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Tardy Clintons Miss Peres Medal of Honor Award

President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived late for the Presidential Medal of Honor ceremony for Israeli President Shimon Peres and missed the award.

From the pool report:

Former prez bill Clinton and sec of state Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived about 7:20, missing the actual medal bestowing by about 10 seconds They hurried in and took seats at tables on either side of the stage Obama acknowledged them as “2 people who constantly sought to achieve peace.”

Any reporter – like me – who covered Clinton during his presidency can tell you that Clinton was in fact not occasionally late for appearances. He was always late, sometimes substantially so.

For the record, President Obama is often late. Bush was never late.

Interestingly, Obama, who took note of both Clintons after the had arrived, was rather subdued in introducing the former president, who has made several gaffes recently while serving as a “surrogate” campaigner for Obama. But he brightened noticeably when he enthusiastically introduced “our outstanding Secretary of State.”

58 thoughts on “Tardy Clintons Miss Peres Medal of Honor Award”

  1. I am always fascinated by things like late arrivals and “delays” on “official duties.”. It’s not like Hill or Bill had to find a parking space…or like Barry has to “find a file folder” before he meets the press. Pep talk, going over talking points, medicating? It must be fascinating behind the scenes.

  2. I have always thought that the Obamas and the Clintons think they are better than the rest of us, an idea that would neve have occured to the Bushes. The Bushes might think theey are more fortunate than the rest of us, but not better.

    1. Neither of the Bush’s would ever consider them selves better or smarter than anyone else in the room. But they never hesitated to bring in smart people to advise them. Humility goes a long way in developing your management plan. You always receive better information if you are willing to share the rewards for a successful project.

      1. very wise…. too bad most centers of higher education don’t teach that. I have worked for very few “good” managers and a lot of total jerks.

    2. Mo1, you got it right. The Clintons and Obamas are the most arrogant people in the news. Of course the MSM created them, especially with the meager accomplishments of Obama. They created this messiah-like character and Obama really believes it; and worse Michelle believes it too. These people lie always and they believe the lies. Obama is convinced that the private sector is parasitic, but big gov’t is not. He derives his benefits fro the private sector, which should make him and his ideology parasitic in nature, but he is too narrow-mined, locked in his ideology, too stupid to learn, limited experience with no management skills to comprehend society. he is bascially the most foolish president in history.

  3. This campaign is so-o-o interesting, almost entertaining. Watching the Clintons dance around the Obamas is like DWTS, except no one wins.
    MrClinton’s gaffes, sure, he didn’t understand the ramifications of what he was saying. Sure, MrsObama is 100% on TeamObama. snort.

    MrO is stuck with them, he can’t shake either one loose and MrC is the master of his domain.

  4. Neither one of the Clintons can stand the Obamas and the feeling is mutual. The election of 2008 was supposed to be Hillary’s moment in the sun, and this neophyte snatched the White House right out of her hands. Srdem is spot on with the dance analogy. They’re all acting civil with each other in public because of politics, but guarantee Slick Willy didn’t make any gaffes. He knew exactly what he was doing. If these people weren’t destroying America, their games might be fun to watch.

  5. They weren’t “gaffes” – everything the Clintons say and do is intentional. The only “peace” I’d like to give Bill & Hill is a piece of my mind, which includes every four and five letter word I know and then some. I can’t think of a worse couple (other than Yasser & Suha Arafat) that poisoned Israel more in the past 20 years.

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  7. I do remember Clinton always being late and never understood why. I think he just likes to be fashionably late-all the time.

    1. Just a easy way to see what the late person really thinks of the people that are waiting for them. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just a few minutes but these people always are a half hour to an hour or more late. No excuse other than they are telling us you are going to wait for me because I’m more important than you little people.

  8. If you hated someone, like the Clinton’s dislike for our president would you want to spend any more time with him then you have to?

  9. Hillary and Bill Clinton thought they had a lifetime romance with the liberal media and the Hollywood elite, and felt betrayed when both dumped them for Obama. They would like nothing more than to see Obama lose because deep down inside they don’t want our country to fail (sure to happen w/4 more years of Obama) and they want the opportunity for retribution to those who dumped Hillary for Obama.

    1. Bill may have THOUGHT he was the “1st. Black President,” but it looks like he was only a legend in his own mind. At least the rest of the Democrat Party feels that way.

  10. Who is suprised? I had my epiphany about titled Democrats and their manners when I saw a college friend (daughter of ‘connected’ general contracter who built several underground DC Metro stations) strew the lawn of The Mall with peeled shrimp shells during a Fourth of July celebration c.1981. I left town back in 1990 as I could no longer bear the people I grew up with. Sometimes the more that things change they don’t stay the same. With the entitlement classes, both low and high, it only gets worse.

  11. You know what the definition is about people who are often late. conceit, unusual sense of self importance, in other words it is all about them.
    Opposites attract like polarity’s repel This should be interesting as the election heats up.

  12. Lots of sour grapes from the right wingers here. Fact remains that:
    – The Clintons are the 2 most popular political figures in the country
    – Barack Obama is ahead of Mitt Romnet in the race for 2012
    – The Bush’s had 2 failed presidencies – Old man Bush is a forgotten one term failed president whose only legacy is the recession he failed to fix and his son is the least popular president in modern history.

    1. What delusional BS! I could care less about popularity contests. Obama is an empty suit. He does not have a clue about governing, only about ruling. Romney will beat him in a landslide.

    2. Steven,
      Obummer should be ahead of Governor Romney by a wide margin if he was even a so-so president. The fact that Romney is making it close at this point have you lefties peeing your pants. Also, go back and take a look at Bush, Sr.’s record of public service. The recession was just beginning at the end of GHWB’s presidency.

      The Bush’s have more class and respect for the Americn people in their little fingers than Obummer will ever have.

    3. Yeah this ecomony is a shining example what Oblamea and the rest of his party are capable of. You people need some new talking points.

  13. I am amazed that the Israeli PM couldn’t wait to get the award. The Clintons were only 20 minutes late and I know the Obama’s would have waited. I believe Obama was slightly peeved by Clinton’s remarks in the earlier week.
    Good Job, Obama. Now they know who is really boss. But Peres is at fault and for the record Bush is at fault too for making it sound like Clinton did something wrong.

  14. ..”Clinton was in fact not occasionally late for appearances. He was always late, sometimes substantially so.”

    Yes, and it was always deliberate. Clinton is always ‘speaking’, even when his lips are not moving. The speech he gave Obama by being late was “What The Meaning of ‘Was’ Was”.

  15. This is considered to be the ultimate sign of disrespect among diplomats and State Department officials. Among the rest of us, it is a plain lack of respect, onetheless.

    Then again, when one considers the frequent tardiness of President Obama, one accepts his lack of punctuality for what it really is: A defect present in pathological narcissists.

  16. shimon peres is in fact an american agent/. peres took a multi million dollar bribe from lockhead for the israel purchase of c130 transport planes. peres has a son that lives in california. Peres is an enemy of the Jewish People and is an american lackey

  17. President(s) Bush will allways be a class act. “By their works ye shall know them.” The real story lies with the staff at Camp David. Bush 43 would at times arrive late in the evening, enter thru the staff entrance and bearing cookies or some other treat, hang out and “chew the fat” with the staff, in the KITCHEN, catching up on family stories and interesting items. Bush knew them all by name.
    The Clinton’s and Obama’s however….then there is the “rest of the story”.
    Therein lies an excellent story awaiting to come to light by a good investigative jounalist. OOOH wait! Are there any left?

    1. Bush might be friendly to staff, but he is a member of Skull and Bones. You have to be insane to think his works could be admirable. Thats like complimenting a serial killer for having good table manners. Wake up. His grandfather was the beast 666, MI-6 agent, Allister Crowley through his mothers, mothers affair. He is a global elitist. His dad was in charge of CIA team that killed JFK. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

  18. People who are habitually late see themselves as more important than those that they were to meet at a specific time. Runs in the lib family.

  19. It’s rude to be late unless you have a good reason. Clinton was probably getting ‘serviced’ and Obama is just plain scared. Bush respected other’s time and always ‘faced the music’ when call upon. Barry just blames others.

  20. Underneath Obama;s clear Chicago-style deceptions which he’s perfected to accomplish the behind-the-scenes “union tough guy” corruption we’ve seen throughout Obama’s administration’s tenure, Obama seems to be sort of a woman, somehow. His strange affinity for Hilary (whom he snarkily betrayed in the last election cycle) and his dislike of Bill in this situation seems to reflect Obama’s under-the-radar predilections & studied or even awkward demonstrations of attractions toward women, or at least certain “intellectual” women. As an artist, I’m sensitively attuned to human behaviors of all sorts. I think Obama is indeed sort of a woman, emotionally, in that he’s been programmed as such by his mom, grandmom, the entire educational system, especially Harvard, along with his communist family affiliations of his impressionable youth, none of which are male in the slightest.

  21. I believe Mr. Peres received the Medal of Freedom not the Medal of Honor. I have also read that Mr. Peres is pulling a lot of strings to try and get Pollard released from prison. (Pollard was convicted of spying for Israel and is in prison). Reps. Chris Smith, R-N.J., and Eliot Engel, D-N.Y are working to try to get the President to pardon Pollard even though Pollard was caught giving the Israel national security secrets. Any member of Congress that agrees to let this spy out of prison should be brought up on treason charges!

    1. Can’t be treason, as Israel is not an enemy of the U.S.

      Article III, Section 3: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort….”

      Major Hasan, of Fort Hood infamy, OTOH ….

      1. Applegate – You are correct. I should have said espionage. Although, I would argue that any country that spies on another country and obtains national security info in not a friend. With countries that are “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

  22. Obama and the Clintons are nothing but crumbs. They disgrace the office of the Presidency. Obama starts his day at 10:00am. Bush started his day at 6:30am with a briefing. Can’t wait till November to throw Obama & Company out. Pushing Hillary in 2016 is a joke. WHY would we want another socialist? The American people deserve better.

  23. I think this is another data point showing how dysfunctional, inefficient, and incompetent this White House is under the absence of leadership by Ohbongo! If only the dysfunctionality, inefficiency and incompetence were limited to the White House infrastructure, but it permeates everything these morons do!

  24. The clintons have always been ‘fashionably’ late because it is their way of saying how important that they are. In their eyes nothing really happens of significance until they make the scene. It is also a way of putting down obama that they both do not like especially bubba. Most of you probably grew up being taught that it was a sign of rudeness and poor breeding.

  25. *the Presidential Medal of Honor ceremony for Israeli President Shimon Peres*

    Blatant pandering to recover the Jewish votes Obama has been rapidly losing.

    Also, not ad libbing for 10 seconds, unlike 10 minutes would have been, to allow the Secretary of State to be present at the presentation of the medal is a direct and deliberate snub to Hillary.

    Wonder if he’s worried that the Clintons will to try to contest his nomination at the Democratic Convention?

  26. Pathological tardiness is a sign of deep disrespect for others. Just ask your shrink, liberals! Both Clintons are always late because they are narcissists who have no regard for others. This is called a lack of leadership.

  27. The Clintons and the Obama’s are media creations. They were thrust upon the American public by a dishonest media and we are stuck with them for the remainder of our lifetime just like the false notion that the Kennedy family is some how American royalty. It people really took a good hard look at who these people are and how they are obtaining wealth and what it is costing the taxpayer, they would be aghast at the level of deceit and corruption.

  28. obama sure knows when and how to ki$$ass when he feels the polls are descending. Give away medals, heap kudos on his marxist brethreness.
    hillary is just a female version of obama, they use the same play book, the same old worn out failed tactic marxist playbook.

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