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Obama: I Was Too Busy to Get to Wisconsin

Did someone really sit in a room in the West Wing and advise the president, “Just say you were too busy?”

Does this White House now think people will believe whatever Obama or his aides say, just because they say it?

31 thoughts on “Obama: I Was Too Busy to Get to Wisconsin”

  1. There are many people who do believe whatever the administration says just because it says it. Listening to the liberals who call in to my hometown’s morning talk show proves that.

  2. still to this day this WH has been treated with blind, bias reporting..
    His deception comes natural to him.. .. just rolls of his profane,nicotine tongue and the talking media heads report it as truth… he has turned the peoples house into a pit of vipers.. oozing with lies & thievery..

  3. From the desk of OBAMA:

    Memo to public section unions:

    Unless your last name is “Soros,” I will be too busy to take your calls for support in the future. And also consider yourself a useful idiot. Ali Akbar!

    Signed, your fellow traveller.

  4. The dead give away that he is lying is when he prefaces his remark with “the thruth of the matter is”. h/t BigFurHat

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  6. “As President of the United States I’ve got a lot of responsilbilites, and you know, I can’t even live up to those, so why would I take the time to campaign for a loser like Tom Barrett when I have my own failing presidency to shore up?”
    I cannot wait for the day when I don’t have to hear his lies and that little whistle that comes out of his mouth every time he speaks.

  7. It’s NOT that the WH thinks people will believe whatever they say…
    They believe people will believe the LAST thing they’ve said.
    They can say one thing in 2009, another in 2010, the opposite in 2011…whatever the last thing said is what they believe people will believe, because we have such short memories.

  8. MrRomney might have wondered what he might say while campaigning in Wisconsin, but thanks to MrO, the theme will be of the Prez’s self-centered arrogance. While MrO’s appearance in WI might not have made a difference in the outcome of the election, it would have been a smart political move to show his support for the unions that have unwaveringly backed his agenda.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Yep, his abondonment of WI unions has put some nice fat cherries on low-hanging branches for the Romney campaign to pick. Evidence that he’s more of a lazy idiot than an evil schemer out to destroy the US.

  9. The problem is that many people acutally think he IS working and don’t know better. Even my neghbors who are extremely dissatisfied with the President’s performance have never seen his schedule and do not realize how much time he spends on fundraisers. And the MSM will never report on that.

  10. 6 Fundraisers today in two locations. Looks like he’s running from one meeting room to another. 30 minutes per many people…..100? at about 35K each? Not bad for a half hour’s work. What idiot would spend that kind of money to see him?

    1. Two of the six fundraisers today are $40,000 a head – one event in Baltimore to have 15 attendees and the one in Philly to have 25 attendees. No press allowed so donors can remain anonymous and talk privately with the Preezy. I think they just don’t want their names released publicly because of the fall out. They’re probably Hollyweird types anyhow.

  11. Guess who’s going to be thrown under the bus on Nov. 5! Obama’s ‘no-show’ in WI has resulted in the birth of a true folk hero, Scott Walker. Obama’s cowardice is going to result in huge numbers of disgruntled DEMS and union workers who will be ‘too busy’ to go to the polls on Nov. 5. Payback is such a ‘bleep’!

  12. I’m reading “The Amateur” and it is clear to see the fraud in chief is not known for his loyalty. In the book, Obama cajoled a donation from a charity event golf partner, Steven Rogers, that turned into repeated calls to donate to other Democrats. At one point Mr. Rogers asked Obama to speak with his students after he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Obama enthusiastically offered to bring the students to Washington. Of course after the election Obama wouldn’t answer the students calls so Mr. Rogers called him. Obama described how he was “inundated” with calls from governors and Warren Buffett, and couldn’t go back to Chicago to speak with the students. Mr. Rogers asked “What about that money I gave you?” Obama’s response…”Come on, man, you should know better when politicians make promises.” A year later Obama returned to Chicago and gave a speech to Mr. Rogers students but that was the last time they had contact. Mr. Rogers is quoted as saying “What you have with Barack Obama is a lack of character.”

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  14. “As President of the United States, I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.”

    See, that’s his excuse and it will work with most of the people who hear it because they don’t pay enough attention to know that he’s mostly spending his time fundraising and that he flew right over Wisconsin the Friday before the recall election while doing SIX fundraisers.

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