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Romney and Obama Close in Pennsylvania

If President Obama loses Pennsylvania, he will not win reelection. Because it will mean he is in trouble in states nationwide where he should be winning.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll puts Obama only six points ahead of Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania, 46-40 percent. Romney has a slight lead over Obama when Pennsylvanians are asked who would create more jobs, by 45-43 percent.

But remember, Obama has been in full national campaign mode for months, while Romney is just getting started campaigning on a national basis and targeting states where he has to beat Obama instead of other Republicans.

Being forced to defend Pennsylvania will cost Obama significant time and money. He doesn’t have as much of either as he’d like, though he appears to be carving out plenty of time to campaign, even if he’s not raising as much money as he’d hoped.

Obama defeated John McCain in Pennsylvania by more than ten points in 2008, 54.7-44.3 percent.

15 Responses to Romney and Obama Close in Pennsylvania

  1. He also had Ed Rendell as the sitting governor in PA helping him in 2008. Rendell will still support but does not have the weight of governor’s office to influence others.

  2. It’s been a while since I lived in WesternPA, but most of my family is still there. Funny people in PA; they were angry with the Obama administration for “picking” on the Amish dairy farmers, they support the private unions, but not the public unions. (“leeches” is what I heard them being described). Old time patronage is still alive, sweetheart deals are tolerated if not too blatantly corrupt and there are more guns in PA than people. Every single religous group, or sub-group, is present; i.e.,every subset of every religion has it’s own place of worship.
    Boy, I miss all that.

  3. The Obama crime syndicate couldn’t be too happy about Ed Rendell. My jaw ended up on the floor when he dared to tell the truth about Obama out-sourcing Obamacare to Congress. Come to think of it, Obama has out-sourced everything for the last 3.5 years, including the outsourcing of U.S. foreign policy to the UN!

    “Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) took another swipe at President Obama telling CBS News he thought Hillary Clinton might be a more capable president.

    Said Rendell: “I think the president was hurt by being a legislator only,” further adding that the president’s health care law and the economic stimulus package “was left up to the Congress” rather than the White House.

    He added: “I think Hillary Clinton would’ve sent them a bill and said, ‘Here’s what I want.'”

  4. Pennsylvania is another one of those swing states where the governorship swung Republican in 2010. Doubt Obama will get the support from Tom Corbett that he got from Rendell in 2008.

  5. Thats why Obama is in Philadelphia today… and one of the local TV anchors is ‘taking the day off’.
    A local newsreader, Renee Chenault-Fattah (of WCAU NBC 10) is married to Rep. Chaka Fattah (Dem), an Obama sycophant.
    You would not believe how her local NBC “News” station skips over any & all Philadelphia or Pennsylvania politics.

  6. Isn’t PA where BO made his “bitter clinger” comment ? Surprised he did that well in ’08 PA. But he did have the help of the NBPP’s to stand guard at the polls too .

  7. Hopefully, PA is turning Republican and will vote for Romney this time!

    Speaking of polls, I had a good laugh yesterday when I checked the Presidential Job Approval poll (three day rolling average) at Gallup and saw he was up to 49%. Well, today it’s at 50%! What?!?! This is after the horrendous week he had last week. I don’t think his approval rating has been that high since last spring after the Osama killing. What a joke.

  8. I read this blog title two ways: They are close ( as in near), and they close (as in rapidly covering the distance separating two opposing combatants.)
    I am hoping for the latter scenario. Lincoln and Romney will both go to Pennsylvania to save our union…
    Romney should do a photo-op at Gettysburg and just read the Gettysburg address.

    • Oh yes, it would help if Romney read the Gettysburg address. Ted Cruz reads from the Travis letter written during the Battle of the Alamo at rallies. Fires us up every time.

  9. I would hope that the Romney bus would take 4 days and swing through PA, particularly through Philadelphia over to Harrisburg and make a stop in Pittsburgh. Realizing that his time is short if he could make a run via I80 through the small towns in northern Pennsylvania he would no doubt take the state.