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Does “Blame Bush First” Work?

President Obama is widely ridiculed and criticized, including by me, for blaming all his problems on George W. Bush.

Obama’s motto, carefully constructed by his political operatives, remains, “The buck stops here.” Of course, “here” being Dallas, Texas, WHERE BUSH LIVES.

But Obama and his advisers may be onto something.

No, it’s still untrue. I mean, yes, President Obama walked into a bad situation, though the responsibility that Bush bears for this is highly debatable. But Obama has had three and a half years to fix things, and he hasn’t. This is the Obama economy.

Buuuuuhhhht . . .

The strategy of wrapping his jaws around the Blame Bush message and holding on like pit bull may be working.

According to a just-released poll by Gallup, 68 percent say Bush deserves a “great deal” or a “moderate” amount of blame for the economy, while only 52 percent say the same for Obama.

And, take a look a the graph below. Their opinion hasn’t changed much for about a year and a half. Apparently people have been all ears as Obama has relentlessly passed the buck.

Romney’s strategy, as showcased during a speech in Cincinnati Thursday that was supposed to be his “counterargument” to Obama’s speech on the economy the same day – though it was nothing more than Romney’s usual stump stuff – is to try to make sure Obama is blamed for everything from the bad economy to Lindsay Lohan’s parole violations.

So far, no evidence it’s working, though we’re just getting started.

Maybe Romney should think about supplementing his criticisms with, I don’t know, a principle-based agenda framed as a conservative alternative vision to Obama’s leftism.

But then, he wouldn’t be Romney.

25 thoughts on “Does “Blame Bush First” Work?”

  1. Keep on blaming Bush….the last time I checked, Bush isn’t running for president. I think the larger issue is the fact that the perscription he had to fix the economy, the stimulus, failed to work and turned out to be obama’s personal blank check to give our tax dollars to his cronies, unions, green energy, etc. As witnessed in his speech to a bored Cleveland junior college crowd yesterday, he has no plan…after three and a half years, the man has no plan.

  2. Anyone who took the time to study the background of what happened to the US and world economies recently would realize no one person is responsible. I’m with Just2old: Obama has no plan. None, zippo. Its the same rehashed B/S again and again. I like the definition of insanity as “Trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results” I’ll be charitable and say Obama and his team tried. Time’s up Folks. Lets bring in a new team.

  3. Just wondering, if a new CEO is hired to save a failing corporation and it’s in worse shape just 3.5 years later, would he get to keep his job ? Would he be blaming the former CEO for the mess he inherited ? Or his do nothing corporate staff ?

  4. Other than the poll results don’t bode well for MrBush’s re-election, there’s not much else to say about it.
    The follow-up question should be “,and who do you think is best suited to turn the economy around?” with MrO and MrRomney being the only two choices. That would give a better indication of the sucess of a “blame Bush” mantra.

    1. Agreed. Only way Obama wins is through a highly organized union ‘thugocracy’ working the voting precincts – aided by a complicit socialist media on election day.

  5. I don’t put too much stock in poll results, and these figures are a combination of responses. I’ll agree Bush is responsible for spending wildly his last two years in office. He wasn’t the one writing the checks but he sure was signing them. Obama was a sitting member of Congress during Bush’s last two years in office and he was passing those spending bills right along with the rest of the Democrat-controlled Congress.

    Granny Jan is right…propaganda works. Too many people don’t know that all revenue bills begin in the House of Representatives. The progressive forces joined together to hide the fact that a Democrat-controlled congress held the purse strings from January 2007 until January 2011 and spent us into oblivion. Thank heavens for Rush Limbaugh and talk radio, the new media, and the Tea Party uprising. The truth is starting to come to light, but getting it past the entrenched progressives is a very slow and arduous task…

  6. The moment that activist hack was sworn in the economy and everything else became his problem. He owned it from then on. He campaigned for the job and won it. So STFU crybaby and do your job. Which unfortunately he does not have the brains, experience, and character to accomplish.

  7. If you look at the details of the poll, they ask anyone over the age of 18. So for a preview of the election it’s meaningless. The only polls that are ever anywhere near accurate are those that ask likely voters. Everyone has an opinion, not everyone votes those opinions. So like SrDem says, all it means is that Bush won’t be re-elected.

  8. If everything is/was Bush’s fault, Obama certainly hasn’t been a big enough person to overcome it all.

    I don’t really care who the public “blames”- I just want to know who they are going to vote for. That’s all that matters.

  9. Yup. The more he blames Bush the less heat HE has to take. As long as he can keep folks blaming Bush along with him, his popularity will probably decline slower. If you tell a lie long enough the folks will start to believe it; much like the old “…separation of church & state” lie; and look where we are with that one.

  10. Really? Congress and the Senate represent 1/3 of the branches of government and last time I checked, the Congress holds the purse strings and have been holding them since January 2007 under a Democratic House.
    Obama is not man enough, honest enough, or experienced enough to be the change agent we need to get our fiscal house in order.
    For all his “blame Bush first” rhetoric, he only points to himself as a failure. He is the wrong man, wrong time, wrong message candidate. Making it worse is that he is laughing all the time. (Look back at the Steve Croft interview on 60 minutes. Croft even asked if he was punch drunk) “Blame Bush” will morph into “Its just to hard for me.”

  11. There is a very simple way for Romney to destroy this argument in the debates. Point out that Obama did NOT inherit the problem, he was in the Senate for four years and highlight all the spending bills HE voted for, that Hillary was in the Senate for 8 years and all those spending bills SHE voted for, and Biden has been in the Senate since Mandy by Barry Manilow was the number one song in the country and all the spending bills He voted for. Obama acts like he just arrived on the planet and had nothing to do with the mess but his voting record in the Senate shows he was part of the problem. Oh, except those spending bills for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, those he voted against, but now claims credit for winning in those wars.

    1. Excellent point. Gently reminding the voting masses that he was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in Bush’s destruction of the economy

    2. I agree with Quintis, an excellent rebuttal to the Bamster’s incessant blaming of Bush would be his own Senate record while GW was in office. Unfortunately, the Kenyan was handled well enough by his puppetmasters that he probably voted “present” on a bunch of the bills that would be most helpful in tagging him as a profligate spender prior to his coronation.

      1. No, Obama is on the Congressional Record as having voted FOR all of Bush’s spending bills, including those for the Iraq war that he was supposedly against. He also campaigned against FISA during the primaries and then went back to DC and voted FOR it. He lies.

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