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Shock: Republicans Blame President for Economy

Can you imagine? Blaming the president for the state of the nation. How low can the Republicans go?

Reporting from Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in New York City, where President Obama is raising $2 million, the press pool reporter conveys a new presidential.

News: Obama used a new reference to Republican attacks, saying they’d spend $500 million on ads, saying Americans were frustrated and discouraged and “it’s the fault of the guy in the WH. It’s an elegant message, it happens to be wrong. But it’s crisp. You can fit it on a bumper sticker.”

I don’t know. Maybe it’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s fault. Or her husband Matthew Broderick. He skipped out on the fundraiser because he had a show to do. Makes me suspicious.

A little additional color from the pool reporter:

The pool was led in as SJP in an elegant updo, was talking about the “unstoppable” Anna Wintour. SJP called FLOTUS “our radiant and extraordinary first lady” and said she had been doing “amazingly important things these last 4 years.”

He self deprecatingly called himself the 5th or 6th in the “hierarchy in the WH,” behind FLOTUS, the girls, Bo and his mother in law. And joked it was the couple’s “date night.”

FLOTUS sat next to SJP, who was in a black lace dress (or top and skirt, couldn’t tell) and FLOTUS sat across from Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Other celebs spotted: Meryl Streep and designer Michael Kors, who sat next to Wintour. She was at the far end of the table.

After he said that “GM is now back on top,” SJP’s young son began clapping.

“He wanted to fire up the crowd,” POTUS said.

“He knows an applause line,” Cohen said, roaring. “Right on cue!”

The guests sat at two long tables in two long rooms w dividing doors open. There was ample art on the wall, and a floor to ceiling bookshelves and two large marble fireplaces. The mantels on the fireplaces were covered in flowers, as were the tables, which were also decorated with votives.

There were many attractive people seated at the tables, but your pooler sadly did not recognize them and there were no photos allowed.

The price of admission for the 50 beautiful attendees was $40,000.

15 Responses to Shock: Republicans Blame President for Economy

    • Well, that answers the question I had all day but didn’t have the time to check on yet. I wondered whether Moochelle was going to Ohio with BHO today and then on to NYC, or if we were flying her separately to NYC. There’s a photo confirming what I thought would be the case, that she met him at JFK airport this afternoon. The caption says:

      “Touching down: Mr Obama was greeted by the First Lady as he stepped off Air Force One”

      • Appears they are keeping her jetting jaunts on the QT nowadays. San Antonio radio news reported she would be greeting him in New York for the WTC visit, yet no information how she got there ahead of him.

  1. Wait…fifty people EACH paid 40k to dine at SarahJessica Parker’s?

    No, no, no!

    THIRTY NINE “beautiful” people each paid 40k and one (won) really homely schmuck paid $3…AND they got to tell Anna and SJP what reasons THEY have for supporting Obama (laziness, drug addled stupor, not fully grasping English). Did they “show” the lucky winner? Or just “show them to the door” or did they “pretend” (wink, wink) that the “limo” they sent got lost…ooopsy! Couldnt find the address…our bad…but did you send the check for the threes dollars?

  2. Heard the Messiah spent an unprecedented 4 hours at the SJP shindig. Seems he prefers rubbing elbows with the fashionistas rather than those nasty Republicans on Capitol Hill. I’m sure they were all admiring the fabulous crease in his pant leg! He called the party a ‘date night’! His ‘date’ must have been in hog heaven dreaming about the new designer duds that will be arriving at the WH tomorrow.

  3. There were many attractive people seated at the tables, but your pooler sadly did not recognize them and there were no photos allowed.

    All we need to know is that they are our betters. And Obama is willing to spend 4 hours with this crows. This admiring crowd.

    Takes a room of empty-headed entertainment/fashion folks to worship teh One properly now-a-days.

  4. These empty head celebrity folks are the Campaigner-in Chiefs kind of 1 percenters. Just cough up the dough and drink up the fabulous kool aid. Did Assad’s wife make it to this dog and pony show? She’s their kind of people.

  5. I read Barbara Bush’s book and after reading some of the posts I can’t help but reflect back to her approach to being First Lady. There are many instances where she talks about frugality and trying not to be a burden on taxpayers. And here we have the complete opposite and somehow we are supposed to believe they are concerned with the low and middle class… Actions. Why are there still so many fooled by these people?