused and generally treated less than they should have been.

    If they had their families, the first stop was at the welfare office where it seems that none of the women had married the men who fathered their children. Bi-lingual workers had to be hired to accomodate the non-English speaking people. In many cases, the illegals couldn’t read Spanish, much less English, so they had to have people help them fill out the forms.
    They put their children in our schools who couldn’t speak a word of English, so bi-lingual teachers had to be hired.

    When our legislature finally addressed the issue and wanted to stop the onslaught of our resources, the DOJ forced us to stop. The MSM and others called us “racists” as if being born in Mexico was a separate race of people. We tried, we did all we could until we couldn’t do any more.

    Don’t let the numbers fool you, they’re still here. They’re using false IDs, stolen ID’s, and forged documents to fool the authorities. The children that MrObama wants to reward for their parent’s lawbreaking have been using those fake documents, too.
    They’re still coming across the border. Our border patrol agents have their hands tied by this administration and can’t keep up with the flow of drugs, people, or illegal guns. Amnesty will open the flood gates and we might as well tear down the fences.

    1. Agree totally srdem. We have a similar situation in Texas. Just last month Gov. Perry just sent a letter to the fraud in chief asking for federal intervention because of a 90% increase in “unaccompanied illegal minors” jumping the Texas border in the past year. He didn’t even get the courtesy of a response.

    2. I am from Texas and my first ‘culture shock’ of moving to an East Coast state was the fact that all the radio channels were in English. In Texas – at least half of the radio and TV stations are in Spanish – a daily reminder of how much of the population is Mexican. (Legal and illegal). I don’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to become a citizen – but ONLY if they pursue it through legal channels. (Starting from step one.)

    3. Of course, if Mexico wasn’t such a hole … people wouldn’t be clamoring to leave. That’s why I find the La Raza stuff so amusing. Expend Mexico into the United States? Yea, that’s a great idea.


  13. Neil Munro is my hero. Thank you for coming to his defense, Keith. The wannabe dictator never takes questions after he delivers his fiats and doesn’t give a hoot about standards as he shreds our Constitution, so why should anyone give a rip about journalistic protocol. Neil Munro has more courage than any of the rest of so-called journalists who are criticizing him. They prefer to sit in silence and complain to each other about how unfairly they are treated by the fraudster in chief.

    1. O’Reilly chastised Munro and complimented Barry on a “brilliant” political maneuver, saying he’s really put Romney and the Republicans back on their heels.

      And Cavuto today had a long Father’s Day piece on how great a father Barry is. What the hell?? I turned off the TV…both times.

      1. Yea, “Great Fathers” don’t golf as much as he does. Sorry. He claims he is so busy, etc, and needs time for his family but then spends entire Sunday’s golfing?

        1. Glad others feel the same way.

          For me, there should be no letting up on this man at this point…anything less is a sign of weakness. There are still too many republicans and conservatives out there who are “too nice” and give him the benefit of the doubt much too often. He doesn’t deserve that. He must go.

          1. I watch a lot of Fox News but always take what they report with a grain of salt. Many of their on-air talent exist in the New York-Washington bubble and don’t really feel the effects of what the fraud and his flying monkeys are doing to real Americans. Can’t tolerate the sniffing, arrogant O’Reilly and it is a real travesty that they call lefty Shep’s two hour a day rants “hard news”, but these two have great ratings and that is what profitable programming is all about. As long as we realize Fox News is about maintaining their profitability and not about conservative ideology, it makes it easy to switch them off when some of their hosts try feeding us leftist propaganda.

  14. I am an American of Mexican descent (part of that crowd that the border crossed us) and I don’t know a single “hispanic” in favor of amnesty in any way, shape or form – natural born or naturalized. I’ve asked both LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund) what part of AMERICAN in their names have they forgotten? crickets, of course. I don’t know who the pollsters are polling when they say “hispanics” (my daughter used to say what about women – are we “herpanics” to them?) favor Obama. Obama is clearly pandering to the hispanic vote, but those of us who can legally (<emphasis on legally) vote probably ain't gonna be voting for him.

    1. So, why are these “hispanics” silent? Why aren’t they leading the fight against legalizing illegal aliens, 85% of whom are latino?

      Are they intimidated into silence like the few AfAms who “support” the New Black Panther Party and racists like Holder with their SILENCE?

      I can feel no respect for the group you describe until I hear them out there out-yelling the racists who are bent on creating a language-isolated, Spanish-speaking “citizen” or “voting, but noncitizen” group who will be used to manipulate the U.S. to its destruction.

  15. Answer a question? Oh noooooo! How would wind-up and read the teleprompter-man be expected to have a real answer, especially when the real reason for this latest back-door amnesty game is getting votes from illegals.

    Why do you think they are against voters having to show IDs when they vote. You have to have a drivers license to drive a car …. But there are lots and lots of counterfeit operations making those and any other “card” an illegal needs to live and work here.

  16. Since when do those aged 18-30 qualify as youths? Eighteen is considered old enough to join the military on your own and to sign contracts. That makes them an adult, not a youth.

    What is the point of laws, a Constitution, an elected body, a Supreme Court if a president can change the law just by saying so?
    He did this when he said the DOJ would no longer defend the Marriage Act, he did this when he suspended deportations last year for all South Americans. He did this when he conducted military actions in Libya. He does this when he uses drones in Yemen and Pakistan. He does this when he releases funds to Palestine that Congress withheld. He does this when he allows ACORN to receive funds after Congress said no. He did this when Holder is allowed to stonewall Congress.

    Welcome to American Dictatorship. Welcome to the end of Freedom as you know it. Who cares if American citizens have employment? Who cares if America’s credit rating is damaged. Who cares if Russia knows all our security codes and tells us when and where? Who cares if Israel is destroyed? Who cares if Americans are homeless and hungry? Who cares if it is against the Constitution and the law?IT is now a proven reality that Obama and his administration do NOT care.

  17. “Reporter Interrupts Obama; Earth Continues to Rotate”
    Headline should have read Earth continues to rotate but it’s going in the wrong direction.

  18. It was just a small small blip

    I don’t usually watch this stuff-is it really this bad?

    I remember the press corp clamoring and yelling and shouting with pens and pads in hand

    isnt this supposed to be the 4th tower of something or other?

    sorry it isn’t my area of expertise but if *this* tepid nonsense is a big deal – that is pathetic!

    good for neil

    Keith you are so right it is hardly the end of the world, people acting like it is is pretty scary

    thanks for this blog!

  19. Obama has hastened his destruction of the US with this giant buying of voters at the taxpayers and workers expense. And on top of that he doesn´t think that anyone has the right to ask any questions about it. Neil Munro showed some guts among the other subdued Pravda reporters standing around but I am very surprised that his question is considered such a breach of etiquette. What is this White House , a royal medieval court or something ? I believe that only Putin could get away with a press conference like this in this part of the western world.Isn´t it another example of how lost and bewildered Obama is when things doesn´t work according to his script ? His “answer” was nonsense but he showed in his haughty, stuck up attitude what a peevish, undemocratic soul he really possess.

    1. It’s considered a breach of ettiquette because the Obama administration is hot for “issues” that will fan the emotions of those who might vote for, donate to, or riot for Obama.

      The whole issue of “respect” is a big one in the ghetto, see rap music and musicians for examples. The idea that one might earn respect by one’s actions is not the issue. One feels “disrespected” and one is therefore authorized to explode into indignation and demand “respect” behavior. The Obama admin knows this scenario resonates.

  20. You bring up an interesting point about Putin and ‘royal medieval courts”, Swedishlady It brings to mind the words of Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett on MTP several days before the Inauguration. Jarrett told Tom Brokaw that Obama would “be ready to take POWER and RULE on day one”! After I picked my jaw up from the floor I turned to my husband and said this woman is talking about a despot – a regime! Now that we know her background – it all makes sense. It was not a slip of the tongue. What we have witnessed for the past 3.5 years is not simply ‘Chicago-style’ thuggery – it’s much more devious! It explains why Obama is loathe to attack Iran and the mullahs. It explains why he won’t take a stand on Syria. It also explains why Obama refuses to answer questions and why he keeps himself isolated from members of Congress. Could he be a double-agent? We have less than 5 months to unmask him!

  21. While noodling around the net, I came across this story that might shed some light on how the MSM is covering for the Prez;

    Inside the story, a spokesman relates how illegal alien supporters have “shut down” the Obama campaign headquarters in Dearborn, MI and are occupy-ing campaign sites in Cincinnatti, OH, Oakland and LosAngeles CA .

  22. In the video you can hear a bird chirpping loudly,to quote Delta at weaselzippers”somebody shoot that damn bird,I’M TALKING”. That cracked me up. He is very easily irritated.

  23. Obama proves once again having that Executive Order privilege is like throwing a 16 year old keys to the Corvette.

    Whether illegal amnesty sticks or not, he’s just proven he likes immigrants more than Romney, that will stick.

    I want to know the answer to Munro’s question, hey what about the people already here legally, what happen’s to their jobs ?

  24. Since when is the President above being heckled? It may be disrespectful but on the other hand, he is an elected president, not a dictator, not of royalty that inherited the crown. He makes himself inaccessible to the press pool, refuses to hold regular press conferences, refuses to interview with conservative reporters and refuses to answer to the public. Munro is not the story, Obama’s disregard for our Constitution is the story.

    1. Bush was heckled, harassed and as we saw on HBO has his head on a
      pike. And this elitist excuse for a president cries cause he was ask a
      question makes you feel so safe.

  25. It’s not amnesty, it just looks and acts and waddles and quacks like an amnesty.

    How many of these hapless 30-year-old youngsters have popped a few anchor babies while waiting for their DREAM to come true? Anchors give access to U.S. social programs to their illegal alien work and services thief parents.

    How shameful that latinos will vote for a man who panders to illegal aliens. More “my people” and “my gene pool” thinking — not American thinking at all.

  26. Every time I see Shep Smithni think of the 2000 election. I fear this year will
    make that one look like a picnic. We have no protection because we’ve seen
    what Holder let go last time so we must stand strong and be as brave as Mr
    Munro or we could be doomed by both Obama’s for 4 more years and then
    America would be gone.

  27. This post is a little off topic but has to do with the role new media has played in breaking up the choke-hold legacy media has had on politics. Yesterday in Las Vegas, the Right On-Line gathering took place. The main theme was honoring Andrew Breitbart’s contribution to the conservative movement. Sarah Palin gave the keynote speech and she zeroed in on the current state of journalism in America. Just listening to her optimism gives me hope for America’s future. Check out Michelle Malkin’s speech posted there too. They are two brave ladies fighting the good fight…

  28. Protocol?

    Listen, you jerk. The day you get your feet off the Resolute desk, cancel sack races in the White House and get a clue how to treat the Queen of England we’ll discuss Munro’s lack of protocol.

    Till then, KMA.

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