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Obama Using His Children to Raise Money

How desperate can the Obama campaign get to raise cash?

Wednesday, Michelle Obama sent out an email to supporters urging them to “sign” a card wishing President Obama a happy Father’s Day.

From coaching basketball to knowing how many Jonas brothers there are, Barack is a pretty cool dad.

But more importantly, Barack is a wonderful father and partner. No matter what’s on his plate, he puts the kids first, and they know how much he loves them.

You signed Barack’s birthday card last summer, and I know it meant a lot to him. This Father’s Day, I want Barack to know how much we love and appreciate him, so I hope you’ll join me in wishing him a happy Father’s Day.

Click on the link in the email, and you are taken to a landing page featuring this beautiful picture of Obama with his family.

Sign the card by filling you name in some adjoining fields, and guess what? You are transported immediately to a separate page thanking you and asking for some cash.

It’s the Obamas choice to use photos of their daughters and their role in their father’s life to raise money. It’s a very different approach than that of the Bushes and the Clintons, who studiously kept their children out of the spotlight.

I think it’s a bad idea, but I’m not their parents. And I also think the Obamas should not be surprised when their daughters’ presence in the spotlight leads to coverage of them by news organizations, such as the stories about Malia’s spring break trip to Mexico, to which the White House vehemently objected.

I’m not saying news organizations should cover the children. I am saying though, that once people, including children, are made into public figures, the public will be interested, and coverage will follow.

61 thoughts on “Obama Using His Children to Raise Money”

  1. Literally, the ONLY thing I respected about the Clintons was their protection of Chelsea. These clowns can’t even match them on that point.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I respect Clinton’s balanced buget, even though he gutted the military to do it. Owebama couldn’t balance a pancake on a plate.

      I have seen race relations, standard of living, and international relations regress by 30 years since Owe took over. I have lost $45,000 in equity in my property since 2009. I barely survived 2 rounds of layoffs at my company, a publically traded high-tech.

      I used to consider myself to be anything but a racist. After seeing the effects of the class warfare that Owe has been toying with to see if it will help his reelection hopes at the cost of the safety of a lot of people, I am now a racist.

      I watched “Gladiator” on Showtime last week, which I may not be able to afford any more. The emperor eerily reminded me of Owe with his narcissistic leadership, paranoia, and destructive decision-making.

      No, I can’t wait til this piece of $hite amateur jackass is sent back to his country of birth, which is clearly not the US.

      1. I was in the military under Clinton. I would have made it a career but, being junior personel, I was forced out early because of the “peace dividend” of the mid 1990s.

  2. Their donor base must be exhausted of their funds by now :D

    For some reason, I’m getting emails from the campaign, and there seems to be someone begging for money everyday.

  3. But remember, the girls are “off limits” (e.g. Malia’s Mexican VaKay) and Michelle is “off limits” even though she is rapidly morphing into the Panhandler-In-Chief. I think I may need to up my meds. I’m starting to mis Bill Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Talk about wishful thinking, I just glanced at the photo accompanying this post and for a split second that looked like a handcuff on Mr O’s right wrist. Dang, so disappointed when I realized it was just his shirt.

  5. The rules are – the Obama campaign is allowed to use the girls as props, but should anyone MENTION the props … well, then they are just horrible people.

  6. Nothing surprises me anymore and where do I begin. I didn’t look at it but read where she loaded a family album to Pinterest – they are the ones exposing their children. We can all agree that the $3.00 donation to dine with the President and even the donation to spend a day with Governor Romney are cheesy but allow average people the opportunity to have an “audience” with the President or possible President, but asking people to sign a father’s day card is over the top and in my opinion creepy. He isn’t our dad – that’s a day for his family – not his supporters. They stop at nothing. This being “cool” is certainly not a priority for me. Can’t you just read the plea – “Vote for me for President of the United States because I am Cool”. The world must be laughing hysterically at us. You would think there isn’t a mother or father out there that measures up to how spectacular they are. YUK.

  7. Keith thank you for making us aware of the unbelieveable things that are going on in this White House. Some singing and dancing next ? Oh, he really has a silly smile.
    I have noticed that Michelle Obama always heaps a lot of praise on Barry, as if she feels that she must convince the audience about their great marriage and this fantastic man. It is so unnatural , almost hysterical. But then, you here all know the reason for this.

    1. Langly spook do not fear (unless you are a Beyonce fan). Michelle Obama wants to be Beyonce, so either she will become her or she will try to become a singer like Beyonce.

  8. It’s June…just wait til “Back to School” time. Any bets that “Mom in Chief” Me!chelle is on The View, etc., all “it will be soooo hard on the girls if we HAVE to leave the White House (the place she HATES!) mid-school year. (Looking teary eyed) i just HOPE America thinks of THAT when they cast their ballots…that we can stay another four years…for our children and for your children’s (bankrupted) future.”

    Well now that I have channeled my inner FLOTUS, I better head off to the nearest Five Guys…

  9. Nothing is off limits to them when they do it. Anyone else does it they have stepped over the line of decency, fairness, blah blah blah. I’m so sick of these creepy, grifting hypocrites.

  10. An interesting choice of words in the Mooch’s note…she refers to the Bamster as a “wonderful father and PARTNER.” I guess if LGBTQ’s can’t be “husband and husband” or “wife and wife,” or (genetically both and both) then even heterosexual marriages are relegated in demoncrat speak to mere partnerships.

    On another note, I can’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Malia and the man next to her. Paternity seems pretty obvious. Nnnnnnnot so much for Sasha.

    1. Chuck…..go to your window. See the three stripped Ford Crown Victorias? The ones with tall men wearing shades and ear pieces? They will be coming in to speak with you….soon. LOL

      1. They were surprisingly nice guys. When I showed them the picture they said something to the effect of “Well, you actually make a good point.”

  11. I’m looking forward to the plea for campaign money by the FirstGranny directed at the senior community. She can tell us how wonderful her S.I.L. is to let her live in the WhiteHouse attic and to earn her keep by babysitting his children, because otherwise she would have no choice but to return to Chicago and live in a slum owned by ValJar.
    In her fund-raising letter you will be directed to another page that offers fabric dolls resembling leading Repubs and steel hat pins, all with the Obama logo attached.

  12. IMO–this just goes to show how out of touch these people are (and not just on JoBro but on everything)–anyone with young girls/pre-teen/teens knows that the Jonas Brothers are a thing of the past (Bieber/Cody Simpson are the latest thing in teen music). Nice guys, still making music, Nick is a great spokesperson for Diabetes awareness, love the fact that these young men believe in waiting until they get married to have relations, but they are not on the scene much anymore like when they had their show on Disney Channel. The point is–MO’s comment is “dated” IMO. And again, no offense to JoBro but knowing about them doesn’t make BHO cool–nothing can make him “cool”. And if she is so interested in truly wishing him a Happy Father’s Day–why is she spending the day out in OR giving a commencement speech (and probably spending the day with her brother/his family)? Can these people just go away–sooner than later???

  13. Bet the girls aren’t feelin’ the love lately with daddy traveling all day & coming home late from all his fundraisers harboring the rotten smell of cigs, beers,caviar & hollywood perfume ..
    Just look at his schedule ! How in the world could he have time for them?
    His actions show his priorities.

    1. That’s what I thought, actions speak louder than words. I just don’t see him all that into “family”. He didn’t even make Sasha’s birthday party. “I’ve got responsibilities you know” . Of couse MO taking it to a restaurant 30 miles away probably didn’t help either.

  14. I’m waiting for Aunt Zituni and Uncle Omar to join the fray on behalf of the 51% of the country receiving taxpayer largesse.from their Kenyan nephew. It’s inconceiveable that this punk has allowed his own relatives to remain on the public dole, not to mention being here illegally, for the past 3.5 years!

    The acorn does not fall far from the tree. We must demand to have all of the Kenyan’s records unsealed to find out what else he is hiding! Did he also game the system by claiming to be a foreign exchange student? Why did his literary bio claim that he was born in Kenya and suddenly change 3 months before he declared his candidacy? Let’s open Pandora’s box and find out exactly who this guy is!

      1. For any entry level gov. job that requires a security clearance it’s mandatory to provide ALL your records including home addresses back to your birth. I’m surprised that’s not required to be a Preezy of the Steezys.

  15. Such a “wonderful” father, he did not even show up to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Such a “wonderful” husband, they travel separately most of the time. Such a “wonderful” father and husband, MO is going to be in Oregon on Father’s Day.

    As usual talking out of both sides of their mouths. At least her mother is there to be a parent for the kids.

  16. He only trots them out for pandering, if they are so important why does he spend almost every free sunday playing golf for 4 hours?


  17. The cheapskate-in-chief is not used to paying for photo ops! In reality, that $54 lunch probably cost taxpayers a king’s ransom.

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