As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || President Obama on Immigration

Scheduled to start at 1:15 pm ET.

Update: All done.

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20 Responses to Live Stream || President Obama on Immigration

  1. When the “United States of America” goes to H#LL over the next few years (re: post Obama: 2012…)
    I am hoping to flee to Australia; where I can buy a big car & stock-up on lots of cheap beer, weapons + ammo, fuel & leather out-fits…

  2. We are livid–our family came here legally; waited years; filled out all the necessary paperwork to become LEGAL CITIZENS–this is cr@p!

    So the “illegal” in the WH is “illegally” giving “amnesty” (not buying them saying it’s not) to “illegals”!

    Nixon was kicked out of office for much less; when will Congress grow a pair and kick this imposter out of office for ALL the illegal actions he has taken against our country/Constitution?

  3. I can’t fathom this. He or his advisors MUST realize how this will be received among most voters, particularly the black community who’s unemployment numbers are through the roof. Is he really this stupid?

  4. Loved the line about helping the farmers and ranchers. Are theses the same
    ones he’s spying on with Cessna’s to look for cow manure? I can tell you where it is 1600. Oh to have a large cattle ranch I know here my manure would go.

  5. Let’s see, in his speech he said that these young people might start a business and create jobs for unemployed people???

    I thought he siad in the past that small business owners were not that important to creating jobs???

    Which is it???

  6. Gosh. Please let our President have his continuing unconstitutional way. Given enough law breaking and illegally enacted edicts, perhaps there will be a Congress with the will to act, or perhaps there will be a Supreme Court with the will to act, or perhaps, just perhaps, voters will take action. But, please, do not think for one minute that our President will ever act for the “good of this Country”. He acts only for himself, sworn only to himself, and dedicated only unto himself. Now that is TRANSPARENT.

  7. thank God that guy said something!!! I think we’ve had it with this guy and in nov. he is out!!! Go to hollywood Mr. Pres… they love you there.

  8. Another declaration by Obama which makes a mockry of our THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT!! In his desperation to be re-elected, POTUS is buying the support of the unaware Hispanics by isssuing this proclamation which is unsuppportable. Are the 16yr olds to be left in the United States without their families? Of course not, this is absurd. They will believe this makes the case for their families allowed to stay. that is a fraudulent premis. He has crassly raised the hopes of illegals of all afes to be given amnesty, without any lawful basis in the Constitution…despite Attn. General Holder’s defiance of the document!